Cal990. The Flying Studio. Helios. Edw. J. Muybridge, San Francisco. View in Woodward’s Gardens. 552. Rotary Boats. You can see “Helios” written in the negative under the track in the lower right of both images. G. $125

Cal991. Muybridge, San Francisco. 552-Views in Woodward’s Gardens. 552. Rotary Boats. G+. $135

Cal992. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 1649. Woodward’s Gardens, San Francisco. G. $150

Cal993. Lawrence & Houseworth, San Francisco. 408. The Cliff House. 3-cent tax stamp on verso. VG. $150

Cal994. Watkins’ New Series. 772. At the Cliff House, San Francisco. G. $125

Cal995. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 404. Cliff House-from the hill, looking north-west. G. $125

Cal996. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 406. Cliff House, Seal Rocks and Pacific Ocean. G. $125

Cal997. No ID. Tissue view of the Cliff House from Beach, San Francisco. VG. $125

Cal998. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 162. From Pine and Powell Streets-Towards Mission Bay. VG. $135

Cal999. Muybridge, San Francisco. 1634. The Cliff House. G. $150

Cal1001. Watkins’ New Series. 3003. The Cliff House and Environs, San Francisco. G. $150

Cal1002. [Appleton]. Russ House. G. $150

Cal1003. J.J. Reilly. 121. Market Street, from Fifth looking East, San Francisco. G. $125

Cal1004. J.J. Reilly, Marysville, Cal. No. 106. Lotta’s Fountain, San Francisco. G. $150

Cal1005. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 461. Exterior of the Old Mission Church-Mission Dolores. Dedicated in 1776. VG. $135

Cal1006. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 1703. Mission Church, Mission Dolores. VG. $150

Cal1009. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 226. N.E. cor. California and Leidesdorff Sts. G. $135

Cal1010. C.E. Watkins, Pacific Coast. Fireman’s Fund. G. $125

Cal1011. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 939. Merchants’ Exchange, San Francisco. VG. $125

Cal1015. Watkins’ New Series. 1607. Fort Point, East side. VG. $125

Cal1016. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 764. Panorama from Russian Hill, San Francisco (No. 3). VG. $150

Cal1017. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 180. The Grand Hotel, New Montgomery Street front, San Francisco. G. $125

Cal1018. Edw. J. Muybridge, San Francisco. 350. Grand Hotel. G. $135

Cal1021. Lawrence & Houseworth, San Francisco. 142. Lick House-Montgomery Street, San Francisco. G. $175

Cal1022. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 1742. Lick House Dining Room, S.F. G. $150

Cal1023. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 141. Montgomery Street-From Occidental Hotel, looking North. G. $125

Cal1024. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 140. Occidental Hotel, Montgomery Street from the Russ House. G. $125

Cal1025. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 1735. Occidental Hotel, Montgomery Street Front, S.F. VG. $150

Cal1026. Watkins’ New Series. 3580. Bancroft’s Building, Market St., S.F. July 4, 1876. G. $150

Cal1028. Watkins’ New Series. 3577. Kearny St., from Market, S.F. July 4, 1876. G. $125

Cal1029. Watkins’ New Series. 669. Golden Gate, San Francisco. VG. $135

Cal1030. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 355. Looking North East-from corner of California and Powell Streets. G. $125

Cal1031. Watkins’ New Series. 3630. The Golden Gate, from Telegraph Hill, S.F. G. $135

Cal1033. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 776. At the Cliff House, San Francisco. G. $65

Cal1034. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. Central Pacific Railroad. 1298. Snow Sheds below Cisco-Exterior. G. $150

Cal1035. Muybridge, San Francisco. Central Pacific Railroad. 720-Snow  Sheds at Emigrant Gap, looking East. VG. $350

Cal1036. Muybridge, San Francisco. Central Pacific Railroad. 716-Snow Sheds at Cisco, from the East. G+. $300

Cal1037. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 13. Court House at San Leandro-Destroyed by Earthquake Oct. 21st, 1868. G. $375

Cal1038. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. Sutter Street Cable Road. G. $275

Cal1040. Lawrence & Houseworth, San Francisco. 376. San Francisco-City and Bay, from Rincon Hill. VG. $250

Cal1041. J.J. Reilly, Marysville, Cal. No. 192. Snow Sheds near Blue Canyon, C.P.R.R. Cal. VG. $125

O314. No ID. Morton & Co., Pianos, Organs, Sheet Music, Stationery, etc. San Jose, Cal. On back in pencil is written: “This is the place where I bought the views; is really a very elegant store but only a small portion can be seen.” VG. $250

Cal1042. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 2309. Foss at the Geysers, Sonoma Co., Cal. VG. $125