The following items are Abbott Tintypes issued early in the war. Many are Civil War soldiers, some are other celebrities and politicians of the day.

Abbott1. Gen. Louis Blenker. $150

Abbott2. Louis Napoleon. $75

Abbott3. Daniel Webster. $250

Abbott4. Bishop Simson, of the M.E. Church. $75

Abbott5. Prince Napoleon. $75

Abbott6. Gov. Andrew of Mass. $95

Abbott7. Commodore Dupont, U.S. Navy. $135

Abbott8. Lieut.-General Winfield Scott, Faithful to the Last. $150

Abbott9. General Tyler of Conn. $150

Abbott10. Commodore Porter, U.S. Navy. $175

Abbott12. Geo. D. Prentice, Editor, Louisville Journal. $125

Abbott13. Hon. Galusha A. Grow, of Penn. $125

Abbott14. Benjamin Franklin. $135

Abbott15. Most Reverend John Hughes, Archbishop of New York. $75

Abbott16. Gen. T.W. Sherman. $150

Abbott17. Abraham Lincoln. $1200

Abbott18. Col. Bendix. $150

Abbott19. Maj. General N.P. Banks. $150

Abbott20. Washington, the father of his Country. $150

Abbott21. Hon. Montgomery Blair, Postmaster General. $200

Abbott22. Hon. S.P. Chase, Sec’y of Treasury. $250

Abbott23. General Walbridge. $125

Abbott24. Russell, Special Correspondent of the London Times. $150

Abbott25. Colonel E.D. Baker, Slain gallantly fighting for his Country, Oct. 21, 1861. $250

Abbott27. Hon. Edward Bates, Attorney General. $200

Abbott28. Hon. Caleb B. Smith, Sec’y of the Interior. $200

Abbott29. Hon. Simon Cameron, Sec’y of War. $250

Abbott30. Wm. H. Seward, Sec’y of State. $300

Abbott31. The Princess Clotilde. $75

Abbott32. General Hentzelman. $125

Abbott33. Commodore Dupont, U.S. Navy. $150

Abbott34. Leslie Coombs, of Ky. $150

Abbott35. Gen’l A. Duryea. $150

Abbott36. Gen’l A. Duryea. $150

Abbott37. Charles Sumner. $250

Abbott39. General Mansfield. $125

Abbott40. Colonel Robert Anderson, the Hero of Fort Sumter. $250

Abbott41. Gen’l Lander. $175

Abbott42. Brig.-General Nathaniel Lyon, Slain in defense of his Country, Aug. 10, 1861. $200

Abbott43. Col. Cameron, N.Y. Highlanders. $150

Abbott44. Maj. General N.P. Banks. $150

Abbott45. Lieut.-General Winfield Scott, Faithful to the Last. $100

Abbott46. General Franz Sigel. $100

Abbott47. Gen. Louis Blenker. $125

Abbott48. Commodore Stringham, U.S. Navy. $135

Abbott49. Colonel Billy Wilson. $150

Abbott50. Colonel Max Weber. $150

Abbott51. Brig. General McCooke, of Ky. $200

Abbott52. Hon. Gideon Wells, Sec’y of Navy. $250

Abbott53. Col. Vosburg. $165

Abbott55. General Lee, of Confederate Army. $350

Abbott56. Hon. John J. Crittenden. $150

Abbott57. Gen. Prentiss. $150

Abbott58. Captain James H. Ward, Fell in the Service of his Country, June 27, 1861. $150

Abbott59. Hon. Joseph Holt, of Ky. $150

Abbott60. Miss Harriet Lane. $135

Abbott61. General Walbridge. $125

Abbott62. Commodore Porter, U.S. Navy. $175

Abbott63. General Huger, of Confederate Army. $200

Abbott64. Hon. John Slidell, The Captured Confederate Commissioner. $275

Abbott65. General Hunter. $175

Abbott66. Brig. Gen. Wm. S. Harney. $165

Abbott67. Gov. Sprague, of Rhode Island. $150

Abbott68. Col. Elmer E. Ellsworth, Assassinated at Alexandria, May 24, 1861. $225

Abbott69. General Beauregard. $200

Abbott70. Hon. James M. Mason, The Captured Confederate Commissioner. $275

Abbott71. Marshall Kane. $165

Abbott72. General Johnson, of Confederate Army. $200

Abbott73. Lieut. John T. Greble, Fell in his Country’s service, June 10, 1861. $200

Abbott74. Hon. Simon Cameron, Sec’y of War. $200

Abbott75. John C. Calhoun. $200

Abbott76. General Hentzelman. $150

Abbott77. Lieut. John T. Greble, Fell in his Country’s service, June 10, 1861. $200

Abbott78. General Tyler, of Conn. $150

Abbott79. Col. Slocum, of Rhode Island, Who fell at the Battle of Bull Run. $200

Abbott80. General Sickles. $150

Abbott81. General Wool. $150

Abbott82. Maj. General Benj. F. Butler, of Massachusetts. $125

Abbott83. Lieut.-General Winfield Scott, Faithful to the Last. $150

Abbott85. Hon. John J. Crittenden. $150

Abbott86. Gen. Magruder. $150

Abbott87. Maj. General Patterson. $150

CWTT94. Ninth-plate tinted tintype of cavalry private with pistol and Hardee hat with “M” insignia. Housed in a thermoplastic wall frame with intact hook ready for hanging. VG. $450

CWTT105. Sixth-plate tintype of a handsome man in uniform. Imprint on velvet of case is Schoonmaker, Troy, NY. Housed in a thermoplastic case (Berg 1-53 Shield with Stars in Stripes).  Case has chips and cracks but clicks shut nicely. G. $150