pp5.jpg (21784 bytes)
George Stacy. His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, with Mayor Howard of Portland on his left; and in front, Lord Lyons with the Duke of Newcastle on his left; photographed just prior to departure on board his fleet, at Portland, Maine, October 20, 1860. G+. $125

pp9.jpg (22456 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 219. Miss Sarah Sheaf, the Prize Equestrian, at the Caledonia Agricultural Fair, St. Johnsbury, Vt. Age, Ten Years. VG. $75

pp18.JPG (32147 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 2014. The Princess of Wales-Albergeldie Castle. E. $125

pp20.JPG (18499 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. Photographic Negative by Brady. The Fairy Wedding Party. Mr. & Mrs. Genl. Tom Thumb, Commodore Nutt and Miss Minnie Warren. This was taken the day of the great wedding at Grace Church, NYC, Feb. 10, 1860. Tinted. VG. $125

pp22.JPG (29600 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 2016. The Prince of Wales-Abergeldie Castle. VG. $125

pp49.JPG (28654 bytes)
C.H. Shute & Son, Edgartown, Mass. No. 321. Intr. of the Hermit’s House, Quidnet, Nantucket. G+. $45

pp68.JPG (22020 bytes)
No. ID. Just a great view of a heavyset woman with a pail dressed for the storm. VG. $25

pp69.JPG (18794 bytes)
No ID. Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines. VG. $65

pp72.JPG (18444 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. Prominent Portraits-The Stage. No. 5441. Adelaide Ristori, great Italian Tragedienne. Ms. Ristori was born in 1821. She played Lady Macbeth with Edwin Booth. G+. $45

pp79.JPG (32414 bytes)
Keystone. 19089. Sousa’s Famous Marine Band Playing on South Steps of Treasury Building, Washington, DC. VG. $25

pp86.JPG (21900 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 125. Blondin on the Tight Rope. VG. $100

pp99.JPG (15774 bytes)
Savage & Ottinger, Salt Lake City. Pres. B. Young, Born June 1st, 1801. VG. $200

pp101.JPG (40436 bytes)
[Mormons] Underwood & Underwood. President Joseph F. Smith (left), 2nd Coun. Anthon H. Lund (center), 1st Coun. John R. Winder (right). Copyright 1904 by U&U. VG. $150

J. Gurney & Son, NY. Horace Greeley (1811-1872), editor of the New York Tribune. VG. $250

Castle & Harnett, Cleveland, O. Ret. Rev. Charles P. McIlvaine, Bishop of Ohio. Professor of Ethics at West Point, 1825; Author of popular book on “the Evidences;’ Civil War period orator, appointed to accompany Thurlow Weed to England when they favored the south. G. $150

J. Gurney & Son, NY. Clara Louise Kellogg. Clara Louise Kellogg (July 9, 1842 – May 13, 1916) was an American singer. Clara Louise Kellogg was born in Sumterville, South Carolina, the daughter of Jane Elizabeth (Crosby) and George Kellogg. She received her musical training in New York City and first sang in opera there in 1861. Her fine soprano voice and artistic gifts soon made her famous. She appeared as prima donna in Italian opera in London and at concerts in 1867 and 1868, and from that time till 1887 was one of the leading public singers. She appeared at intervals in London, but was principally engaged in America. VG. $25

J. Gurney & Son, NY. Mme. Leutner. VG. $25

J. Gurney & Son. Edwin Booth. E. $150

M.B. Brady. Published by E. Anthony. The Prince of Wales and Suite. Brady’s 1860 copyright line in right margin. Members of the suite are all identified on label verso. (KR) G+. $250

London Stereographic & Photographic Company. Dublin International Exhibition, 1865. No. 29. Group. Prince of Wales, Lord & Lady Wodehouse, etc. Vintage manuscript on verso: “Taken 11th May 1865. Private visit of Prince of Wales to Exhibition which he opened on the 9th.” VG. $125

J. Gurney & Son, NY. Kellogg. G. $25

Slee Bros., Poughkeepsie, NY. Miss Morse-Daughter of Prof. S.F.B. Morse. VG. $150

E&HT Anthony. Prominent Portraits. No. 2879. Rear Admiral Milles [sic], Commanding English Fleet in N.Y. Harbor. This is actually Rear Admiral Sir Alexander Milne (1806-1896). The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography says: “Milne was appointed to command the North America and West Indies station in January 1860, a post that rapidly became central to British diplomacy and naval activity. The difficulties occasioned by the American Civil War, notably the federal blockade of the southern states, the Trent crisis of late 1861, concern for the security of Canada, the French intervention in Mexico, ensured that his term, extended by one year until 1864, was peculiarly demanding.” VG. $350

Alden, Springfield, Mass. George Cheney, Mill River Flood 1874, Gatekeeper, made a famous ride warning of the flood. VG. $65

E.M. Van Aken, Elmira, NY. Views in Liliput Land. Park Church Fair, Dec. 1875. An Oriental scene with tea urn, incense burner, etc. VG. $50

E.M. Van Aken, Elmira, NY. Views in Liliput Land. Park Church Fair, Dec. 1875. Looks like a group of the Liliput inhabitants. VG. $65

E&HT Anthony. Prominent Portraits-The Stage. No. 2870. Mr. J.K. Mortimer, Actor. VG. $75

E&HT Anthony. Prominent Portraits-The Stage. No. 5465. John Sefton, Actor. G. $65

P.F. Weil, NY. Stereoscopic Studies. Sportsmans’ Studio. VG. $75

J.A. French, Keene, NH. Willie R. Fisher, the Fat Boy of Harrisville, N.H. The Wonder of Cheshire County. Willie’s story is on verso. G. $200

No ID. Interesting view of a man with his arm on a large statue of Bishop Matthew Simpson, looking up at its face. Matthew Simpson (20 June 1811 – 18 June 1884), was a bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, elected in 1852. Bishop Simpson was a close, personal and trusted friend of President Lincoln, who considered his advice of great value. He attended the family at Lincoln’s death and gave the sermon at his funeral in Springfield, IL. During the Civil War, Bishop Simpson delivered a number of speeches on behalf of the Union. G. $75

Evans & Soule, Photographic Artists, Boston, Mass. Mark Twain Group. Nibbled bottom center o/w G. $750

No ID. New York City Views. James W. Wallack and Family. VG. $45

J. Gurney & Son, NY. Johann Strauss. VG. $175

No ID. Rev. Henry Ward Beecher at his Cottage, Peekskill, N.Y. G. $125

Mrs. Taylor and her Barrel After the Trip over the Falls
PP229. Griffith & Griffith. Niagara-Assisting Mrs. Taylor out of the barrel after the terrible trip over the Falls. This is a famous image that was reproduced in newspapers of the time. Very uncommon view from a difficult to find series by G&G. Copyright 1901 by M.H. Zahner. G. $100

Mrs. Hannah Battersby, Weight 700 lbs. Mrs. Hannah Battersby, Weight 700 lbs.
PP232. E&HT Anthony. Prominent Portraits. No. 2843. Mrs. Hannah Battersby. Weight 700 lbs. 2-cent, cancelled tax stamp on verso. G. $125

P.T. Barnum and Party at Mirror Lake, Yosemite P.T. Barnum and Party at Mirror Lake, Yosemite
Cal572. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco, Cal. Yo-Semite Valley. 1680. P.T. Barnum and Group, at Mirror Lake. VG. $150

Marconi, Genius of Wireless Telegraphy
PP244. Keystone. V11969. G. Marconi, the Genius of Wireless Telegraphy. VG. $125

Edison, Ford and Firestone
PP247. Keystone. 18551. A Triumvirate of Friendship: Edison, Ford and Firestone. VG. $125

McKinley and Booker T. Washington McKinley and Booker T. Washington
PR144. U&U. President McKinley, Gov. Jos. E. Johnston and Booker T. Washington, Tuskegee, Alabama. Copyright 1902. Note thin peel on verso. G. $150

Hayden Scientific Party Hayden Scientific Party
Colo211. Gurnsey’s Rocky Mountain Views. No. 19. Hayden Scientific Party, La Vita Pass, Colorado, 1877. Another copy of this view which has been sold had a back label that listed the people in the view, several of whom were numbered in the image itself: No. 1, Dr. F.V. Hayden, United States Geologist; No. 2. General Strachey, the great English R.R. Engineer; No. 3. Dr. Asa Gray, Professor of Botany, Harvard College; No. 4. Sir Joseph Hooker, Professor of Botany, in charge of Botanical Gardens of Kew, England; No. 5. Dr. C.B. Lamborn; No. 6. Capt. Stephenson, Hayden’s Chief of Staff; No. 7. Mrs. General Strachey; No. 8. Mrs. Asa Gray. I have included photocopies of the front and back of that card along with this view. G. $450

Gems of German Life Gems of German Life
PP250. Loescher & Petsch, Photographers, Berlin. Gems of German Life. VG+. $40

Gems of German Life Gems of German Life
PP251. Loescher & Petsch, Photographers, Berlin. Gems of German Life. VG. $45

Mrs. Maxwell
PP254. Chamberlain, Denver. Col. Mrs. M.A. Maxwell’s Rocky Mountain Museum. From the back label: “This Museum is the result of the untiring labor and artistic skill of Mrs. M.A. Maxwell, the proprietress, who, besides killing many of the Birds, Mammals and Reptiles, has prepared and arranged them all.” This view shows Mrs. Maxwell amid her creations. VG. $75

PP257. J. Lowry, Wien. Portrait of unidentified woman, likely an actress of the time. VG. $25

PP258. J. Lowry, Wien. Tinted Portrait of an unidentified woman, likely an actress of the time. Trimmed at sides. G. $15

PP260. No ID. Poses Gracieuses. Tinted. Slight trim at sides. G. $15

Pres97. Joseph W. Warren, Fall River, Mass. Grant at Oak Bluffs. G. $95

Woman Dressed as 9 of Spades
PP268. Tinted stereoview of woman dressed as the Nine of Spades. Trimmed at right margin. G. $25

General Tom Thumb
PP270. [London Stereoscopic Company]. General Tom Thumb and soldiers, England, 1858. VG. $300

PP272. No ID. Interesting view but untitled. VG. $20

Mrs. Gen. Grant pp274b
PP274. E&HT Anthony. Prominent Portraits. No. 2096. Mrs. Lieut. Gen. Grant. G. $200

George Bernard Shaw Stereoview
PP276. Keystone View Company. 34505. George Bernard Shaw , Author and Dramatist, on a Visit to the Hawaiian Islands. E. $85

Yellowstone Kelly
NA671. S.J. Morrow, Yankton, D.T. Hunter discovers Indians Trail. This is Luther Sage “Yellowstone” Kelly (1849-1928). See my blog on Yellowstone Kelly. G. $500

PP285. J. Gurney & Son, NY. Euphrosyne Parepa-Rose (5/7/36-1/21/74). British operatic soprano. VG. $35

PP286. J. Moran, Philadelphia. No. 40. Landscape Studies. Summer Rambles. Frankford Creek. The man fishing in the view is most probably artist Edward Moran, brother of John, the photographer. G. $125

PP297. [E&HT Anthony], although unlabeled. Horace Greeley’s Farm at Chappaqua, N.Y. 10348-Trimming Trees. The man in the view is Horace Greeley. G. $75

PP320. [A.J. Russell]. Gen. Frank Bains’ Sons. VG. $250

PP321. The Fine-Art Photographers’ Publishing Co., London. 16531-Spectacular Feat of Ivy Baldwin, the Celebrated Tight-Rope Performer, Eldorado Springs, Colo. VG. $50

PP322. Keystone. 14207. Highest and Longest Tight-Rope Walk on Record, 580 Feet High and 555 Feet Long-By Ivy Baldwin, near Boulder, Colo. VG. $50

GL258. Platt D. Babbitt, Niagara Falls. Rope Ascension over Niagara River. VG. $350

GL259. Platt D. Babbitt, Niagara Falls. Rope Ascension over Niagara River. G. $300

PP323. J. Gurney & Son, NY. Charles Dickens. VG. $175

PP324. Annie Edson Taylor after going over Niagara Falls in her barrel, Oct. 24, 1901. VG. $75

PP325. Annie Edson Taylor after going over Niagara Falls in her barrel, Oct. 24, 1901. VG. $75