No ID. Photographer’s dark wagon with black boy standing by its side. Tinted. G. $40

HC White Co., North Bennington, Vt. 8282. The Home of Perfecscopes and Perfec-Stereographs. An Automatic Printing Machine, Stereograph Department. VG. $250

B.W. Kilburn, Littleton, NH. Cutting Department of B.W. Kilburn & Co.’s Celebrated Stereoscopic View Factory. All the workers are women. E. $350

No ID. Susquehannah Pa. Commercial Block. There is a sign for “Photographs” on the front of the brick building and down at awning level is “Evans & Allen.” VG. $65

Stereal Travel Co. 10. Photographs for large and small. Tokio, Japan. Photo displays outside studio. VG. $150

Keystone. 28024. “So you think that one’s good? Wait till you see this one!” Henry Ford and Anton Lang in Oberammergau. E. $85

Willam Kurtz Photo Gallery NY
PH128. [William Kurtz]. Kurtz was a distinguished NYC portrait photographer, known for his mastery of lighting and shadow, dubbed his “Rembrandt style.” By the early 1880s, he was a specialist in taking portraits at night, using flash powder. He photographed many luminaries including Walt Whitman. VG. $400

PH133. [Michael Burr]. The Dangers and Perplexities of Crinoline. Tinted. G. $150

Photograph Gallery by Morrow Photograph Gallery by Morrow Photograph Gallery by Morrow
DT59. S.J. Morrow, Yankton, Dakota. Very busy street scene in unidentified town, possibly Yankton. There is a sign at left for “Photograph Gallery,” as well as photographic displays in front of the storefront. Many other interesting signs. G. $400

George Stacy in photo
PH138. George Stacy, NY. No. 432. New Year’s Morning-Preparing to Call. Stacy himself stands at right cleaning a file. On the table in front of him, there are photographs, an album, and a pair of binoculars. VG. $50

PH146. S.R. Stoodard, Glens Falls, NY. 398. Camp Life. This is a self-portrait of Stoddard. He is seated facing the camera and taking his own portrait by operating a string that is visible in the view. VG. $125

PH158. John P. Soule, Boston. Kittens. Cat-O-Graph-Ic. Tinted. G. $150

PH159. Ryder’s Photographic Landscapes, Cleveland, O. Advertising boat of E.B. Nock. From the great-granddaughter of E.B. Nock: “The boat was in the pond at Public Square [Cleveland] from about 1875-1900. He had been a cook on a river boat when he was young and entertained passengers in the evening by playing his guitar. A photographer offered to teach him photography if E. B. would show him how to play the guitar. I believe this is why he used the boat for advertising. The man who raised the flag on Public Square would wind the boat mechanism as well so the figures could move around the decks.” VG. $150

IL97. W.E. Bowman, Ottawa, Ill. Members of the National Photographic Association taken at Buffalo, N.Y. July 18, 1873. Fair. $75

PH163. Underwood & Underwood. 8288-Looking N. up Fifth Ave. past Flatiron Bldg. and Madison Sq., New York. The man on the girder is identified as Horace Dade Ashton. In The Spirit of Villarosa: A Father’s Extraordinary Adventures; A Son’s Challenge by Horace Ashton and Marc Ashton, a biography of Horace Dade Ashton by his sons, it is stated that “My favorite Horace Ashton photograph hangs on the wall in my home. It is the famous black-and-white self-portrait he took from the top of the Woolworth Building in Manhattan. In the picture I have, he is sitting on the girder high above the city. The photograph is my favorite for a number of reasons, certainly because it is a wonderful example of classic American art of the twentieth century, but mostly because it is so typical of Dad. I’m sure he enjoyed the thrill of it all that day.”  In this quote the image is referred to as a “self-portrait” which would mean Horace Dade Ashton is both the subject and the photographer. VG. $150

[Masterson]. View of Front Street, Port Jervis. After a severe snowstorm. This view shows Masterson’s Studio on the left with a camera trade advertisement on the overhang above the street. VG. $125

Colo247. W.H. Jackson, Denver, Colo. 594. Main Street, Leadville. Partial sign for a “Photograph Gallery” at left. VG. $275

LOU121. W.H. Leeson, New Orleans. Canal St. The photography gallery of William H. Washburn can be seen behind and just to the left of the statue. G. $150

GL221. Platt D. Babbitt, Niagara Falls. Whirlpool Scenery-Niagara River. Photographers, dark tent, equipment. G. $300

GL246. S. Mason, Niagara Falls. No. 3-Point View-Winter. Photographic Pavilion at left: “Photographic & Stereoscopic Views of the Falls.” VG. $350

PH190. Underwood & Underwood. “Building up” an Underwood Patent Extension Stereograph Cabinet, in a home library. VG. $15

PH192. Griffith & Griffith. 1155. Photographing our Country Cousins. VG. $20

PH193. Keystone. 25095. A Summer Holiday-A Boy and Girl of Sweden Dressed in Bright Native Costumes. Not to mention looking at stereoviews. VG. $15

PH195. Charles R. Savage, Salt Lake City, Utah. Views of the Great West from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean. Utah Series. Cactus Study. Desert South of St. George, Southern Utah. Savage’s photo wagon is at center with two men, one of whom may be Savage. See The Savage View: Charles Savage, The Pioneer Mormon Photographer by Bradley W. Richards, M.D. VG. $450

MN152. G.L. Lucas, Sauk Centre, Minn. Street scene with signs. The building at the left is a photo studio with the sign “Lucas Bros. Photographers.” G. $125

OR34. M.M. Hazeltine. Written on verso “Hazeltine’s Family.” G. $400

PH204. Very early European salt print view of a photographer with camera at work. G-. $100

MO69. R. Benecke, St. Louis, Mo. Court House, St. Louis, Mo. Note sign for “Photograph Gallery” at bottom right. VG. $75

Expo383. M. Leon & J. Levy. Exposition Universelle de 1867. 414-La Photographie, Section Anglaise. VG. $50

PH216. John P. Soule. No. 8. Camp, near Glen House. This is Soule’s photographic camp; he stands in cap at left. Large format camera, dark tent, etc. in view. VG. $300