A miscellaneous collection of material, photos, postcards, catalogs, etc. at bargain prices.

MOSQUE IN ALGERIA BY PROD’HOM. Cabinet Card by Prod’hom although image does not have Prod’hom’s blindstamp. Identified by other cabinet cards that came with this one all with blindstamp. Titled in ink on verso “Mosque de Guelma.” VG. $20

Postcard. The Valentine & Sons’ Publishing Co., Ltd., NY. Printed in Great Britain. B. and O. Depot, Mansfield, O. Postmarked Jan. 9, 1911. 1-cent green stamp. Addressed to Rev. EB Cobb, Elizabeth, NJ. VG. $8

Postcard. Published by S. Langsdorf & Co., NY. Germany. Union Depot, Springfield, Mass. Unused, undivided back. VG. $5

PAIR OF EARLY COLORADO VIEWS. 2 Stereoviews of Colorado. One is titled Manitou, other is a scenic view of tourists. G+. $35

EARLY TEDDY BEAR. Image measuring 5 1/2″ x 4″ on an 8 3/4″ x 5 3/4″ mount. Image is by W.L. Hall of Belfast, Maine and shows a smiling child holding her favorite Teddy Bear. VG. $50

Stereoview by Cross of Hot Springs, S.D. titled No. 25. Bad Lands. Written on side of view is “Visited by 6th Cav. in 1905.” VG. $15

REAL PHOTO POSTCARD of a beautiful young woman, no ID. VG. $2.50

PAIR OF NATIVE AMERICAN POSTCARDS. The first is titled Home, Sweet, Home and has a pre-written message on the back: “I am sending you by to-days train an Indian Baby in a papoose carrier. It is “good” and will not keep you awake nights.” Very cute message. This pc is copyright 1904 by H.H. Tammen, Denver and is no. 3435. The second card is, appropriately, 3439. Indian Papoose. Both are divided back, unused. VG. $6

JAPANESE TINTED PHOTO. Nicely Tinted 8″ x 10.25″ Photo of a Ujigawa River Scene near Kyoto in Japan. Image is numbered 665. G. $35

BURTON, POWELL, HITLER. Lot of 3 copy Stereoviews made by Brandt Rowles in 1994. Titles are: Richard Powell in Mrs. Mike, 1949; Richard Burton in The Robe, 1953; & Adolf Hitler greeting a young girl. VG. $9

WRAPPED IN THE FLAG. Stereoview by the Climax View Co. of a woman all wrapped in the American Flag. Looks like a scene from a play or a Vaudeville Act. VG. $8

THOMAS REED. Stereoview by Keystone View Co. titled V26141. Thomas Reed. On back is detailed info on Reed including: “If you could have been present at a meeting of the U.S. House of Representatives in 1889-1890, or in 1895-1898, you would have seen a remarkable man in the speaker’s chair. This man was Thomas B. Reed and he had more power than any other man in the United States.” VG. $8

Stereoview by William England, under the Special Patronage of The Alpine Club, from Views of Switzerland. This is 159. Statue de Guillaume Tell, Altorf, Canton d’Uri. Suisse. VG. $8

SEA BREEZE FLORIDA Photograph by Henry Stanton, Scenic Photographer, Sea Breeze, Fla. measuring 4.75″ x 6 7/8″ on a 6.5″ x 8.5″ mount. Image shows an attractive home, woman seated on porch, man at tree, other man with bicycle. On verso is written “Late 1890’s,” “Gift of Ms. Chas. Kost March 1953,” “Duplicate.” Also stamp for “Halifax Historical Society, Daytona Beach, Florida.” G. $12

Stereoview of Pisa by Van Lint. VG. $3

WILLIAM ENGLAND Collection of 2 Stereoviews for the Alpine Club. Titles are: 115-Panorama de Thun pris du Cemetiere; & 151-Le Bristenstock et le Lac d’Uri, Fluelen, Suisse. G. $20

FIRENZE Stereoview by Sommer & Behles, Napoli & Roma titled 829. St. Croce e Statua de Dante, Firenze. VG. $5

Stereoview by B.K., Paris from Paris et ses Environs Series. Titled in manuscript on verso Dome d’Honneur. There is an old crease mark at center only obvious on the back and card is very firm. G. $3

DANBURY CT Stereoview titled on verso “Old M.E. Church, Danbury, Conn.” G. $3

Montagnes Blanches by B.K.
Bin623. Collection B.K., Paris. Vues d’Amerique. Montagnes Blanches. VG. $8

General Post Office, St. Martin's le Grand General Post Office, St. Martin's le Grand
Bin624. No ID. 15. Views of London. General Post Office, St. Martin’s le Grand. G. $6

Walworth Mansion Saratoga Springs Walworth Mansion Saratoga Springs
Bin625. E&HT Anthony. Saratoga Springs, NY. No. 8475. Walworth Mansion. G. $8

Silk Industry Silk Industry Silk Industry
Bin628. Stereoview by Keystone titled 29468. First Drawing or Straightening of Fibers–Silk Industry (Spun Silk), So. Manchester, Conn. VG. $5

Slater Cotton Mill Slater Cotton Mill Slater Cotton Mill
Bin629. Stereoview by Keystone titled 29211. Slater Mill, First Cotton Mill in United States, Pawtuckett, R.I. VG. $5

Street Scene in Plymouth Street Scene in Plymouth
Bin631. W.S. Robbins, No. 6 Main Street from Plymouth Views. The view is untitled. G. $6

Central Park Bridle Path Central Park Bridle Path
Bin633. Central Park Bridle Path. G. $5

Japanese Cabinet Card Japanese Cabinet Card
Bin635. Cabinet Card by A. Farsari & Co., Yokohama showing a woman looking in a mirror while her hair is rolled by another woman. G. $55

Stoddard Views bin650a bin650b bin650c bin650d bin650e bin650f
Bin650. Group of 7 stereoviews by S.R. Stoddard. Adirondacks, Lake George, the Palisades. VG. $35

Bin655. 4 logging stereoviews. 3 by Keystone, 1 by Underwood & Underwood. Titled are: Stupendous Log-Raft, containing millions of feet–a Camp’s year’s work, profit $20,000–Columbia River, Oregon; 20031. Great Chained Log Rafts on the Columbia River, Wash.; 12260. Logs from the Forest Delivered at the Stream, Aroostock County, Me; & 26464. Band Saw Cutting Redwood Log, Calif. VG-E. $18

Bin662.  Boudoir Card Photo (5″ x 8″) by Alex Martin, Denver, Colorado. This is a photograph of a print (not from life) titled The Loop U.P.R.R. Georgetown Colo. G. $8

Bin664. Woodburn’s Views of New Brunswick. Lake Lomond. G. $6

Bin679. Stereoview by Baker & Record, Saratoga Springs, NY titled No. 30. Deer Lodge in Congress Park. G. $5

Bin682. The Rose Stereographs. 4 views of the American Fleet in Australia. VG. $30

Bin687. 3 Stereoviews by W.M. Chase. Titles are: Hopkins Hospital, Broadway Boulevard; Perkins Square; & Perkins Spring Square. G. $8

Bin688. 5 Stereoviews of Colorado. One is by John Nelson, Ericson, Nebraska and shows a statue commemorating Colorado statehood in 1876. The other 4 views are scenic views likely be a talented amateur. VG. $10

Bin689. 2 Views of Newburyport and Vicinity. One by H.P. Macintosh titled No. 3. Gate at Oak Hill Cemetery. One by W.G. Thompson titled Salisbury Beach. G. $12

Bin695. W.M. Chase, Baltimore Md. 13 stereoviews of Baltimore and Vicinity. G-VG. $50

Bin700. BIG TREES! 2 Stereoviews of big trees. Titles are: Wawona, as we drove through it, Mariposa Grove, California; & Throw your head back and look up one of the big trees, Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C. G. $6

Bin701. Pair of views from Watkins and Seneca Lake series. Titles are No. 649. Entrance to Watkins Glen; & No. 659. Watkins from Prospect Hill. VG. $10

Bin717. 22 STATUES, SCULPTURE, MONUMENTS!  22 Stereoviews by various makers. There is sculpture, statues, monuments, etc. All are pictured, front and back, above. VG. $35

Bin721. 12 stereoviews of NYC and NYS. G-VG. $40

Bin723. 16 Stereoviews of European scenes. 11 are of the British Isles and Scotland; 2 are of Switzerland; 1 each of Germany, Austria and France. G-VG. $45

Bin728. 3 NYS views. E&HT Anthony view from Trenton Falls, New York. No. 2036. Lower Fall, from below.–Distant view with 2-cent cancelled tax stamp on verso. E&HT Anthony view from Beauties of the Hudson River. No. 8004. Bear’s Hill and Old Woman’s Rock from the Rail Road. J. Loeffler, Tompkinsville, Staten Island, NY view from Catskill Mountain Scenery. No. 218. Bastion Falls, in the Cauterskill Groge. VG. $12

Bin730. 3 stereoviews. St. John’s College-from Trinity College Bridge, Cambridge; The Fitzwilliam Museum; & King’s College-The Bridge from Queen’s Grove. Manuscripts on versos. VG. $15

Bin731. L.E. Walker, Warsaw, NY. 674-Chapel, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY. (side view.). G. $6

Bin732. French cabinet card of 3 men, one in uniform. VG. $6

Bin733. C.W. Woodward, Rochester, NY. Catawissa Creek Scenery, Penn’a. 1137. Pike Fishing, “Big Meat.” G. $8

Bin734. Pair of 1860 views. One copyright by McAllister & Brother, titled Saint Stephen’s Church, Philadelphia. Other if a beautifully tinted church interior. VG. $15

Bin736. 3 NH and 1 PA views. No. 539. The Miller at Home by Kilburn; Interior factory by Kilburn; No. 29. Tip Top House-ice bound-General view of summit during the Winter of 1870-71 by Clough & Kimball; 41.-Une Rue en Hiver a Philadelphie by L.L., Paris. VG. $25

Bin740. 3 Massachusetts views. 633. View in the Quarries, Rockport, Mass. by U.S. Stereoscopic Co.; View in Agricultural Hall, Concord, Mass.: & New Bedford, Mass. street scene. VG. $18

Bin742. A.F. Styles, Burlington, Vt. 2 views of Ausable Chasm. VG. $10

Bin745. Eleven stereoviews of NYC scenes. VG. $75

Bin746. Two stereoviews of political personalities. Thomas Reed, Speaker of the House; & an unidentified view without stereoscopic effect. I think this man may be a Boston mayor. VG. $15

Bin747. Three Railroad stereoviews. G-VG. $18

Bin748. Five views of the Catskill Mountain Hotels in Ulster County, NY by Lewis. VG. $40

Bin749. Group of 11 foreign stereoview including France, England, Switzerland & Canada. VG. $30

Bin750. Four views from Burt’s Stereoscopic Views of Northampton and Vicinity. VG. $20

Bin751. 17 stereoviews of New Hampshire. Photographers include Kilburn Brothers, C.W. Clough, N.W. Pease. G-VG. $95

Bin756. 9 stereoviews of Pennsylvania. G-VG. $25

Bin757. 22 stereoviews of Washington, DC. G-VG. $75

Bin758. 11 stereoviews of animals and zoos. G-VG. $35

Bin759. 8 stereoviews of children, several tinted. G-VG. $25

Bin760. Seven stereoviews of Versailles and Fountainbleau. VG. $15

Bin762. 7 Stereoviews of New Hampshire. One by N.W. Pease; 3 by Kilburn Brothers; 2 by Soule; & 1 by Davis Bros. G-VG. $20

Bin763. Four Stereoviews of Rhode Island. G. $10

Bin764. 10 Stereoviews of Massachusetts. $45

Bin765. 8 Views of NYS. $40