Folding Metal Stereoviewer  Folding Metal Stereoviewer  Folding Metal Stereoviewer  Folding Metal Stereoviewer
Viewer25. Folding metal stereoviewer, measuring 3 5/8″ x 5″ when closed. Viewer comes with one pair of stereoscopic photographs as shown. VG. $50

Stereoviewer  Stereoviewer  Stereoviewer  Stereoviewer  Stereoviewer
Viewer33. Folding, cloth-covered stereoscope, French, circa 1880. “Stereoscope Parisien Brevete S.D.G.D.” VG. $250

Stereoviewer  Stereoviewer
Viewer39. Underwood & Underwood Sun Sculpture metal and wood stereoscope. Front slat on wooden eye divider is missing, handle is loose, optics are fine. G. $45

Stereoviewer Stereoviewer Stereoviewer
Viewer53. Metal and wood stereoscope. Worn velvet around hood. VG. $75

Stereoviewer Stereoviewer Stereoviewer
Viewer55. U&U Sun Sculpture stereoscope. 1901 patent date. Metal and wood with velvet on hood. Small metal handle without wood. VG. $75

viewer59 viewer59a viewer59b viewer59c viewer59d
Viewer59. Vintage wooden box folding stereoscope. Closed box measures 7.5″ x 4″ x 1.5.” In fine working order with hooks intact. There is a crack along the bottom of the box as shown having no effect on the integrity of the box as it is solid. G. $65