Folding Metal Stereoviewer  Folding Metal Stereoviewer  Folding Metal Stereoviewer  Folding Metal Stereoviewer
Viewer25. Folding metal stereoviewer, measuring 3 5/8″ x 5″ when closed. Viewer comes with one pair of stereoscopic photographs as shown. VG. $50

Stereoviewer  Stereoviewer  Stereoviewer  Stereoviewer  Stereoviewer
Viewer33. Folding, cloth-covered stereoscope, French, circa 1880. “Stereoscope Parisien Brevete S.D.G.D.” VG. $250

Viewer63. Underwood & Underwood wood and aluminum viewer. Worn velvet around hood otherwise excellent condition. $100

Viewer71. TwinScope Viewer: Contemporary handmade and patented multi-purpose stereoscope. Wall-mountable for stereoview display, or a portable scope for hand-held stereoviews or reproductions in books or digital displays. Fits over Eyeglasses. Invented and meticulously crafted by Colleen Woolpert.
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TwinScope Viewer SLIM: Also available is this extremely convenient, portable stereoscope, designed and crafted by Colleen Woolpert: