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[Egbert G. Fowx] This image measures 5″ x 8 1/4″ on an 11″ x 13 1/2″ mount. It is incorrectly titled in pencil at the lower right of the mount “Morris Island Quartermasters Storehouse.” The image actually depicts the US Engineers Station near Dutch Gap where Confederate “torpedoes” (electronically-detonated underwater mines) retrieved from the James River were disarmed. The men have one such “torpedo” with them.  Egbert G. Fowx was born in Kentucky in 1821. In the 1860 census, he was listed in Hampton, Elizabeth City County, Virginia as an ambrotypist. He worked for the Anthony’s during the Civil War. This image is reproduced in Civil War: A Complete Photographic History. Thanks to Anne Peterson and Will Stapp for the identification of this image. VG. $500

Major Edward A. Springsteed, 7th NY Heavy Artillery. WIA, June 16, 1864, Petersburg; KIA August 25, 1864, Reams’ Station, VA. Image measures 7.25″ x 5.25″ on a 9.5″ x 7.75″ board. G. $275

NH Dead
CWIMAGE14. Original framed piece: “Memorable to Thirteen Young Men, Volunteers from the Town of Stratham, N. H., Who nobly Enlisted in defense of their Country, and lost their lives in the Rebellion of 1861, a sacrifice to the cause of Freedom, and the perpetuity of Liberty. Sacred to their Memory.” 13 albumin prints, all identified with an additional one “to our Brave who have since fallen we dedicate this nameless, dim and shaded space.” Measures 15.75″ x 12.5.” The images that I have been able to identify are: George W. French, Co. E, NH 2 Infantry; Howard Chase, NH 16 Infantry; John H. Whidden, Co. K, NH 16 Infantry; Bennett Laighton, Co. K, NH 16 Infantry; George H. Randlett, Co. E, NH 2 Infantry; Robert Innis; Charles Chase, NH 2 Infantry, WIA at Bull Run, POW at Bull Run, died of wounds 9/1/61 in Richmond; John H. Chase, NH 2 Infantry; & Joseph Chase, NH 15 Infantry. This is mostly an early war group and many died of disease. Wired, and ready for hanging. VG. $2500

CWIMAGE16. Large albumen photograph measuring 9.75″ x 11.25″ of 13 soldiers, all having served with Pennsylvania regiments.
The following are identified:
Quartermaster and 1st Lt. Wm. Pfahler ( at left). He joined Co. B, PA 45th Infantry on 8-10-62.
Chaplain Fred A. Gast (2nd from left with book). He enlisted 5-17-65, also with PA 45th Inf.
Captain Roland C. Chessman (second from left, seated). Mustered into Co. A, PA 45th Inf. on 8-20-61. He was wounded 10-10-63 at Blue Springs, TN. Wounded a second time 6-18-64 at Petersburg VA. Wounded a third time 6-30-64, also at Petersburg. POW 9-30-64 at Poplar Springs Church, Va. Wounded a fourth time 4-2-65 resulting in the amputation of his right leg.
Surgeon Francis Barker Davison (3rd standing man from left). Enlisted 8-12-64, served in PA 58th Inf. and PA 45th Inf.
Lt. Col. Theodore Gregg (3rd seated man from left). Enlisted 8-16-61. Commissioned into Co. A, PA 45th Inf. He was wounded 9-14-62 at South Mountain, Md. He was wounded and became a POW 9-30-64 at Poplar Springs Church, Va.
1st Lt. John G. Rogers (4th standing man from right). Mustered into Co. G, 45th PA Inf. 9-18-61. He was wounded 6-3-64 at Cold Harbor, Va.
Major John Franklin Trout (seated 2nd from right). Mustered into Co. A, PA 10th Inf. 4-24-61, then into Co. B, PA 45th Inf. 9-2-61. He was a POW 9-30-64 at Poplar Springs Church, Va.
Sgt. Major Homer S. Thompson (standing man at right). Mustered into Co. E, PA 45th Inf. 9-2-61.
Adjutant Decatur R. Dickinson (seated man on right). Mustered into Co. I, PA 45th Inf. 9-29-61.
All of these men were mustered out on 7-17-65 at Alexandria, Va. This image had to be taken around that time. Rowland Chessman lost his leg following a wound on April 2nd, 1865, so given some recovery time and the fact that the men were all MO in mid-July, this was likely their farewell group image before heading home.
This is an original albumen photograph mounted on original cardboard. There is a crease at the top right and a smaller one at the bottom right but card is firm.
Image comes with data from the CW Research Database on the men described above. G. $750