sp3.JPG (15415 bytes)
No ID. Boys Boxing. G. $35

sp5.JPG (15677 bytes)
No ID. Early, thin yellow mount of gents engaged in bare-fisted boxing. G. $25

sp6.JPG (23642 bytes)
London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co. The Derby, 1866. G. $50

sp15.JPG (29080 bytes)
J. S. Johnston. 587. A Close Finish, Saratoga. Card appears to have been trimmed not effecting image. VG. $45

G.W. Pach, NY and Long Branch, NJ. No. 113. Monmouth Park. G. $60

No ID. Early view of a rowing team. Tinted. G. $65

P.F. Weil, NY. Sprortsman’s Studio. Great view of bearded man with rifle, other weapons about, hunting images on wall, etc. G+. $75

Underwood & Underwood. A game of Ping Pong-Love wins. VG. $20

George Curtis, Niagara Falls, NY. 501. Buffalo Driving Park-The Grand Stand-and First Quarter. Pencilled next to title is “1873.” G. $75

George Curtis, Niagara Falls, NY. 500. Buffalo Driving Park 1873-Goldsmith Maid-Jim Irving-American Girl-The “Go.”-Time-220 1/2. G. $75

Corwin & Clark. Views of Ottawa and Vicinity. Birthday Party of Alice & Leonard Corwin, Aged 23 & 17. Canton, Ill, July 12, 1878. This view appears to be of the photographer’s family. There is a croquet box on the right and several people are holding mallets with the hoops set up. G. $35

No ID. 40. Les Joueurs de Boules. G. $65

No ID. Henley Regatta Crew. There is a scratch toward the right side of left image and left side of right image. G. $50

J.L. Lovell, Amherst, Mass. Stereoscopic Views in Williamstown, Mass. Gymnasium from Interior. VG. $65

No ID. Woman shooting pool. G. $75

Manchester Bros., Providence, R.I. Croquet Scene. VG. $45

No ID. Croquet Scene. G. $40

No ID. Appears to be a Bocce game. Tinted. G. $25

No ID. Children at play on swings. VG. $50

B.K., Paris. Fencing Scene. G. $35

Keystone View Co. 32453. Larry Nabholtz Addressing Ball with Wood Club-Side View. E. $25

Keystone View Co. 32454. Larry Nabholtz Addressing Ball with Wood Club-Right Side View. E. $25

Keystone View Co. 32456. Larry Nabholtz at Top of Swing with Wood Club-Left Side View. E. $25

Keystone View Co. 32458. Larry Nabholtz at Top of Swing with Mashie-Niblick. E. $25

No ID. 112. Une partie de billard en provence. E. $175

L.B. Howard, Brockton, Mass. Brockton Race Track. VG. $75

Keystone View Company. 32596. Bob Shawkey, Manager New York Yankees, Pitching. VG. $150

Keystone View Company. 690-Model for 1896. On back is written “New Home Trainer.” G. $75

HC White Co., N. Bennington, Vt. 8107. The favorite pastime on shipboard–a game of shuffleboard. VG. $25

SP146. Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. No. 1219. The Fishermen–“Chip of the Old Block.” VG. $25

Lou Gehrig
SP148. Rare Stereoview by of Yankee Lou Gehrig titled Lou Gehrig, “The Iron Horse,” at Bat during the 1932 World Series. $275

Set401. Bay State Publishing Co., London & Boston. Rare group of 31 golf stereoviews by this scarce maker. All the views but one show Jerome  D. Travers. One view shows Edward Ray. Jerome Dunstan “Jerry” Travers (May 19, 1887 – March 29, 1951) was one of the leading amateur golfers of the early 20th century. He won the U.S. Amateur in 1907, 1908, 1912 and 1913, the New Jersey Amateur three times, and the Metropolitan Amateur (New York) five times. He was regarded as one of the finest match play golfers of his time and had a famous rivalry with Walter Travis. He won the 1915 U.S. Open. Edward Rivers J. “Ted” Ray (6 April 1877 – 26 August 1943) was a British professional golfer. He won two major championships, The Open Championship in 1912 and the U.S. Open in 1920, and contended in many others during the early years of the 20th century. Ray was also a maker of fine golf clubs and was an excellent billiards player. Some views have dirt, some have red stamp at top center “Picture Room.” One view has a creased left image with image lifting off card o/w G-VG. $350

NJ30. G.W. Pach, N.Y. At the Start. This is Monmouth Park, Long Branch, N.J. taken in 1870. This view is illustrated in Double Exposure and Double Exposure Two by George H. Moss, Jr. VG. $65

SP151. No ID. Interior of Bird’s Billiard Hall. G. $35

SP153. H.C. White Co. 24. Base Ball Team, White Oak Cotton Mills, Greensboro, N.C. This is one card from a private set of views HC White created for the White Oak Cotton Mills in Greensboro. It is from a set of 24 cards that were in a display binder and given to employees and business associates. VG. $125

NYS444. D. Barnum. 704. Grand Stand from Entrance, Saratoga Springs. G. $65

NYS445. No ID. Races, Saratoga. VG. $65

NYS446. E&HT Anthony. Views in and About Saratoga Springs. No. 4064. Race Course, Judge’s Stand. VG. $85

NYS447. E&HT Anthony. Views in and About Saratoga Springs. No. 4065. Race Course. VG. $85

NYD448. Saratoga Photograph Co. Saratoga Race Course. G. $75