(Be sure to check Colorado,  Alfred A. Hart CPRR and UPRR Section)!

train6.jpg (34775 bytes)
Watkins’ Pacific Railroad. No. 57. Cape Horn. There is a waterstain in the sky and on the back although the image is rich and strong. VG. $350

train7.jpg (32293 bytes)
C.E. Watkins. Central Pacific Railroad. 154. American River, from Green Bluffs. There are a couple light shadow lines in the mountains on the right image. VG. $425

train13.jpg (17601 bytes)
No ID. Full side view of the engine “Camanche” with tender. “B. & M. R. R. R.” on tender. Engineer in window, other man leans on tender. Vintage manuscript ink on verso “S.J. Kidder Engineer Camanche.” VG. $300

train19.JPG (25497 bytes)
W.H. Jackson & Co. 909. Marshall Pass, West Side. VG. $250

S.V. Albee, Pittsburgh, Pa. The Railroad War at Pittsburgh, July 21-22, 1877. No. 41. Cannon shot fired through stove pipe into locomotive, near sand box. VG. $300

train33.JPG (32019 bytes)
T.B. Warner, Richmondville, NY. Great, detailed train wreck. “William C. Darrah Coll.,” written on verso. VG. $150

T64-68 are Camp’s photos of the famous bridge disaster on the Central New England (then called the Connecticut Western) at the Farmington River crossing at Tarriffville, CT. Camp took the photos on January 16, 1878, the day after the wreck. This was a trainload of excursionists bound for Hartford to hear Dwight L. Moody, the famous evangelist, speak.  Two engines and three cars were thrown into the river when a span gave way under the load. 13 were killed and 70 injured. Moody actually led a prayer service for the passengers in Hartford. (Thank you to John Hudson for the information).

D.S. Camp. Photographic Sketches in and about the City of Hartford. Train Wreck. G. $25

D.S. Camp. Photographic Sketches in and about the City of Hartford. Train Wreck. G. $30

D.S. Camp. Photographic Sketches in and about the City of Hartford. Train Wreck. G-. $15

E&HT Anthony. No. 6781. Locomotive at Erie R.R. Depot, Jersey City N.J., waiting to switch. VG. $150

Published by L.E. Thayer, Newport, Vt. Memphremagog House. VG. $200

Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. No. 14. Lizzie Bourne Monument & RR Train. VG. $25

Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. No. 302. Sliding, Mt. Washington Railway. VG. $35

Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. No. 199. Summit of Mt. Washington, and Railway. VG. $35

Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. 1812. Train leaving the Depot, Mt. Washington Railroad. VG. $25

Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. 2128. Railway Train and Summit House, Mt. Washington. G. $20

Watkins’ New Series. 4301. The Loop, Tohachapi Pass, S.P.R.R. E. $325

Wm. T. Webster, Lynn, Mass. Central Square, Lynn. VG. $50

Savage & Ottinger’s Pioneer Fine Art Gallery, Salt Lake City. 173. Rock Cut, Green River, U.P.R.R. E. $1000

C. Weitfle, Central City, Colorado. No. 8. Snowy Range. VG. $275

No ID. Views on the Line of Philadelphia & Reading R.R. and Branches. No. 216. Interior of Passenger Car. VG. $150

E. Anthony. The Picturesque on the Pennsylvania Central R.R. No. 494. On the high grade above Altoona, Kittaning Point. VG. $85

Cal518. John P. Soule, Boston. California. No. 1116. Pullman Palace Cars, at Sacramento. On back of view is written “At Oakland Wharf in 1864. Closest Car is Pullman’s Palace Care, Company’s Commissary Car ‘Young America’ (Dining Car Forerunner).” E. $475

Railroad at Mauch Chunk Pa Railroad at Mauch Chunk Pa
T127. No ID. No. 46. View at Mauch Chunk, Pa. Great, full side view of Railroad engine. G. $125

T132. Watkins’ New Series. 42. Long Ravine Bridge from below, 120 feet high. VG. $200

Cal1076. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. Central Pacific Railroad. 1304. Interior View of Snow Shed – C.P.R.R. VG. $150

Exp167. No photographer ID. Written on verso “N.P.R.R. Survey party of 1869 as we came in from the woods. St. Cloud in the distance. J.M.H.” VG. $450

Mass462. Steamboat Landing at Sea View House, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. Nick at right of right image. G. $45

UT185. A.J. Russell. Union Pacific R.R. Views Across the Continent, West from Omaha. No. 161.-Group of Chinese, Laying the Last Rail. From Westward to Promontory, by Barry Combs, page 71: “Chinese laying the last rail….Union Pacific’s Irishmen laid the next to last rail. Central Pacific’s Chinese workmen laid the final rail–in the foreground–and drove a few spikes at one end to hold it in place. This rail was to be the focal point of the ceremony. Probably the man with his back to the camera in the foreground and the man with boots planted firmly on either side of a tie in the center are Chinese. But the taller Irishmen, mugging for the photographer, dominate the picture.” Russel only used this larger mount in 1869 so this is a particularly rare issue. Some long ago child wrote “Eliza” in the sky of the right image which I have not attempted to remove. VG. $6000

UT186. A.J. Russell & Co. Union Pacific R.R. Stereoscopic Views. Across the Continent West from Omaha. No. 543. Group of Officials at Laying Last Rail. VG. $5000

KS14. Gardner’s Photographic Art Gallery, Washington DC. Across the Continent on the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division. Class D. No. 32. Levenworth, Lawrence, & Galveston R.R. Bridge across Kansas River, Lawrence, Kansas, 323 miles west of St. Louis, Mo. This is the engine “Ottawa.” VG. $500

Colo269. Chas. Weitfle, Central City, Colo. No. 208. Silver Bullion at Buena Vista. G. $175