The following items are early 1860’s risque stereographs showing partially nude women.  As these were quite scandalous for the time there is no photographer’s ID on the views. Many are extremely beautiful examples of this genre.  I have backlit the tissue views to give you a good idea of their attractive appearance.

n4.JPG (25556 bytes)
Beautifully tinted tissue view of attractive woman posed on a chair pulling up her skirt. Near mint condition. $225

n5.JPG (20505 bytes)
Nicely tinted tissue view of woman holding necklace of pearls with one breast mostly exposed. VG. $200

n6.JPG (23962 bytes)
Nicely tinted tissue view of seated woman, breast mostly exposed, in provocative pose with legs crossed. There is a crease along the bottom of the images that must have occurred before mounting of the image since the card is not creased. VG. $200

n7.JPG (21199 bytes)

N7. Nicely tinted tissue view of reclining woman with breast exposed and skirt pulled up. She is looking at a playing card. VG. $200

n8.JPG (23224 bytes)
Beautifully tinted tissue view of two women holding each other. E. $200

n18.JPG (18443 bytes)
Woman with breast exposed seated at table drinking tea. VG. $150

n19.JPG (18443 bytes)
Nicely tinted view of woman reading with breasts exposed. VG. $150

n20.JPG (23277 bytes)
Nicely tinted view of seated woman with breast exposed. VG. $150

n21.JPG (20124 bytes)
Very beautiful tinted view of woman with full breasts looking both askance and right at you. E. $200

n22.JPG (20852 bytes)
Tinted view of woman with leg up holding a mask before her face. G. $150

n23.JPG (22073 bytes)
Nicely tinted view of 3 women, one with breast exposed. VG. $175

n26.JPG (17246 bytes)
Seated woman with breasts exposed appears to be sewing. G+.$75

n27.JPG (18799 bytes)
Seated woman with leg up. G. $75

Topless woman with wash basin. Tinted. Japanese stamps on verso. G. $125

Nude Stereoview
N33. Tinted view of woman with breasts exposed. G. $85

Nude Stereoview
N35. Tinted view of woman with breasts exposed. G. $95

CS1-16. Rare set of 15 stereoviews by photographer Charles Swedlund of Chicago, in folder, 1973. VG. $200