Northern Pacific Views. 1760. Packer’s Quarters, Camp Bishop. President Arthur Excursion, Wyoming. VG. $350

WY9. No ID. From 16 St. looking West, Cheyenne, W.T. VG. $450

WY10. No ID. Fourteenth St. from P.O. West, Cheyenne, W.T. G. $150

WY11. No ID. Ferguson St., Cheyenne, W.T. G. $100

WY12. No ID. School House in Wyoming Territory. G. $95

WY13. No ID. Cheyenne WY Terr. from the South. G-. $45

WY14. C.R. Savage, Salt Lake City, Utah. Sherman Station, 8242 feet above sea level. 549 miles from Omaha, the town came into being because of the UPRR. It was named after General Sherman. This image is circa 1870. Today, the town in entirely gone, its existence marked only by the Ames Monument, constructed in 1882, and the foundation stones for the railroad’s windmill, and the cemetery. The Ames Monument is a large pyramid in Albany County, Wyoming, designed by Henry Hobson Richardson and dedicated to brothers Oakes Ames and Oliver Ames, Jr., Union Pacific Railroad financiers. It marked the highest point on the First Transcontinental Railroad, at 8,247 feet. VG. $350