Nys5.JPG (32176 bytes)
No ID. Looking up Broadway from State Street, Albany. VG. $35

Nys6.JPG (21549 bytes)
No ID. 4. Main St. Came with a group of views of Malone, NY. VG. $25

Nys9.JPG (20492 bytes)
J.L. & H.A. Jordan. Stereoscopic Views of Syracuse and Vicinity. University & Barton Opera House. Label on verso. VG+. $40

Nys20.JPG (23418 bytes)
No ID. St. Agnes School, Elk St., Albany, NY. VG+. $40

nys23.JPG (24220 bytes)
E.A. Thomalen, Saratoga Springs. The Dining Room of Union Hall. Label on verso. VG. $35

nys27.JPG (29162 bytes)
Mundy, Utica, NY. Interior View of Buckley & Co.’s Store, Taken June 2, 1883, at 10 P.M. The First Attempt at Photographing under Electric Light.  Left corner chipped. G. $85

nys30.JPG (23976 bytes)
[Masterson]. View of Front Street, Port Jervis. After a severe snowstorm. This view shows Masterson’s Studio on the left with a camera trade advertisement on the overhand above the street. VG. $125

nys33.JPG (31913 bytes)
A.B. Comstock, Waverly. Fire and Explosion Thursday Morning Dec. 8, ’77. Nice photojournalism view, firemen at work. VG. $125

nys34.JPG (29051 bytes)
E.P. Masterson. Ice Views in the Delaware River, Port Jervis, N.Y., after the Flood, March 17th, 1875. VG. $45

nys39.JPG (44177 bytes)
No ID. Skeenes Mt., Whitehall, NY. VG. $35

Haines, Albany, NY. No. 49. State St., Albany, NY. Capitol in distance. VG. $65

E.M. Johnson, Crown Point, NY. Junction of Trestles where the murder was committed in March ’78. VG. $85

E.M. Johnson, Crown Point, NY. Caprons Row, Crown Point. VG. $85

E.M. Johnson, Crown Point, NY. Soldiers Monument, Crown Point. VG. $25

E&HT Anthony. Beauties of the Hudson River. No. 6813. The Library, West Point. VG. $15

E&HT Anthony. Scenery at Little Falls, on the Mohawk. No. 6630. 2d Mill Dam Falls, looking North-West. VG. $25

J.L. & H.A. Jordan, Syracuse. Syracuse High School. VG. $25

No ID. Parade and gathering in front of the Oneonta, NY Post Office, possibly July 4th or a political rally, many American flags flying. VG. $65

Skinner, Fulton, NY. Stereographs of Fulton and Vicinity. No. 37. West Side looking down the River. VG. $40

Skinner, Fulton, NY. Stereographs of Fulton and Vicinity. No. 9. Upper Stone Quarry looking down the River. VG. $50

Skinner, Fulton, NY. Stereographs of Fulton and Vicinity. No. 47. Battle Island and old deserted Wheels, view down the river. VG. $25

No ID. Pratts’ Rocks, Prattsville, NY. Zadock Pratt, born Oct. 30, 1780 created these sculptures. VG. $65

No ID. S. Leland’s Stable, New Rochelle. VG. $18

A.F. Styles, Burlington, Vt. Adirondack Region. 702. Lower Saranac Lake from upper end. VG. $35

A.F. Styles, Burlington, Vt. Adirondack Region. 714. Tupper’s Lake, from Graves’. VG. $35

E.B. Squier. Stereoscopic Views of Brewerton and Vicinity. At the very left of the large building is a small shack with a few wooden steps leading up to it. On the walls out front are displays of photographs and this is likely the photographer’s studio. VG. $65

London Stereoscopic Co. Split Rock, Catskill Mountains. VG. $35

London Stereoscopic Co. High Falls, Trenton, New York State. G. $20

Fay & Ferris, Malone, NY. View in the Adirondacks, on the Hunting Grounds of New York. 19. Big Clear Carry-Upper St. Regis. G. $25

A.M. North, Oneonta, NY. No. 4003. The label reads “Catskill Mountain Scenery, New. The Shawangunk Mountains and their Mysteries, also the Canons of the Mannor Kill, Prattsville and Gilboa.” But I have been told that this is Franklin, NY. G. $40

A.C. McIntyre, Alexandria Bay. View of Thousand Island House. G. $35

New York Stereoscopic Co. Genesee Falls, Rochester, NY. Showing a Mill Flume, from below the Upper Fall. Tinted. G. $30

New York Stereoscopic Co.  View on Catskill or Kauterskill Lake, NY. Tinted. G. $35

Geo. H. Monroe, Rochester, NY. Scenery Among the Thousand Islands, on the River St. Lawrence. No. 98. View form Bonne Castle. VG. $75

Trophies of War. This  may be a mitrailleuse, a type of volley gun with barrels of rifle calibre that can fire either rounds at once or in rapid succession. The earliest true mitrailleuse was invented in 1851 by Belgian Army captain Fafschamps, ten years before the advent of the Gatling gun. This is at West Point, NY. VG. $150

NYS189. Van Aken, Elmira, NY. Water St. from Main, looking East. Great street scene, lots of action, lots of signs. VG. $75

L.E. Walker, Warsaw, NY. 584. New Iron R.R. Bridge at Portage NY. Looks like a line of engines is testing the bridge. VG. $65

Van Aken, Elmira, NY. Lake St. from Water looking North. Political sign hangs across the street: “Democratic Republican Reform Candidates/ Tilden & Hendricks/ Robinson & Dorsheimer.” VG. $75

A.C. McIntyre, Alexandria Bay, River St. Lawrence. New and Attractive Views of the Thousand Islands. Palisades. E. $35

A.C. McIntyre, Alexandria Bay, River St. Lawrence. New and Attractive Views of the Thousand Islands. Palisades. E. $45

J.E. Larkin, Elmira, NY. Home Views. No. 12. Water Street, July 4th. VG. $35

E&HT Anthony from their Hudson River series. 10636. Sunnyside, the home of Washington Irving in Tarrytown, Westchester County, NY. VG. $10

J.E. Larkin, Elmira, NY. Home Views. No. 10. Lake Street, from Water. G. $25

Larkin’s Home Views. No. 10. Birdseye View of Elmira. Looking North from Bell Tower. VG. $20

E.M. Van Aken, Elmira, NY. During and after the Great Fire on Water St., March 24th, 1874. VG. $35

W.G. Smith, Cooperstown, NY. Stereographs of Richfield Springs and Vicinity. Image shows the train depot with train. G. $100

A.C. McIntyre, Alexandria By, River St. Lawrence. View of Crossmon from T.I. House. VG. $40

A.C. McIntyre, from the Photographic Studio of the Thousand Island House, Alexandria Bay, NY. Scenery Among the Thousand Islands, on the River St. Lawrence. Front of 1000 Island House. G. $20

Van Aiken’s Gallery, Lowville, NY. Gems of Lewis County Scenery, No. 18. Picking Hops. VG. $35

J.E. Larkin, Elmira, NY. Home Views. No. 11. Baldwin Street. VG. $35

J.E. Larkin, Elmira, NY. Home Views. No. 1. Clinton Island. VG. $20

A.D. Paynes Stereoscopic Views. Ice jam March 12th, ’68 looking North East down the Chemung. VG. $35

No ID. Street View, Weavertown, N.Y. G. $30

E. Anthony. A Ramble through the Southern Tier on the Route of the Erie Rail Road. No. 726. In the Ramapo Valley, near Southfields. With Artist’s Train in the foreground. The white car is likely the mobile photographer’s studio car. Cancelled 2-cent tax stamp on verso. VG. $250

Manhansett House, Shelter Island Long Island by Hammond Manhansett House, Shelter Island Long Island by Hammond
NYS262. Hammond, Greenport, L.I. Manhansett House, Shelter Island. Written on back is “Darrah 5/79,” no doubt indicating that this was purchased at the Darrah auction. VG. $95

Hornellsville NY Fire 1868 Hornellsville NY Fire 1868
NYS268. No ID. Manuscript on verso “Hiram Bennett’s Garden; from rear of Baldwin’s drug store.” This is a scene following the great Hornellsville fire of June 27, 1868. G-. $35

Schuylerville NY by LF Hurd Schuylerville NY by LF Hurd
NYS275. L.F. Hurd, Greenwich, N.Y. Schuylerville. 3. Sheldon & DeRidder’s New Block, Main Street. VG. $25

Prattsville Iron Bridge Prattsville Iron Bridge
NYS285. No ID. Prattsville Iron Bridge. G. $20

Lake Eldridge Park, Elmira NY by Larkin Lake Eldridge Park, Elmira NY by Larkin
NYS293. J.E. Larkin, Elmira, NY. Lake Eldridge Park, Elmira, NY. No. 11. G. $10

Ruins of Fort Edward Institute
NYS298. A. Orr & Son, Glens Falls, NY. 234. Ruins of North Wing, Fort Edward Institute. Look at the top center of the view: “X.L. See Orr.” VG. $50

Ruins of Fort Edward Institute
NYS299. A. Orr & Son, Glens Falls, NY. 235. Ruins of Fort Edward Institute-front view. Look at the top center of the view: “X.L. See Orr.” Mark in sky in left image. G-. $35

Shaker School, Mt. Lebanon Shaker Village
NYS326. Irving, Troy. Group of Shakers. This is a view of the Shaker School, Mt. Lebanon Shaker Village. VG. $325

Lake Mahopac by Louis Alman  Lake Mahopac by Louis Alman
NYS327. Louis Alman, Lake Mahopac, at Thomson’s Hotel, NY. Minor damage at left edge of card o/w VG. $45

Albany Medical College  Albany Medical College
NYS330. No ID. Albany Medical College. Evidence of removed tax stamp on verso. VG. $35

Catskill Mountain House  Catskill Mountain House
NYS332. E&HT Anthony. Glens of the Catskills. No. 8530. Mountain House, General View. VG. $30

Otsego Lake Scenery by WG Smith  Otsego Lake Scenery by WG Smith
NYS333. W.G. Smith, Cooperstown, NY. Otsego Lake Scenery. No. 69. 2 & 3 Mile Points from Nelson’s Hill. VG. $25

Chautauqua Lake Scenery
NYS344. L.E. Walker, Warsaw, NY. Chautauqua Lake Scenery. Model of Jerusalem-at Chautauqua. VG. $45

Chautauqua Lake Scenery
NYS347. L.E. Walker, Warsaw, NY. Chautauqua Lake Scenery. Hall of Philosophy-at Chautauqua. VG. $75

Early Niagara Falls Early Niagara Falls
NYS349. E. Anthony [Copyright Secured] label (1859). No. 261. Niagara in Winter. Table Rock and Horse Shoe Fall–Canada Side. VG. $35

Gun Display, Salamanca Gun Display, Salamanca
NYS351. C.L. Cornell, Randolph, NY. County Centennial at Salamanca, August 4, 5, and 6, 1908. VG. $75

NYS368. J.C. Burritt, Ithaca, NY.  Butter Milk Creek, Ithaca. Pulpit Fall. 3-cent tax stamp on verso cancelled “JCB.” G. $25

[J.C. Burritt, Ithaca, NY].
NYS369. [J.C. Burritt, Ithaca, NY]. Lick Brook, near Ithaca, NY. Falls upper end of the Ravine. Tinted. G. $20

[J.C. Burritt, Ithaca, NY].
NYS372. [J.C. Burritt, Ithaca, NY]. Buttermilk Creek, Ithaca, NY. 1st Fall, 120 feet in height. G. $25

Rosendale NY
NYS374. Cement Quarries, Rosendale, NY, Ulster Co. VG. $65

Penrhyn Slate Co.
O280. B.C. Kinney, Middle Granville, NY. The Penrhyn Slate Co. yard in Middle Granville, 1880. Pinholes at corners o/w VG. $50

Penrhyn Slate Co.
O281. B.C. Kinney, Middle Granville, NY. Slate workers of the Penrhyn Slate Co., 1880. In foreground Hugh Williams, father of late supervisor, & Pierce Davies holds paper. Pinholes at corners o/w VG. $65

Steele & Avery
O284. H.P. Rundel. Rochester & Vicinity. Steele & Avery. G. $65

Charles Forbes MD
O285. Newton Oakley, Rochester. Rochester & Vicinity. Compliments of Charles Forbes, M.D., Prof. Natural Sciences, R.F.A. Rochester, N.Y. Scientific instruments around the room. Looks like a weight hanging at center. VG. $125

O309. No ID. J.S. Graham’s Planing Mill Machinery, A Specialty. Office and Works, Mill Street, Rochester, NY. No. 1. Monitor Planer and Matcher. G. $85

O313. No ID. Union Block, Saratoga, NY. VG. $75

O331. R.N. Ham, Cohoes, NY. Johnston Steamer, Cohoes, NY. VG. $150

Dis105. Miller & Sprague, Walton, N.Y. View of Wreck on the Ontario and Western Railway, at Fish’s Eddy, N.Y., on the night of March 2, 1886, in which four men lost their lives. VG. $150

NYS378. P.H. McKernon, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Depot at Saratoga. G. $65

NYS379. Hall Bros., Brooklyn, N.Y. No. 555. Saratoga R.R. Depot, Saratoga, N.Y. VG. $75

NYS380. S.R. Stoddard, Glens Falls, N.Y. 703. Homeward Bound, Coaches at Lake George. E. $75

NYS382. S.R. Stoddard, Glens Falls, N.Y. Pencilled on verso “1745. Crosbyside Dock, Lake George Aug. 28, 1877.” VG. $65

ANST110. L.E. Walker, Warsaw, NY. 110.-Rice Graves, owned by E.R. Abbott, Turner’s, N.Y. G. $25

NYS394. No ID. Hoosick Falls NY. G. $15

O337. W.L. Hall, Trumansburg, NY. Willard Asylum, Ovid, N.Y. The Willard Steam Fire Engine. G. $150

NYS398. No ID. Hornellsville Band & Pole Raising for President Hayes. G. $45

NYS408. [Charles Carman, Andes, NY]. Main Street, from High Street to Delaware Avenue. Note with view reads “Italianate style buildings built sometime after June 1878 fire which had destroyed entire block. Original buildings were Greek Revival structures.” VG. $30

NYS409. [Charles Carman, Andes, NY]. Village of Andes as seen from Laing’s Hill, a favored place of photographers to make overviews of the village. VG. $25

NYS412. J. Loeffler, Tompkinsville, Staten Island, NY. Catskill Mountain Scenery. First Series. No. 200. Mountain House. VG. $35

NYS419. No ID. Golden Wedding of the Kennedy Family, Homer, Cortland Co., NY. Accompanied by a letter from Mary Ann Kane, Director of the Cortland County Historical Society addressed to collector Ralph Gosse, dated April 30, 1999, discussing this view and the Kennedy family. Also included is a 1984 newspaper clipping related to this family. G. $35

NYS422. No ID. Laying Corner Stone of City Hall. Notation by collector Ralph Gosse: “Oswego City Hall Laying of Cornerstone, June 21, 1870.” VG. $75

NYS424. H. Besancon, Pike, NY. Stereoscopic Views of Genesee River Scenery. Portage Bridge, top of, looking toward station. G. $35

NYS425. Barnum. Congress Springs, Saratoga. VG. $10

NYS426. No ID. Titled in manuscript on verso “Odell Homestead for 100 years. Rebuilt by M.J. Jan Cher Odell.??” Pleasant Valley, NY. G. $20

NYS427. E&HT Anthony. Beauties of the Hudson. Title is No. 4156. Fishkill Landing, with Newburgh and Snake Hill in the distance. G. $25

NYS443. William England for the London Stereoscopic Company. No. 125. View on the Genesee River, Portage, near New York. G. $75

NYS444. D. Barnum. 704. Grand Stand from Entrance, Saratoga Springs. G. $65

NYS445. No ID. Races, Saratoga. VG. $65

NYS446. E&HT Anthony. Views in and About Saratoga Springs. No. 4064. Race Course, Judge’s Stand. VG. $85

NYS447. E&HT Anthony. Views in and About Saratoga Springs. No. 4065. Race Course. VG. $85

NYD448. Saratoga Photograph Co. Saratoga Race Course. G. $75

PP297. [E&HT Anthony], although unlabeled. Horace Greeley’s Farm at Chappaqua, N.Y. 10348-Trimming Trees. The man in the view is Horace Greeley. G. $75