U.S. Stereoscopic Company, Boston. Monadnock Scenery, New Hampshire. 7. U.S. Coast Survey Encampment. Three men are in the view along with a small wooden shack. E. $150

No ID. View from Sugar Loaf Mountain, Deerfield. G. $45

Philip Brigandi, Los Angeles, Cal. The California Missions and the State of California. Grapes 10. Microscopic examination of fermenting grape juices, Guasti, Calif. VG. $50

Library with Telescope
SCST19. A.A. Line, Carlisle, Pa. Interesting view of a library with a telescope on the floor and some other instrument on the pile of books. G. $85

Marconi, Genius of Wireless Telegraphy
PP244. Keystone. V11969. G. Marconi, the Genius of Wireless Telegraphy. VG. $125

Men with Telescopes
SCST21. Britton, photo, blindstamp lower right side of mount. Men with telescopes. G. $35