Sixth-plate ambrotype of a little boy on a donkey. The hatband and the bow around his neck are tinted blue. Housed in an odd full black rough and pebbly case, almost like black emory board material. VG. $235

Half-plate ambrotype of gentleman in beautiful black oval frame. Image measures about 7″ x 6″ from impression through paper on back of frame although I can’t be sure of the actual size as the frame is professionally sealed. The actual image size that appears in the frame is 4 1/2″ x 3 1/4.” The overall frame is 12″ x 10.” There is a small partial crack on the inner circle at the bottom of the frame that is barely noticeable; otherwise it is in beautiful shape. Wire attached at back for hanging. (5550) $195

Quarter plate ambrotype of two bearded men with hats and blanket in horse drawn carriage. The axles and parts of the horse’s harness are highlighted with gold tinting. The ambrotype is housed in a full thermoplastic case (Krainik #75-Scroll) and is in very good condition but one corner is chipped. All other corners are sharp and clasp works well. The case is by Holmes, Booth & Hayden. $375

Quarter-plate ambrotype of a mother and daughter. Housed in a thermoplastic case Lyre in Wide Portal (Berg 1-45). This case has two Krainik reference numbers as the two sides are different: 42. Scroll with Patterned Center & Stars and 44. The Memorial. This latter is the only case bearing the die engraver’s anem (R. Paine). Case is manufactured by S. Peck & Co., New Haven, Ct. It’s in fine condition with sharp corners, although missing velvet mat. $395

This lot consists of a sixth-plate ruby ambrotype of a man holding a Union Case flanked by two women along with the framed tintype made as an enlargement of this image. The visible tintype image area is 5 1/4″ x 7 1/4″ and the frame is 11 3/4″ x 13.” On the back of the frame is a worn label which reads in part “Copied by Hildreth, Young & Co., McLean’s Block, Main St., Union City, Pa., North Troy, Vt., Clinton, Iowa, Montreal P.Q., Washington D.C. The only manufacturers in the United Stated of the Photocrome Picture.” Note how the larger image is reversed from the ambrotype. A great pair, fortunately still together. VG. $300

Sixth-plate ambrotype of a standing Civil War soldier with rifle with bayonet. Housed in a full split leather case. G. $325

Amb82. Sixth-plate outdoor ambrotype of probably a brother and sister with wheeled carts and tools. Big smile on the young man. Housed in a split leather case whose top side is missing three slats. VG. $175

Full plate ambrotype titled in pencil on verso “Ed Sullivan at Niagara Falls 1871.” Housed in a chipped paper mat and preserver with top hook for hanging. Uncased. This is a most unusual Niagara ambrotype as most show happy couples or families often in coaches, etc. But Ed is alone, in what looks like rain gear with some flaps over his head. And he does not look happy at all. VG+. $1500

Sixth-plate ambrotype of a fireman. There is a “2” on his cap; he wears a decorative embroidered shirt; and there is a tool that I believe is used in relation to the hose on his belt. Image is dark. Housed in full leather case. G-. $395

Union Case-Rebekah at the Well with Ruby Ambrotype Union Case-Rebekah at the Well with Ruby Ambrotype Union Case-Rebekah at the Well with Ruby Ambrotype
Case60. Sixth-plate thermoplastic case (Berg 1-85, Rebekah at the Well) with attractive, tinted ruby ambrotype of mother and two children. E. $350

Ambrotype Workmen with short Ax, large hat
Amb97. Sixth-plate ambrotype of workman with raised short axe, pink-tinted suspenders, large hat, etc. Housed in a full, split leather case. G. $500

Industrial Machine Ambrotype  Industrial Machine Ambrotype
Amb98. Quarter plate ruby ambrotype of three men in hats paying close attention to a machine of some sort. It appears that the man at left has a sausage in his had. There is a small platform attached to the machine with some objects on it. I haven’t been able to figure this one out. Housed in a full leather case. VG. $850

Loving Embrace Ambrotype  Loving Embrace Ambrotype
Amb99. Sixth plate ambrotype of a mother’s loving embrace of her child. Housed in a full leather case. VG. $475

Ruby Ambrotype Boy with Drum
Amb103. Sixth-plate ruby ambrotype of young boy in striped shirt with drumsticks in hand, large drum by his side on which he rests one hand. House in a full leather case, repaired at spine. VG. $600

Sea Captain with Telescope and Wife  Sea Captain with Telescope and Wife
Amb105. Quarter-plate ambrotype of probably a sea captain with 3 draw brass telescope and his well-dressed wife. Her scarf is tinted and she has a far-off worried look about her. Housed in a full, split leather case. VG. $450

Railroad Engineer Ambrotype  Railroad Engineer Ambrotype
Amb106. Quarter-plate ruby ambrotype of 3 railroad engineers in caps. Man on right holds a large wrench, man on left holds a rag and an oil can which is actually placed on the shoulder of the center man. Housed in a full leather case. VG. $1500

Identified Checkers Players Ambrotype  Identified Checkers Players Ambrotype  Identified Checkers Players Ambrotype
Amb107. Quarter-plate ruby ambrotype of 5 identified men, 2 of them playing checkers. Behind the image on the inside of the case is written: “Grand father playing on left & Uncle David behind him. Father right at back,” “Other two I think will be Mr. Ross & Mr. Findlay,” “Mr. Ross Mr. Findlay James McKissock, David McKissock L. front, John McKissock Rt. front, About 1855, Maybole Scotland.” Housed in a half leather case with top slat missing as shown. VG. $1200

African-American Man Ambrotype  African-American Man Ambrotype  African-American Man Ambrotype  African-American Man Ambrotype
Amb108. Sixth-plate ambrotype of a bearded African-American man. Housed in thermoplastic case (Berg 3-190, Geometric). VG. $1500

Half-plate Ambrotype of Town Scene by RR Tracks  Half-plate Ambrotype of Town Scene by RR Tracks
Amb110. Half-plate ambrotype of Stuyvesant, NY in Columbia County. The name of the town is plainly written on the side of the building at the left. One can also see the name “S.H. Wendover” which is on the sign on the top of the building right of center. S.H. Wendover was a NYS Senator in 1878 & 1879 and was from Stuyvesant. He was Chairman of the Committee on Banks. In 1865 he served on the disbursement committee in Stuyvesant for the distribution of Civil War enrollment bounties to raise troops for the cause. He is also listed as President of the National Union Bank in Kinderhook in 1879 and as a shareholder in the National Albany Exchange Bank in 1877. Housed in a split, full leather case. There are a number of other signs readable in the image. VG. $2000

Harness Maker Ambrotype  Harness Maker Ambrotype
Amb111. Sixth-plate ruby ambrotype of a harness maker. He is working on a leather harness. Housed in a full leather case. VG. $600

Mascher's Improved Stereoscope  Mascher's Improved Stereoscope
Amb112. Mascher’s Improved Stereoscope, Philadelphia. Quarter-plate case with a stereoscopic ambrotype of a couple. The spots and lines on the ambrotype are due to the flaked backing and are easily fixed by placing black paper or felt behind the image. VG. $650

Post Mortem Ambrotype
Amb122. Sixth-plate ambrotype post mortem of a young child, flowers in her hand. Housed in a half leather case. VG. $350

Quarter-Plate Mascher Magnifying Case with Ambrotype
Amb126. Quarter-plate Mascher’s Magnifying Case with tinted ambrotype of young woman. VG. $650

English Policeman, Peeler, and Wife Halvorson Case Halvorson Case
Amb137. Sixth-plate ambrotype of an early English policeman, known at first as “Peelers,” later as “Bobbies.” Both of these names are derived from Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel, who set up the first ‘modern’ police force in the UK. Peelers wore reinforced top hats and frock coats. The woman by his side is likely his wife. The image is housed in a metal Halvorson case. VG. $575

Ambrotype of Affectionate Siblings
Amb144. Sixth-plate ambrotype of affectionate siblings. Housed in a half leather case. VG. $125

Ambrotype of African-American Woman amb146a
Amb146. Sixth-plate ambrotype of African-American woman. Housed in a full leather case. $450

Fancy Dude Ambrotype
Amb149. Sixth-plate ruby ambrotype of long-haired, bearded gentleman in white suit with cap. Quite a flamboyant character I’d say and very modern looking. I may have run into this guy at the Electric Circus in 1970. Housed in a half leather case. VG. $300

amb150 amb150a Woman with book ambrotype amb150b
Amb150. Sixth-plate ambrotype of a seated woman, posed before a beautiful scenic backdrop, just looking up from the book in her lap. Is the photographer interrupting her reading? This image is housed in a rare book-like case (Berg 4-27, George Washington in a Circle). VG. $275

amb154 English Ambrotype Woman on Horse
Amb154. Fine Sixth-plate English ambrotype of woman on horse held by handler, on the beach. In background on left one can see portable beach changing rooms. Housed in a full, split leather case. VG. $500

Horse and Buggy ambrotype
Amb155. Sixth-plate ruby ambrotype of 4 gentleman and their one-horse open buggy. Three of the men sit in the buggy and one stands by its side. There are buildings in the distance and on the left. There is some gold spot tinting. There is no case. G. $95

Man with Anvil and Horseshoe Ambrotype
Amb157. Sixth-plate ambrotype of well-dressed young man with an anvil by his side with a hammer and horseshoe resting on it. His cheeks are tinted red. Ambrotype is on the dark side. No case. G. $175

Melodeon Player
Amb161. Sixth-plate ambrotype of a man and his melodeon. No case. VG. $275

Rural Ambrotype
Amb163. Quarter-plate ambrotype of a rural scene with people, dog, wagon, building. No case. G. $115

Man with Bulls Ambrotype amb166a amb166b amb166c
Amb166. Sixth-plate ruby ambrotype of a man with his two very well-behaved bulls. Housed in a rare thermoplastic case (Berg 3-63, Geometric with Glass Window). VG. $750

Man with Dog Ambrotype
Amb167. Sixth-plate ambrotype of seated man with his large, seated dog. Housed in a half leather case. VG. $375

Civil War Drummer Civil War Drummer Tinted Civil War Drummer cwamb17
CWAMB17. Sixth-plate tinted yellow glass ambrotype of Civil War drummer. Housed in a Littlefield, Parsons & Co. thermoplastic case (Berg1-55, Eagle and Flag). Case is in very good condition, with working clasp and hinges, no chips. VG. $1200

Framed Ambrotype
Tinted framed ambrotype of a woman. Image measures about 4″ x 3.” Entire frame measures 9″ x 8.” Frame is a combination of wood and thermoplastic. With hook ready for hanging. G. $200

Framed Ambrotype
Tinted framed ambrotype of a woman. Image measures about 4″ x 3.” Entire frame measures 9″ x 8.” Frame is a combination of wood and thermoplastic. There is a crack on the ambrotype. With hook ready for hanging. G-. $100

Civil War Soldier Ambrotype cwamb18a cwamb18
CWAMB18. Quarter-plate tinted ambrotype of Civil War soldier. Housed in a thermoplastic case by Scovill Mf’g Co. (Berg 1-18, Crossed Cannon). Case has one nick o/w G. Image is VG. $675

John Gassler Civil War Soldier John Gassler Civil War Soldier
CWAMB19. Sixth-plate tinted ambrotype of John Gassler, Private, NY 8th Infantry. Enlisted on 4/23/1861 at NYC; mustered into “C” Co., NY 8th Infantry. MO on 4/23/1863 at Brooks’ Station, Va. His name is scratched into image and he is wearing his pack. He lived at 55 TenEyck St., Brooklyn, NY. He was a cabinet maker born in Germany. He died on April 11, 1912 at age 77. The 8th (the 1st German Rifles) was recruited in New York City, there mustered into the U.S. service on April 23, 1861, for two years, and left for Washington on May 27. At Miller’s farm the troops encamped and on July 10 were ordered to move toward Manassas as part of the 2nd brigade, 4th division of the Army of the Potomac. During the Battle of Bull Run the 8th was held in reserve and assisted in covering the retreat. The following winter it was quartered at Roach’s mills and Hunter’s Chapel, Va.; moved to Winchester in March, 1862, and in May joined Gen. Fremont at Petersburg, WV. It participated in the pursuit of Gen. Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley, and as part of Blenker’s division fought at the battles of Cross Keys and New Market. In the battle of Cross Keys its killed, wounded and missing numbered 220 out of a total of 550 engaged. At Middletown, the 8th was assigned to the 1st brigade, 1st division, 1st corps, Army of Virginia, under Gen. Pope, and with that army took part in the battles of Sulphur Springs and the second Bull Run. In September, it became a part of the 11th corps and reached Fredericksburg immediately after the battle; camped during the winter at Stafford Court House and Brooks’ Station, and was mustered out of the service at the latter place on April 23, 1863.  Housed in a full leather case. With his service papers, death certificate, pension papers, etc. VG. $1750

Hidden Mother Ambrotype Hidden Mother Ambrotype Hidden Mother Ambrotype Hidden Mother Ambrotype
Amb178. Ninth-plate hidden mother clear glass ambrotype in Union case (Berg 1-162, A Game of Chess) by Littlefield, Parsons & Co. VG. $125

Civil War Sergeant Ambrotype Civil War Sergeant Ambrotype cwamb20a
CWAMB20. Quarter-plate ambrotype of Civil War sergeant with rifle and bayonet before camp scene backdrop housed in a Union case (Berg 1-34, Harvest Motif) with two chipped corners. It is odd to see a solider posed in a studio with both a classical pillar and a camp backdrop in the same image. G. $450

Telegrapher AmbrotypeTelegrapher Ambrotype amb186 amb186a
Amb186. Ninth-plate ambrotype of telegrapher, his equipment on the table by his side. Housed in a full geometric thermoplastic case. VG. $150

amb189 amb189a
Amb189. Ninth-plate tinted ambrotype of boy standing with arm on table. Nicely tinted blue tablecloth. VG. $50

amb192 John Patton Anderson with Dog amb192b
Amb192. Half-plate ambrotype of John Patton Anderson with his dog. Housed in a full, split leather case with a loose slat or two. Also included in this lot is a paper photo in an oval, decorative metal frame with hook, which measures 3.75″ x 2.625.” G. $650

Amb193. Quarter-plate tinted ruby ambrotype of a fireman. His helmet reads “Eagle 4.” Full leather case. VG. (8166). $1600

cwamb22 cwamb22a
CWAMB22. Ninth-plate ruby ambrotype of a Civil War soldier. Housed in a full, split leather case. G. $65

H.A. Garrett and Friends Ambrotype amb201a amb201b Thermoplastic Case American Country Life Thermoplastic Case American Country Life
Amb201. Half-plate ambrotype of “H.A. Garrett and Friends 1858. Aug.” When I obtained this the ambrotype and the front of its case were framed side by side long ago for wall display. I took the frame apart and was disappointed to find that only the front of the case was framed and there was no bottom half. I placed the image in a scenic thermoplastic case (Berg 1-11, American County Life 1). The case has a few nicks and chips along sides. The image shows one man writing on scrolled paper; another stands with an open book; and the third man is seated with another book on the table. There is also a bottle of ink on the table. The person I purchased this from told me “it came from Virginia and has something to do with the Railroad.” There certainly is a tale here worthy of research. VG. $1500

amb202a Half Plate Fireman Ambrotype
Amb202. Half plate ambrotype by Alpheus Underwood, Chicopee, Mass. of Edward Lucien Dunbar. Born April 23, 1815 in Springfield, PA and brought to CT shortly after birth, his parents native state. He was involved in the manufacture of clock springs in Bristol CT and was involved in the formation of the Bristol Engine and Hose Company. He died Aug. 7, 1872. His wife was Julia Warner Dunbar and they had 3 sons and 3 daughters. The hat reads “Foreman.” Housed in full leather case. VG. $2000

Amb205. Ninth-plate ambrotype of child with spiked hair. Housed in a full, split leather case. G. $25

amb207 amb207a
Amb207. Beautiful ambrotype, 5″ x 4″ of a woman, a girl, and a dog, attractively posed. Housed in full leather case. VG. $500

Amb208. Quarter-plate occupational ambrotype. The whole family is in the wagon, three kids and the parents. Image is reminiscent of dust bowl photos from 80 years later. A stand is set up next to the wagon and the sign reads “Umbrellas Repaired Here.” There is also a bell to call the proprietor if he’s not there. Housed in a full leather case. VG. (7909) $1500

Black Nanny and White Child Ambrotype amb211a
Amb211. Sixth-plate relievo ambrotype of an African-American nanny with white baby. Housed in a full, split leather case. (7907) VG. $2000

Covered Wagon Ambrotype
Amb212. Quarter-plate tinted ambrotype of a man walking back to his covered wagon. He has what looks like a small barrel or canister held against his body. Some sort of merchant I’d guess. Housed in a full leather case. VG. (8099) $600

Plow with Oxen Ambrotype
Amb213. Sixth-plate ruby ambrotype of a man with plow being pulled by two large horned oxen. A young man stands by the oxen. Housed in a full, split leather case. VG. (7994) $750

amb217a amb217
Amb217. Quarter-plate ambrotype of what look like two brothers. Housed in full leather case. G. $95

amb218 amb218a
Amb218. Quarter-plate ambrotype of family. Housed in full leather case repaired at spine. VG. $125

amb219 Milk Glass Image
Amb219. Not an ambrotype but a quarter-plate image on milk glass. Housed in a full, split leather case. VG. $100

Post Mortem Ambrotype
Amb233. Quarter-plate tinted post-mortem ambrotype. A very special and rare presentation of a standing coffin by a table with candles, bible, and crucifix. Housed in a full black push-button leather case. VG. (8443) $3500

Amb234. Full plate framed ambrotype of 3 children, likely siblings. The open image area within the frame measures 7″ x 5″ and the wooden frame measure 12″ x 10.” Some wear to frame, a minor crack toward the bottom. VG. $450

Amb235. Ninth-plate ambrotype identified by slip of paper as “Harriet H. Reynolds & Oudine E. Reynolds When Young.” From Saco River Auction, Biddeford, Maine, November 13, 2013. Housed in a full, split leather case. Fair. $35

Brady Flip Case
Amb236. Sixth-plate ambrotype of child by Matthew Brady in Brady flip case. From Sean Nolan’s Fixed in Time: “In the mid 1850s Matthew Brady…was an early adopter of Cutting’s new ambrotype process. Brady, who was a case-maker before he was a photographer, designed a new case to show off the then novel aspects of an image on glass. Brady’s flip case allowed the ambrotype to be seen from either side. Brady’s use of ambrotypes was brief, as Cutting sued Brady (among others) for patent infringement when Brady failed to pay Cutting’s hefty licensing fee. Ambrotype flip cases presumably date from between 1854, when Cutting received his patents, and 1856, when Brady stopped taking ambroytpes.” Rear cover nearly detached. VG. $250

Amb237. Pair of sixth-plate ambrotypes of gentlemen in a Brady flip case. Front cover is detached. VG. $250

Amb238. Ninth-plate ambrotype of a child with “Mary B???, Burlington” scrated on the back glass. Housed in a half thermoplastic case. G. $20

Full Plate Niagara Falls Ambrotype
Amb239. Full Plate Niagara Falls Ambrotype housed in glass and preserver, no case. VG. $750

Amb241. Pair of sixth-plate ambroytpes, probably sister and brother, housed in a thermoplastic case by Littlefield, Parsons & Co. (Berg 1-99, Mother Embracing Child 2). Case has sharp corners, few tiny nicks. VG. $145

Amb242. Moffat, Edinburgh. Sixth-plate tinted ambrotype of a gentleman in overcoat holding a book. Housed in a full case with Moffat’s gold imprint. VG. $125

Amb243. Sixth-plate ambrotype of young girl leaning on book on table. Housed in a full leather case. VG. $75

Amb244. Sixth-plate ambrotype by Clark & Holmes, Troy, NY. Paper attached to case indicates that this is “My mother, Lena S. Thompson, My Uncle, John G. Saxton. Alice T. Hall.” Researchers have provided the following information: “Her name was Lenora per census but family histories have her as “Mary Lena.” She is on the left in the image. Lena marries Dwinel Thompson, a professor and President at RPI and he died at age 45. John G. Saxton of Troy, NY and Miss Hattie J. Row, of Auburn, Me. were deaf mutes and were married in Auburn by Dr. Gallaudet of Washington in sign language.” John Gordon Saxton went on to become a famous artist. He was born on Nov. 1, 1857 and lived to age 94. He attended the Gallaudet School for the Deaf in Wash, DC. He died at his home in Warren CT. Housed in a full leather case. G. $125

Amb247. Half-plate ambrotype of a family. Housed in a full, split leather case with the cover missing one rail. There is an eagle design on the case cover. G. $75

Amb248. Pair of sixth-plate ambrotypes identified by vintage slip of paper as “Rachel and Abram Demarest, Mother and Father of Mary Demarest Smith. Married March 29, 1862.” On back of slip is written “Probably taken about 1862.” Abraham Demarest was born in Schraalenburgh, Bergen, N.J. on Sept. 7, 1834 and died in Bergen on April 16, 1916. Thermoplastic case is by Littlefield, Parsons & Co., and is Berg 3-141, Geometric and is in excellent condition. VG. $200

Amb249. Octagonal sixth-plate ambrotype by Hopper, 228 1/2 Bleecker St., NY of “Abram A.G. Demarest, Father of Mary D. Smith, Born Sept. 7, 1834.” The photographer is Abraham D. Hopper who operated at this address 1857-1860. Thermoplastic case is Berg 3-214, Geometric. It has one nick o/w VG. $125

Amb250. Octagonal ninth-plate ambrotype identified on slip of paper as “Rachel Demarest, Wife of A.A.G. Demarest, Mother of Mary D. Smith 1859, Age 18 yrs.” on Back of slip is written “Taken in 1859.” Thermoplastic case is by A.P. Critchlow & Co. and is Berg 3-398, Geometric. Case has significant chips at top. G. $65

Amb251. Sixth-plate ruby ambrotype of mother and child. The child is holding a book. Their cheeks are lightly tinted. Housed in a full leather case. G. $50

Amb252. Half-plate ambrotype of gentleman, probably the photographer, with his arm around a daguerreotype camera. This image was once part of the Robert W. Lisle Collection. Housed in a full, split leather case. VG. (8335) $8500

Amb253. Sixth-plate ruby ambrotype of a coxswain. He wears a hat and holds a horn. The letters on the horn and on his chest appear to  “PBC” but may be “PBG.” If “PBC” he could be from the Potomac Boat Club, a rowing club on the Potomac River in Washington, DC. It was established in 1859, originally as the Potomac Barge Club. Housed in a full leather case. VG. (7618) $1500

Amb254. Very beautiful half-plate post-mortem ambrotype. The deceased girl is laid out with her head toward the window, very impressive use of the light. Framed in pie crust gilded frame which measures 8.125″ x 7.” VG. $1250

Amb255. Sixth-plate ambrotype of a sunburned sailor. Housed in a thermoplastic case (Berg 2-21, Grapes Within a Fancy Oval). G. $1000

Amb256. Quarter-plate tinted English ambrotype of a woman. Housed in a full leather case. E. $150

Ambroytpe by Keith
Amb257. Ambrotype by Keith, Liverpool, 5″ x 4″ of a father affectionately holding his two beautiful children. Housed in a split, full case although the cover is missing 3 side slats. G.  $275

Girl with kitten
Amb258. Ninth-plate ambrotype of a girl holding what looks like a white kitten. Housed in a full leather case. G. $75