No ID. Bridge at Knoxville Tenn. after having been blown at by a hurricane. VG. $250

TN20. B.W. Kilburn, Littleton, NH. 4462. The Great Signal Rock, Summit of Lookout Mt., Chattanooga, Tenn. VG. $35

TN21. B.W. Kilburn, Littleton, NH. 14305. The Great Bridge and Train at Memphis, Tenn. G. $35

TN50. T.H. Payne & Co, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Views on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. Chattanooga from Lookout. VG. $20

TN68. J.B. Linn, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. 8. Sunrise View, showing Missionary Ridge and Smoky Mountains. G. $20

TN70. J.B. Linn, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. 6. Chattanooga, showing Umbrella Rock. G. $20

TN72. J.Birney Linn, Gallery, “Point Lookout,” Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Man looking with binoculars. G. $25

TN75. [E&HT Anthony]. 9998. Landing. Tenn. River. VG. $30

TN76. [E&HT Anthony]. 9993. Cameron Hill, near Chattanooga, Tenn. VG. $25

TN77. [E&HT Anthony]. Lookout Mtn. Tenn. G. $25

TN78. No ID. Chickamauga Cliffs, Lookout Mountain. VG. $20

TN83. No ID. Cliffs, Eastern Face of Lookout Mt. Opposite Chicamauga Battle Field. Man and dog stand on cliff edge. VG. $35

TN84. No ID. Point Lookout, Battle Fields, and “The Moccasin.” VG. $25

TN86. No ID. Lookout Mountain Educational Inst., Summit of Lookout Mt. Tenn. VG.$75

TN87. No ID. View at Base of Lookout Mt. Nashville & Chattanooga R.R. VG. $45

TN88. No ID. Lookout Mountain from the Tennessee. G. $25

TN92. J. Birney Linn, Gallery, “Point Lookout,” Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Saddle Rock. VG. $50

TN93. J. Birney Linn, Gallery, “Point Lookout,” Lookout Mountain, Tenn. The Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad Running Water Bridge. VG. $125