No ID. Label on verso: 322. The Mastodon. All these Species of Elephant are extinct, that is to say, not any of them resemble either of the two living species-the African and Asiatic Elephants. This is the North Geological Hall, the 6th room of the British Museum. VG. $225

U.S. Stereoscopic Company, Boston. Monadnock Scenery, New Hampshire. 7. U.S. Coast Survey Encampment. Three men are in the view along with a small wooden shack. E. $150

No ID. View from Sugar Loaf Mountain, Deerfield. G. $45

Philip Brigandi, Los Angeles, Cal. The California Missions and the State of California. Grapes 10. Microscopic examination of fermenting grape juices, Guasti, Calif. VG. $50

Library with Telescope
SCST19. A.A. Line, Carlisle, Pa. Interesting view of a library with a telescope on the floor and some other instrument on the pile of books. G. $85

Marconi, Genius of Wireless Telegraphy
PP244. Keystone. V11969. G. Marconi, the Genius of Wireless Telegraphy. VG. $125

Men with Telescopes
SCST21. Britton, photo, blindstamp lower right side of mount. Men with telescopes. G. $35

Solar Eclipse Stereoview scst23b
SCST23. Stereoview from “Views of the Great Solar Eclipse, August 7th, 1869. From Negatives made by the Philadelphia Photographic Eclipse Expedition, managed by Prof. Henry Morton, Ph.D., and under the direction of Prof. J.H.C. Coffin, U.S.N., of the Nautical Almanac Office, Washington, D.C. Totality.” VG. $175