Folding Metal Stereoviewer  Folding Metal Stereoviewer  Folding Metal Stereoviewer  Folding Metal Stereoviewer
Viewer25. Folding metal stereoviewer, measuring 3 5/8″ x 5″ when closed. Viewer comes with one pair of stereoscopic photographs as shown. VG. $50

Stereoviewer  Stereoviewer  Stereoviewer  Stereoviewer  Stereoviewer
Viewer33. Folding, cloth-covered stereoscope, French, circa 1880. “Stereoscope Parisien Brevete S.D.G.D.” VG. $250

Viewer63. Underwood & Underwood wood and aluminum viewer. Worn velvet around hood otherwise excellent condition. $100

Viewer71. TwinScope Viewer: Contemporary handmade and patented multi-purpose stereoscope. Wall-mountable for stereoview display, or a portable scope for hand-held stereoviews or reproductions in books or digital displays. Fits over Eyeglasses. Invented and meticulously crafted by Colleen Woolpert.
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TwinScope Viewer SLIM: Also available is this extremely convenient, portable stereoscope, designed and crafted by Colleen Woolpert:

Viewer72. Keystone Telebinocular Viewer in Original Box. VG. $75

Viewer74. U&U Sun Sculpture wood and metal viewer. VG. $85

Viewer75. Keystone Monarch viewer. No folding handle. G. $35

Viewer76. Carte-de-Visite Robinson Viewer. Complete with 33 CDVs loaded in the belt portraying members of the Manning-Kemp-Burnet-Tower families in the vicinity of North Adams, Massachusetts. The viewer is patented April 11, 1865 by Charles Robinson as stamped on the bottom of the device. Nearly all of the images are identified on versos. One of the images is of Charles W. Partridge, Co. D, 24th Mass. Infantry. Here is his service record: Enlisted on 11/22/1861 as a Private. On 11/26/1861 he mustered into “D” Co. MA 24th Infantry.  He Re-enlisted on 1/2/1864. He was discharged for disability on 6/19/1865 at Boston, MA. He was listed as: * Wounded 10/7/1864 Darbytown Road, VA. Promotions: * Corpl 9/4/1864. An extensive listing of the names of the people from the versos of the CDVs is included in this lot. G. $650

Viewer77. Keystone Home Training Service for the development of skillful and comfortable vision. Attractive wood and metal viewer, 2 booklets plus a notice. Comes in the original box with front panel detached. VG. $75

Viewer78. U&U Sun Sculpture wood and metal viewer with folding handle. Lenses intact, velvet around eye hood is worn. G+. $45

Viewer79. Wooden viewer of handle that screws off. The slide bar has folding metal clips that hold the view. The eye hood is cracked on the left side and has a chip. Also, there is a small chip on the right side. Lenses are fine. G. $45

Viewer81. U&U Sun Sculpture wood and metal viewer. Some wear on velvet on hood. Pointed metal handle. G. $25

Viewer82. Keystone Monarch wood and metal viewer. Wear to velvet on hood. G. $35