Full plate ambrotype titled in pencil on verso “Ed Sullivan at Niagara Falls 1871.” Housed in a chipped paper mat and preserver with top hook for hanging. Uncased. This is a most unusual Niagara ambrotype as most show happy couples or families often in coaches, etc. But Ed is alone, in what looks like rain gear with some flaps over his head. And he does not look happy at all. VG+. $1500

Union Case-Rebekah at the Well with Ruby Ambrotype Union Case-Rebekah at the Well with Ruby Ambrotype Union Case-Rebekah at the Well with Ruby Ambrotype
Case60. Excellent sixth-plate thermoplastic case (Berg 1-85, Rebekah at the Well) with attractive, tinted ruby ambrotype of mother and two children. Case is exceptional, with sharp corners, strong hinges, clicks shut. E. $300

  Industrial Machine Ambrotype
Amb98. Quarter plate ruby ambrotype of three men in hats paying close attention to a machine of some sort. It appears that the man at left has a sausage in his hand. There is a small platform attached to the machine with some objects on it. I haven’t been able to figure this one out. Housed in a full leather case. VG. $850

Ruby Ambrotype Boy with Drum
Amb103. Sixth-plate ruby ambrotype of young boy in striped shirt with drumsticks in hand, large drum by his side on which he rests one hand. House in a full leather case, repaired at spine. VG. $295

Sea Captain with Telescope and Wife  Sea Captain with Telescope and Wife
Amb105. Quarter-plate ambrotype of probably a sea captain with 3 draw brass telescope and his well-dressed wife. Her scarf is tinted and she has a far-off worried look about her. Housed in a full, split leather case. VG. $450

Railroad Engineer Ambrotype  Railroad Engineer Ambrotype
Amb106. Quarter-plate ruby ambrotype of 3 railroad engineers in caps. Man on right holds a large wrench, man on left holds a rag and an oil can which is actually placed on the shoulder of the center man. Housed in a full leather case. VG. $750

Identified Checkers Players Ambrotype     Identified Checkers Players Ambrotype
Amb107. Quarter-plate ruby ambrotype of 5 identified men, 2 of them playing checkers. Behind the image on the inside of the case is written: “Grand father playing on left & Uncle David behind him. Father right at back,” “Other two I think will be Mr. Ross & Mr. Findlay,” “Mr. Ross Mr. Findlay James McKissock, David McKissock L. front, John McKissock Rt. front, About 1855, Maybole Scotland.” Housed in a half leather case with top slat missing as shown. VG. $1200

Amb108. Sixth-plate ambrotype of a bearded African-American man. Housed in thermoplastic case (Berg 3-190, Geometric). VG. $1000

Harness Maker Ambrotype  Harness Maker Ambrotype
Amb111. Sixth-plate ruby ambrotype of a harness maker. He is working on a leather harness. Housed in a full leather case. VG. $600

Quarter-Plate Mascher Magnifying Case with Ambrotype
Amb126. Quarter-plate Mascher’s Magnifying Case with tinted ambrotype of young woman. VG. $650

English Policeman, Peeler, and Wife Halvorson Case Halvorson Case
Sixth-plate ambrotype of an early English policeman, known at first as “Peelers,” later as “Bobbies.” Both of these names are derived from Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel, who set up the first ‘modern’ police force in the UK. Peelers wore reinforced top hats and frock coats. The woman by his side is likely his wife. The image is housed in a metal Halvorson case. VG. $575

Ambrotype of Affectionate Siblings
Amb144. Sixth-plate ambrotype of affectionate siblings. Housed in a half leather case. VG. $125

amb150  amb150b 
Amb150. Sixth-plate ambrotype of a seated woman, posed before a beautiful scenic backdrop, just looking up from the book in her lap. This image is housed in a rare book-like case (Berg 4-27, George Washington in a Circle). VG. $275

English Ambrotype Woman on Horse
Amb154. Fine Sixth-plate English ambrotype of woman on horse held by handler, on the beach. In background on left one can see portable beach changing rooms. Housed in a full, split leather case. VG. $500

Man with Bulls Ambrotype
Sixth-plate ruby ambrotype of a man with his two very well-behaved bulls. Housed in a rare thermoplastic case (Berg 3-63, Geometric with Glass Window). VG. $750

Man with Dog Ambrotype
Amb167. Sixth-plate ambrotype of seated man with his large, seated dog. Housed in a half leather case. VG. $375

Framed Ambrotype
Tinted framed ambrotype of a woman. Image measures about 4″ x 3.” Entire frame measures 9″ x 8.” Frame is a combination of wood and thermoplastic. With hook ready for hanging. G. $200

Framed Ambrotype
Tinted framed ambrotype of a woman. Image measures about 4″ x 3.” Entire frame measures 9″ x 8.” Frame is a combination of wood and thermoplastic. There is a crack on the ambrotype. With hook ready for hanging. G-. $150

Hidden Mother Ambrotype Hidden Mother Ambrotype Hidden Mother Ambrotype Hidden Mother Ambrotype
Amb178. Ninth-plate hidden mother clear glass ambrotype in Union case (Berg 1-162, A Game of Chess) by Littlefield, Parsons & Co. VG. $95

Telegrapher AmbrotypeTelegrapher Ambrotype amb186 amb186a
Amb186. Ninth-plate ambrotype of telegrapher, his equipment on the table by his side. Housed in a full geometric thermoplastic case. VG. $150

John Patton Anderson with Dog
Half-plate ambrotype of John Patton Anderson with his dog. Housed in a full, split leather case with a loose slat or two. Also included in this lot is a paper photo in an oval, decorative metal frame with hook, which measures 3.75″ x 2.625.” G. $650

H.A. Garrett and Friends Ambrotype amb201a amb201b Thermoplastic Case American Country Life Thermoplastic Case American Country Life
Amb201. Half-plate ambrotype of “H.A. Garrett and Friends 1858. Aug.” When I obtained this the ambrotype and the front of its case were framed side by side long ago for wall display. I took the frame apart and was disappointed to find that only the front of the case was framed and there was no bottom half. I placed the image in a scenic thermoplastic case (Berg 1-11, American County Life 1). The case has a few nicks and chips along sides. The image shows one man writing on scrolled paper; another stands with an open book; and the third man is seated with another book on the table. There is also a bottle of ink on the table. The person I purchased this from told me “it came from Virginia and has something to do with the Railroad.” There certainly is a tale here worthy of research. VG. $1500

Amb207. Ambrotype, 5″ x 4,” of a woman, a girl, and a dog, attractively posed. Housed in a full leather case. VG. $600

Amb234. Full plate framed ambrotype of 3 children, likely siblings. The open image area within the frame measures 7″ x 5″ and the wooden frame measure 12″ x 10.” Some wear to frame, a minor crack toward the bottom. VG. $450

Amb256. Quarter-plate tinted English ambrotype of a woman. Housed in a full leather case. E. $150

Amb265. Stereo-Ambrotype from the Crystal Palace showing Una and the Lion. VG. $250

Amb269. Sixth-plate ambrotype of plumbers. One man stands with a pipe with faucet in one hand, and a hammer in the other leaning on his shoulder. There is another hammer on the table. Other man holds a rolled up paper, probably a blueprint or plan for what they are working on. Housed in a thermoplastic case (Berg 1-113, Lady with Falcon 2). Case is fine, sharp corners, no cracks, clicks shut. VG. (8084) $450

Amb276. Quarter-plate ambrotype of 4 floppy-hatted men in working garb with a few tools. Housed in a full leather case. (8510) VG. $1500

Amb280. Sixth-plate ruby ambrotype of a seated, bearded gentleman with his hand on a skull on a table by his side. As Hamlet reminds us: “Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy: he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! my gorge rims at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. Where be your gibes now? your gambols? your songs? your flashes of merriment, that were wont to set the table on a roar? Not one now, to mock your own grinning? quite chap-fallen? Now get you to my lady’s chamber, and tell her, let her paint an inch thick, to this favour she must come; make her laugh at that.” Housed in a half leather case. G. $800

Amb287. Half-plate ambrotype group portrait of 28 Freemasons in Masonic regalia. Full leather case. VG. $750

Amb292. Half-plate ambrotype of an unidentified town with snow on the ground. In case is written “April 21, 1857,” which is a patent date, handwritten into existing case stock at Critchlow & Company. Subsequently produced cases have the same date typeset. Most likely upstate NY. Housed in a thermoplastic case (berg 3-5, Geometric), wear at corners o/w VG. $950

Stereoscopic ambrotype of a seated boy and his reflection in a mirror. Stereoscopic ambrotypes are far less common than stereoscopic daguerreotypes. VG. $1200

Case123. Double sixth-plate thermoplastic case (Berg 1-14, Mother Embracing Child 2) with 4 ruby ambrotypes. VG. $325

Case124. Double sixth-plate thermoplastic case by S. Peck & Co. (Berg 2-4, Spray of Stawberries) with two ambrotypes, 1 a ruby, 1 on clear glass. VG. $300

Case125. Quarter-plate thermoplastic case (Berg 1-44, Lyre in Wide Portal) with ambrotype of bearded gentleman. VG. $250

Case126. Sixth-plate thermoplastic case (Berg 1-81, Profile of Learned Man). Ambrotype of gentleman within. E. $275

Amb294. Larger-than-half-plate English ambrotype (6.5″ x 4.75″) housed in a full leather case. VG. $225

Amb303. Beautiful half-plate ruby ambrotype carriage before Niagara Falls. Two women sit in the carriage, a man stands by the side, and the driver sits above. Housed in a full split leather case. VG. $1000

Case134-ss40. Quarter-plate Union case (Berg 1-17S, Washington Monument, Richmond, Va. on one side; Berg 3-16, Geometric on other side). There is an ambrotype of a family housed within. Other than some brown discoloration on the Monument side of the case, it is in fine condition with sharp corners, strong hinges and clicks shut. VG. $250

Case135-ss37. Sixth-plate Union case (Berg 1-65, Bobby Shafto) with two fine ambrotypes of chidlren. Case has some nicks and chips at two corners, crack line by one hinge, play in one hinge. G. $225

Case136-ss39. Quarter-plate Union case (Berg 1-23, General Marion’s Invitation to Dinner). There is a relievo ambrotype of two men and a boy in the case. The man at center is prominently displaying a case with medical or dental tools. The case has two nicked corners, good hinges, clicks shut. $500

Case137-ss22. Sixth-plate Union case (Berg 1-93, Child in Tree, Farm Scene) with ruby ambrotype of woman. Case is in excellent condition, strong hinges, clicks shut. E. $175

Amb308. Quarter-plate ambrotype of a man in Scottish dress with sword and medals. Housed in a full leather case. G. $275

Amb311. Mr. Kilburn, London. Image measures 4 7/8″ x 6.5″ and the case is 6″ x 7 1/8.” Family group. VG. $500

Amb312. Sixth-plate ambrotype of a woman with gold highlights. Housed in a full leather case. $50

Amb313. Sixth-plate framed occupational ambrotype of a child laborer apprentice shoemaker. Frame measures 9.5″ x 8.” There is a hook on top and a wire on verso for hanging. This image is from the collection of Gerald Kornblau and was obtained at an auction of his estate material at Stair Galleries in Hudson, NY in 2012. Gerald Kornblau was a pioneer dealer in American folk art. He was born in NYC on August 12, 1928 and died on July 24, 2011. VG. $250

Amb322. Quarter-plate ambrotype of a full standing child holding tinted flowers. Housed in a full leather case. VG. $225

Amb323. Sixth-plate ambrotype holding open an image of a girl. Housed in a full, split leather case. VG. $250

Amb324. Identified ninth-plate ambrotype of Huldah Maria Estes, born 1842 in Danvers, Essex County MA and died Jan. 17, 1905 at Peabody, Essex County, MA. Huldah is buried in Monumental Cemetery, Peabody, MA. Housed in a full leather case. VG. $65

Amb325. Uncased Japanese yellow glass ambrotype measuring 3 5/8″ x 2 1/2.” G. $35

Amb326. Uncased Japanese yellow glass ambrotype measuring 3 3/4″ x 2 1/2.” G. $35

Amb330. Attractive half-plate ambrotype by John Keagy of a mother and 3 daughters. The mother and one of the daughters hold cases, prominently displayed. They leave it to us to guess the inhabitants of those cases. No doubt one may be their deceased father/husband. This is the first ambrotype with a mat which is imprinted “Ambrotype by Keagy” that I’ve encountered. Craig says this about “Keagy, John. Advertised ambrotypes at Main and Market Streets, Chambersburg, Pa., 1860. A directory listed him only that year as an ambrotypist. A daguerreotype exists identified by his name stamped on the brass mat.” The image is housed in a full, split leather case. VG. $350

Amb331. Ninth-plate ambrotype of a young man seated before an attractive backdrop. Housed in a half leather case. VG. $25

Case138. Double sixth-plate thermoplastic case (Berg 1-14, Mother Embracing Child 2) with two ambrotypes within identified as Milton Howlett & wife. This family was from Worcester County, Massachusetts. Case has one chip on side otherwise sharp corners, strong hinges, clicks shut. G+. $225

Amb336. Sixth-plate ambrotype of a snow scene. Image came out of Maine. Housed in a full leather case nearly split at spine. VG. $325

Amb342. Sixth-plate ambrotype of a British soldier. Housed in a full leather case. VG. $350

Amb344. I think this is an ambrotype or it may be a tinted salt print. Can’t tell because it is sealed but it feels by weight to be an ambrotype. Beautifully tinted. Measures 5″ x 4.25.” VG. $150 ON HOLD

Amb346. Kimball, NY. Fine sixth-plate ambrotype of a boy artfully posed on the floor of the studio with his arm over his reclining large dog and his hat in front. A paper attached to the velvet mat reads “Grattan Perry.” E. $650

Amb347. Collection of 18 images from an English family. Sixteen are ambrotypes (5 sixth-plates; 11 ninth-plates) and two are tintypes (1 quarter plate; 1 ninth-plate). The images came with a printed paper listing two families: Robert Johnston (1804-1869), married to Isabel (Isabella) Johnston (1803-1879) with various children listed; & Alexander Keith Johnston (1804-1871), married to Margaret Gray (c. 1810-1893) and various children. These images are likely a mix of the two families. There are some clues as one image has “Robert Bruce Johnston” written on verso. I added his dates (1804-1869). Two other images have “1857 Aunt Aggie” and “Aunt Aggie,” on the versos. There are also several photographer’s cards behind the images or on the case: Robert Armstrong, Edinburgh (2); Lawrie and Mitchell, Edinburgh (1); E. Llewellyn, Birmingham (1); & Central Photographic Rooms, Messrs Cotton & Wall. VG. $475