ST1. Gems of Statuary by Eminent Sculptors. 98. Water Nymph. VG> $10

Den5. Fotografisk Institut, Budtz Muller & Co., Kobenhavn. Thorvaldsen. Gratierne og Amor. Les graces et l’Amour. Bas Relief.VG. $10

Den7. Budtz Muller & Co., Kobenhavn. Shepherdess with a nest of cupids. VG. $15

Den8. Budtz Muller & Co., Kobenhavn. Six Apostles by Thorvaldsen in Our Lady Church at Copenhagen. G. $10

Den9. Budtz Muller & Co., Kobenhavn. Thorvaldsen. 226. Dobefonden. Les fonts de bapteme. G. $10

ST9. Sommer & Behles, Napoli & Roma. No. 402. Toro farnese. VG. $10

ST11. Paul & Curtis, blindstamp. 88. Salle de Boenine aler Villa Borghese. David with sling; Apollo seizing Daphne; Aeneus carrying Ancheses. Three by Bernini. VG. $15

ST12. Creugante (boxer) by Canova, Vatican. G. $10

ST13. At the Villa Alboni, Roma. G. $15

ST14. 251. Second Pugilist by Canova, Vatican, Rome. VG. $15

ST15. 34. Damoxene par Canova, Vatican. VG. $15

ST16. Sommer & Behles, Napoli & Roma. No. 560. Venere Galipide. VG. $15

ST17. R. Rive, Napoli. No. 51. Atlante. VG. VG. $15

ST18. Unidentified. Trimmed at right. G. $10

ST19. Unidentified. Trimmed at right. VG. $10

ST20. Sommer & Behles, Napoli & Roma. The Release from Deception (1753-’54) by Francesco Queirolo of Genoa. VG. $15

ST21. G. Sommer, Napoli. No. 248. Pudicizia (San Severo). Also referred to as Modesty, or Chastity, by Antonio Corradini, 1752. VG. $15

ST22. Unidentified. Trimmed at right. G. $10

ST23. G. Sommer, Napoli. No. 127. Sala degl’ Imperatori. VG. $15

ST24. E&HT Anthony. 11022. King Philip. VG. $25

ST25. E&HT Anthony. 11021. Osceola. VG. $25

ST26. Gems of Statuary by Eminent Sculptors. 99. Wounded Soldier. VG. $10

ST28. Lord Nelson. VG. $10