The following items are Abbott Tintypes issued early in the war. Many are Civil War soldiers, some are other celebrities and politicians of the day.

Abbott2. Louis Napoleon. $75

Abbott5. Prince Napoleon. $75

Abbott7. Commodore Dupont, U.S. Navy. $135

Abbott9. General Tyler of Conn. $150

Abbott10. Commodore Porter, U.S. Navy. $175

Abbott12. Geo. D. Prentice, Editor, Louisville Journal. $125

Abbott14. Benjamin Franklin. $135

Abbott18. Col. Bendix. $150

Abbott19. Maj. General N.P. Banks. $150

Abbott20. Washington, the father of his Country. $150

Abbott21. Hon. Montgomery Blair, Postmaster General. $200

Abbott22. Hon. S.P. Chase, Sec’y of Treasury. $250

Abbott23. General Walbridge. $125

Abbott24. Russell, Special Correspondent of the London Times. $150

Abbott25. Colonel E.D. Baker, Slain gallantly fighting for his Country, Oct. 21, 1861. $250

Abbott27. Hon. Edward Bates, Attorney General. $200

Abbott28. Hon. Caleb B. Smith, Sec’y of the Interior. $200

Abbott29. Hon. Simon Cameron, Sec’y of War. $250

Abbott31. The Princess Clotilde. $75

Abbott33. Commodore Dupont, U.S. Navy. $150

Abbott35. Gen’l A. Duryea. $150

Abbott36. Gen’l A. Duryea. $150

Abbott37. Charles Sumner. $250

Abbott39. General Mansfield. $125

Abbott40. Colonel Robert Anderson, the Hero of Fort Sumter. $250

Abbott41. Gen’l Lander. $175

Abbott42. Brig.-General Nathaniel Lyon, Slain in defense of his Country, Aug. 10, 1861. $200

Abbott43. Col. Cameron, N.Y. Highlanders. $150

Abbott44. Maj. General N.P. Banks. $150

Abbott46. General Franz Sigel. $100

Abbott48. Commodore Stringham, U.S. Navy. $135

Abbott49. Colonel Billy Wilson. $150

Abbott51. Brig. General McCooke, of Ky. $200

Abbott52. Hon. Gideon Wells, Sec’y of Navy. $250

Abbott53. Col. Vosburg. $165

Abbott56. Hon. John J. Crittenden. $150

Abbott57. Gen. Prentiss. $150

Abbott60. Miss Harriet Lane. $135

Abbott61. General Walbridge. $125

Abbott62. Commodore Porter, U.S. Navy. $175

Abbott63. General Huger, of Confederate Army. $200

Abbott64. Hon. John Slidell, The Captured Confederate Commissioner. $275

Abbott66. Brig. Gen. Wm. S. Harney. $165

Abbott67. Gov. Sprague, of Rhode Island. $150

Abbott69. General Beauregard. $200

Abbott70. Hon. James M. Mason, The Captured Confederate Commissioner. $275

Abbott72. General Johnson, of Confederate Army. $200

Abbott73. Lieut. John T. Greble, Fell in his Country’s service, June 10, 1861. $200

Abbott78. General Tyler, of Conn. $150

Abbott79. Col. Slocum, of Rhode Island, Who fell at the Battle of Bull Run. $200

Abbott81. General Wool. $150

Abbott86. Gen. Magruder. $150

Abbott87. Maj. General Patterson. $150

CWCDV1445. The Original French Pearl Pictures, taken at Alfred W. Jacobs’ Galleries, 210 Atlantic St., Corner Court Street, and 469 Columbia Street, near Sackett Street, Brooklyn. William Henry Fried. Residence: Lehigh County, Pa. Enlisted on 8/30/1861 as a Private; mustered into Co. F, PA 47th Infantry. Discharged for disability on 9/26/1864.  Tintype in paper mat. VG. $125

CWamb40. Civil War soldier sixth-plate ambrotype. Soldier is proudly displaying his pistol. Looking at the first image of the bare plate, this may be a period ambrotype of a tintype. Image is housed in a half leather case with loose slats. G. $750

CWamb43. Ninth-plate ruby ambrotype of young man in kepi. Tinted cheeks. Housed in a full thermoplastic case. VG. $225