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G.H. Nickerson, Provincetown. Cape Cod Views. Henry A. Paull (deck view), 3. E. $85

[E&HT Anthony, although unlabeled]. Views in & around Cincinnati, Ohio No. 7565; 66. Ohio River Steamers run on shore for Repairs. VG. $125

J.N. Wilson. English Steamships loading Cotton. Ship in the foreground is the Pretoria. VG. $50

E. Mills, Jr. Berlin’s L Deck. G+. $65

E. Mills, Jr. Berlin’s Saloon. VG. $50

No. ID. Granite Wharf and Shipping, Rockport. VG. $55

R. Benecke, St. Louis, Mo. Levee view along the Mississippi. VG. $125

No ID, probably Carbutt. Views of Minnesota and Vicinity. 38-N.W.U. Packet Co., Steamer Milwaukee, wooding up. VG. $150

No ID. Bow of the Resistance, Iron-clad, Malta, 1864. Really great, early view of this iron-clad ship in drydock. G. $175

S.T. Blessing. Levee and River Views. No. 111. Red River Steamboat Landing. Cotton Bales on the Levee. This is the Steamboat “New Era.” VG. $125

A.E. Alden, Boston. Dry Dock, U.S. Navy Yard, Boston, Mass. There is a small tug-boat in dry dock. G. $75

Shaw & Lord, Boston. Boston Harbor from Navy Yard. G. $35

A. Botsai. View of Cabin of Steamer Natchez. G. $75

Upton’s Views of Minnesota and the Northwest. Published by R.N. Fearon. Mississippi Steamboats at the dock along with a fuel barge stacked high with wood. I believe one steamboat is named “Canada” and another has the word “Diamond” in its name. The fuel barge has “James A. Young” on the front. VG. $150

Robert Benecke, St. Louis, Missouri. 72. Steamer Richmond. VG. $125

Robert Benecke, St. Louis, Missouri. 51. Levee View. VG. $125

No ID. Belle of LaCrosse, Wisconsin on the Mississippi River. VG. $100

G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 316. H.M.S. “Cambridge,” in Hamoaze-Great Gun Practice. VG. $100

SH193. C.H. Rogers, Plymouth, Mass. Two titles are indicated on verso: Grave of John Howland, died Feb. 25, 1672 & Harbor View. VG. $50

SH194. [S.F. Adams]. New Bedford, Massachusetts. Just Arrived. This is the bark Helen Mar. VG. $85

LOU181. S.T. Blessing, New Orleans. No. 222. Moonlight on the Mississippi. G. $75

LOU183. Theo. Lilienthal, New Orleans. Steamboat Levee. G. $75

LOU184. Lilienthal & Co., New Orleans. Levee opposite French Market. G. $75

LOU185. Theo. Lilienthal, New Orleans. 30. Levee and Upper Landing. G. $75

LOU186. Theo. Lilienthal, New Orleans. 31. Levee and Steamship Landing. G. $75

LOU188. Theo. Lilienthal, New Orleans. Interior of Steamer Frank Pargoud. This sidewheel, wooden hull packet was built in 1868 by Howard & Co., Jeffersonville, Indiana. The FRANK PARGOUD was built for John W. Tobin, of New Orleans, who was the sole owner, and it was named for Gen. Frank Pargoud, a wealthy Ouachita River planter. Originally designed for the New Orleans-Ouachita River trade, she proved too large and was placed on the New Orleans-St.Louis trade, running several trips. She subsequently ran between New Orleans-Memphis, making weekly round trips, which was an achievement for a regular packet. Later, she was moved to the New Orleans-Vicksburg trade, running two trips per week, before running steadily in the New Orleans-Fort Adams trade. G. $75

SH198. [LP Vallee]. Wooding Steamer, Saguenay. Also written on verso is “99. Getting wood on board the steamboat Hatter Bay.” VG. $150

NYS590. Ticonderoga Landing, Lake George. Foot of the Lakes. G. $40

NYS591. Head Lake George, Lake House Landing looking South East. VG. $40

SH201. Levee View, Elevator in the distance. Could be New Orleans, could be Memphis, TN. Not identified. G. $50

SH207. Bullock. Scenery at Lake Geneva, Wis. Moonlight on the Lake. G. $15

SH232. Griffith & Griffith. 9570. Florida, Steamer Okahumpkee on the Ocklawaha. Copyright 1892. Chip at lower right corner of mount. G. $10

SH233. American Stereoscopic Company. The Gota Canal and Lake Vettern from Jonkoping, Sweden. G. $10

SH245. C. Meurdein, Paris. Marseille. Le Bassin de Carenage et Le Vieux Port. Written on verso is “A view of the harbor, Marsailles Feb. 27, 1870.” E. $35

SH257. The Western View Company, Rock Island, Illinois. A Series of Stereoscopic Views, of Rock Island, Davenport and Vicinity. No. 729A. Steamer Lake Superior. VG. $125

OH81. The Ohio River. Cincinnati, Ohio. No. 41. Steamers at Levee. VG. $125

OH82. E&HT Anthony. Views in and Around Cincinnati, Ohio. No. 7566. Ohio River Steamers run on shore for Repairs. E. $125

IL156. H.H. Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. Chicago and Vicinity. 314. On board the Caravel Santa Maria, looking forward. E. $75

IL157. H.H. Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. Chicago and Vicinity. 315. Under the Bow of the Caravel Santa Maria. E. $75

IL158. H.H. Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. Chicago and Vicinity. 316. On board the Caravel Santa Maria, looking aft. E. $75

WI250. G. Gesell, Alma, Wis. Manuscript title on verso looks like “Raft boats laying in Slough.” VG. $150

MO76. Boehl & Koenig’s Views of St. Louis & Vicinity. No. 76. Interior of Great Republic. VG. $50

MO77. Boehl & Koenig’s Views of St. Louis & Vicinity. No. 78. Steamer Great Republic. Blemish at right side of left image. G-. $35

MO79. Boehl & Koenig’s Views of St. Louis & Vicinity. No. 82. Levee from Locust south. VG. $85

MO80. Boehl & Koenig’s Views of St. Louis & Vicinity. No. 78. Steamer Grand Republic. G. $85

MO81. Boehl & Koenig’s Views of St. Louis & Vicinity. No. 84. Keokuk Landing. G. $85

MN208. D.D. Merrill, Randall & Co., St. Paul. Merrill’s Collection of Minnesota Views. Flags flying, one reads “Redwing.” VG. $100

MN209. Photo by Carbutt. Label pasted over Carbutt’s name for Martin’s Gallery of Stereoscopic Views, St. Paul. Glimpses of the Great West. No. 2. Steamer “Northern Light,” of the Dunleith and St. Paul Packet Company. VG. $200

MN210. T.W. Ingersoll, St. Paul. Lake Minnetonka Views. Belle of Minnetonka, Landing. Dig at bottom center of card o/w VG. $150

MN211. W.H. Illingworth, St. Paul. St. Paul Levee. Looks like Steamer Redwing. G. $150

MN212. Charles A. Zimmerman, St. Paul. Steamer Hawkeye. G. $95

MN213. W.H. Jacoby, Minneapolis. Northern Line Packet Steamer Minneapolis at the Falls. VG. $150

MN228. Flaten & Skrivseth, Moorhead, Minn. Steamer Pluck at dock. G. $100

LOU213. New Orleans, La. The Mississippi River. No. 14. Canal Street Ferry Boat Louise. VG. $40

SH270. Unidentified marine view. G. $10

SH271. Gloucester harbor. G. $10

SH273. William H. Rau. 1515. U.S.S. Swatara. G. $15

SH275. Training Ship Dartmouth. G. $15

SH286. Marine Views No. 1418. Bark (Instantaneous). G. $10

SH289. Francis Bedford. Clifton Illustrated. 1286. Clifton-Suspension Bridge, from River Bank, No. 2. VG. $15

SH291. C. Neurdein, Paris. Marseille, Le Vieux Port. G. $10

SH302. 363. Quai du Commerce (Cherbourg). Written on verso “Notice the similarity to the U.S. Constitution 1890.” G. $15

SH307. Steamer passing lighthouse. Title on verso. G. $10

SH310. J. Andrieu, Paris. Villes & Ports Maritimes. VG> $10

SH330. Proctor Brothers. Cape Ann Scenery. Arctic Views. Gloucester Harbor, Winter of 1875. No. 909. Gloucester, from Fort Wharf, showing City, Harbor, Schooners frozen in, Wharves, etc. G. $20

SH334. New Bedford, Massachusetts. View on the Wharf. VG. $125

SH335. S.F. Adams, New Bedford, Mass. Barks Helen Mar, and Massachusetts, New Bedford, Mass. G. $85

SH336. New Bedford, Massachusetts. No. 4. Walnut Street Wharf. G. $50

SH337. A three-masted ship of Marblehead, Mass. VG. $15

SH340. Sailing ships in unknown harbor. VG. $10

SH341. Sailing ships in unknown harbor. Two men sit in a small boat at lower right. VG. $10

SH343. C. Meurdein, Paris. Quai & Port de la Juliette.VG. $15

SH356. C.H. Shute & Son, Edgartown, Mass. No. 242. Whale Ship U.S. Grant Cutting in a Whale. A view from the Tabletop Whaling group. G. $15