Ru1. Le Kremlin, Moscow. Sept. 20, 1867. G. $35

Ru2. Vue de Moscow. Sept. 20, 1867. VG. $45

Ru3. Eglise de St. Basile, Moscow. Sept. 14, 1867. VG. $45

Ru4. Alfred Lorens, St. Petersbourg. Peter the Great Monument. G. $20

Ru5. Alfred Lorens, St. Petersbourg. Nevsky Prospekt, Petersbourg’s Greatest Street. VG. $65

Ru7. Monument in Bronze of Minin & Pozharsky, Moscow, Sept. 20, 1867. The Monument to Minin and Pozharsky is a bronze statue designed by Ivan Martos and located on the Red Square in Moscow, in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral. The statue commemorates Prince Dmitry Pozharsky and Kuzma Minin, who gathered an all-Russian volunteer army and expelled the forces of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth under the command of King Sigismund III of Poland from Moscow, thus putting an end to the Time of Troubles in 1612. VG. $25

Ru8. Alfred Lorens, St. Petersbourg. St. Isaac’s Church. Nicholas 1st Monument with Garden public. The Monument to Nicholas I is a bronze equestrian monument of Nicholas I of Russia on St Isaac’s Square (in front of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral) in Saint Petersburg. It was created by French sculptor Auguste de Montferrand and unveiled in 1859. The six-meter statue was considered a technical wonder at the time of its creation. It is one of only a few bronze statues with only two support points (the rear hooves of the horse).VG. $25

RU9. Voyage en Russie. The house inhabited by Napoleon 1st in Moscow during 1812. In foreground is a Russian Drosky. VG. $25