Cal992. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 1649. Woodward’s Gardens, San Francisco. G. $150

Cal993. Lawrence & Houseworth, San Francisco. 408. The Cliff House. 3-cent tax stamp on verso. VG. $150

Cal994. Watkins’ New Series. 772. At the Cliff House, San Francisco. G. $125

Cal995. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 404. Cliff House-from the hill, looking north-west. G. $125

Cal996. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 406. Cliff House, Seal Rocks and Pacific Ocean. G. $125

Cal997. No ID. Tissue view of the Cliff House from Beach, San Francisco. VG. $125

Cal998. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 162. From Pine and Powell Streets-Towards Mission Bay. VG. $135

Cal1001. Watkins’ New Series. 3003. The Cliff House and Environs, San Francisco. G. $150

Cal1002. [Appleton]. Russ House. G. $150

Cal1003. J.J. Reilly. 121. Market Street, from Fifth looking East, San Francisco. G. $125

Cal1005. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 461. Exterior of the Old Mission Church-Mission Dolores. Dedicated in 1776. VG. $135

Cal1008. A.J. McDonald. Mission Dolores Church G. $125

Cal1009. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 226. N.E. cor. California and Leidesdorff Sts. G. $135

Cal1010. C.E. Watkins, Pacific Coast. Fireman’s Fund. G. $125

Cal1011. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 939. Merchants’ Exchange, San Francisco. VG. $125

Cal1012. A.J. McDonald. 169. Chinese Consulate, Stockton St., San Francisco. G. $150

Cal1016. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 764. Panorama from Russian Hill, San Francisco (No. 3). VG. $150

Cal1017. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 180. The Grand Hotel, New Montgomery Street front, San Francisco. G. $125

Cal1019. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 182. The Grand Hotel-Cor. of Market and New Montgomery Streets. VG. $75

Cal1020. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 1400. Grand Hotel, San Francisco-Bird’s Eye View. VG. $125

Cal1021. Lawrence & Houseworth, San Francisco. 142. Lick House-Montgomery Street, San Francisco. G. $175

Cal1023. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 141. Montgomery Street-From Occidental Hotel, looking North. G. $125

Cal1024. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 140. Occidental Hotel, Montgomery Street from the Russ House. G. $125

Cal1029. Watkins’ New Series. 669. Golden Gate, San Francisco. VG. $135

Cal1030. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 355. Looking North East-from corner of California and Powell Streets. G. $125

Cal1034. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. Central Pacific Railroad. 1298. Snow Sheds below Cisco-Exterior. G. $150

Cal1037. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 13. Court House at San Leandro-Destroyed by Earthquake Oct. 21st, 1868. G. $375

Cal1038. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. Sutter Street Cable Road. G. $275

Cal1040. Lawrence & Houseworth, San Francisco. 376. San Francisco-City and Bay, from Rincon Hill. VG. $250

Cal1041. J.J. Reilly, Marysville, Cal. No. 192. Snow Sheds near Blue Canyon, C.P.R.R. Cal. VG. $125

O314. No ID. Morton & Co., Pianos, Organs, Sheet Music, Stationery, etc. San Jose, Cal. On back in pencil is written: “This is the place where I bought the views; is really a very elegant store but only a small portion can be seen.” VG. $250

Cal1045. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 766. Panorama from Russian Hill, San Francisco (No. 5.) VG. $125

Cal1048. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 1769. Long Bridge, from California and Powell Streets, San Francisco. VG. $125

Cal1050. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. Lake Tahoe. 662. Eagle Falls-Emerald Bay, West Shore of Lake Tahoe. E. $200

Cal1055. J.J. Reilly, San Francisco. Leidesdorff Street, San Francisco, Cal. G. $125

Cal1056. J.J. Reilly, San Francisco. Clay Street Hill, San Francisco, Cal. G. $75

Cal1057. Hayward & Muzzall’s Views of Santa Barbara and Vicinty. 70. Group of Franciscan Friars, Mission Santa Barabara.  G-. $60

Cal1059. Hayward & Muzzall’s Views of Santa Barbara and Vicinty. 13. Santa Barbara Bay from Mesa. G-. $75

PH161. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 101. The Photographic and Optical Instrument Establishment of the Publishers, 117 and 119 Montgomery St. G. $850

Cal1065. O.W. Watson, Spokane, Washington. No. 33. Lava Beds, no. 3. Oroville, Cal. G. $25

Cal1066. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 1720. Docking the China, Hunters Point Dry Dock. G. $250

Cal1068. Lawrence & Houseworth, San Francisco. 100. New Almaden Quicksilver Mines. Assorting the metal. 3-cent cancelled tax stamp on verso. G. $375

Cal1069. Lawrence & Houseworth, San Francisco. 86. New Almaden Quicksilver Works. General view. VG. $300

Cal1070. [Lawrence & Houseworth, San Francisco], unsigned. 90. The Hacienda of New Almaden. Quicksilver Furnaces and Town, from the South. G. $325

Cal1071. Lawrence & Houseworth, San Francisco. 87. The Works of New Almaden. View from the hill. G. $300

Cal1072. J.J. Reilly, Marysville, Cal. No. 215. Eastern Bound Tea Train at Blue Canyon, C.P.R.R. Cal. VG. $325

Cal1073. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 1591. Mt. St. Helena, from the Calistoga Hotel, Napa County, Cal. VG. $175


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