ny15.JPG (26609 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 4625. N.Y. State Arsenal, 7th Ave. and 35th St. VG. $25

ny21.JPG (43378 bytes)
H. Ropes & Co. No. 6607. Laying Pavement on Broadway, near Wall St. VG. $150

ny25.JPG (31865 bytes)
No ID. No. 16. Fulton Ferry Boat. Title list on verso. VG. $40

ny27.JPG (36720 bytes)
E. Anthony. Anthony’s Instantaneous Views. No. 50. Broadway from Fulton St.-Columns of St. Paul’s Church on the left. VG. $125

ny28.JPG (25515 bytes)
E. Anthony. [Copyright Secured] label. Anthony’s Instantaneous Views, No. 3. Tow Boat and Sail Boats. G. $50

ny30.JPG (26343 bytes)
E. Anthony, although unlabeled. This is Anthony’s Instantaneous View No. 196. Floating Baths and Sourroundings. Manuscript title in French on verso “Etablishmens de bains dans la baie de New-York.” VG. $100

ny35.JPG (24540 bytes)
E. Anthony. Anthony’s Instantaneous Views. No. 4. Tow Boats and Ferry Boat. VG. $100

ny36.JPG (25856 bytes)
E. Anthony. [Copyright Secured] label. Anthony’s Instantaneous Views, No. 233. View of the City Hall and Park from Murray Street. VG. $100

ny37.JPG (23640 bytes)
E. Anthony. [Copyright Secured] label. Anthony’s Instantaneous Views, No. 108. Steamtugs and Small Sloop under Rapid Headway. VG. $125

ny40.JPG (32736 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. Anthony’s Instantaneous Views. No. 2125. Beating to Windward. VG. $35

ny43.JPG (18593 bytes)
E. Anthony, although unlabeled. This is Anthony’s Instantaneous View No. 100. Schooner Under Full Sail in New-York Bay. Manuscript title in French on verso “Amerique de Nord, La baie de New-York.” VG. $85

ny44.JPG (22465 bytes)
E. Anthony. Anthony’s Instantaneous Views, No. 19. The Regatta, July 4th, 1859. Preparing for the Start. VG. $125

ny45.JPG (30715 bytes)
E. Anthony, although unlabeled. This is Anthony’s Instantaneous View No. 124. Crowd Leaving the Ground After the Regatta, July 4, 1859. Manuscript title in French on verso “New York. La foule revenant des regattes de 4 Juillet, 1859.” VG. $75

ny46.JPG (18708 bytes)
E. Anthony. [Copyright Secured] label. Anthony’s Instantaneous Views, No. 115. Propeller with High Pressure Engine Moving Rapidly Across the Field of View. VG. $100

ny48.JPG (22143 bytes)
E. Anthony. [Copyright Secured] label. Anthony’s Instantaneous Views, No. 106. Steamer Running to Harlem and Mott Haven from Peck Slip, N. York. VG. $125

ny52.JPG (26349 bytes)
E. Anthony. Anthony’s Instantaneous Views, No. 27. Broadway. VG. $100

ny55.JPG (22782 bytes)
E. Anthony. [Copyright Secured] label. Anthony’s Instantaneous Views, No. 243. Waiting for the Regatta, July 4, 1859. VG. $100

ny58.JPG (36890 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 3926. Looking up Broadway from the corner of Fulton St. showing the ruins of Barnum’s Museum. VG. $85

ny66.JPG (22286 bytes)
E. Anthony. No. 8. Steamtug Towing a Schooner to Sea. Copyright Secured label. VG. $125

ny72.JPG (41860 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 5805. Entrance to the Academy of Design. VG. $40

ny73.JPG (34147 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 4110. Rev. Dr. Bellows’ Church, Fourth Avenue. VG. $35

ny76.JPG (47609 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 6722. Pyramids of Shot. VG. $35

ny78.JPG (43481 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 8045. Fifth Avenue, looking North from Madison Square. VG. $50

ny80.JPG (31415 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 4626. Calvary Church, 4th Avenue and 22d Street. VG. $35

ny81.JPG (42492 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 6718. Commandant’s Head-Quarters, Brooklyn Navy Yard. VG. $40

ny83.JPG (27554 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 5902. The Sound Steamer “Bristol.” G+. $35

ny90.JPG (28668 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. Printing House Square, NY. Views of New York and Vicinity by the New Gelatine-Bromide Process. VG. $35

ny92.JPG (28270 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. Printing House Square, NY. Views of New York and Vicinity by the New Gelatine-Bromide Process. VG. $35

ny94.JPG (31948 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 4625. N.Y. State Arsenal, 7th Ave. and 35th St. VG. $28

ny95.JPG (43941 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 7955. High Bridge from the North. VG. $25

ny100.JPG (36655 bytes)
[E&HT Anthony], although unlabeled. This is No. 5085. City Hospital and grounds, from the south. G+. $25

ny103.JPG (37679 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 443. Fourth of July in and about New York. Scene on the Bay during the Regatta. E. $65

ny104.JPG (28411 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 6600. Pike’s Opera House, corner 23d Street and Eighth Ave. VG. $30

ny106.JPG (44123 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 3940. Looking along the Docks, from Fulton Market, showing Floating Grain Elevators. G+. $50

ny107.JPG (24768 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 2049. View in New-York Harbor, taken from the Battery. VG. $85

ny110.JPG (33945 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 6289. Washington Monument, Union Square. VG. $30

ny112.JPG (31672 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 2125. Fleet of Vessels-New York Bay Scene. VG. $50

ny113.JPG (35498 bytes)
E&HT Anthony. No. 8036. Residence of A.T. Stewart, 34d Street and 5th Ave. G+. $15

ny119aa ny119bb
E&HT Anthony. No. 8055. A.T. Stewart’s New Store. VG. $25

ny123.JPG (43426 bytes)
No ID. Stereographs of New York City. N.Y. Elevated R.R. VG. $75

ny124.JPG (36048 bytes)
No ID. Stereoscopic Gems of Brooklyn and Vicinity. Penitentiary, Flatbush, L.I. VG. $85

ny125.JPG (25706 bytes)
E. Anthony. Copyright Secured label. No. 102. Ferry Boat Crossing to Brooklyn. 1859 copyright line on bottom recto. VG. $85

ny126.JPG (31057 bytes)
E. Anthony. No. 234. View of the City Hall and Park from Murray Street. VG. $85

ny130.JPG (22317 bytes)
E. Anthony. Copyright Secured label. No. 9. Group of Vessels Under Sail. 1859 copyright line on bottom recto. VG. $75

ny131.JPG (38092 bytes)
E. Anthony. No. 316. Broadway from Corner of Murray St., Looking North. VG. $65

ny132.JPG (30603 bytes)
E. Anthony. Copyright Secured label. No. 107. South Ferry, New-York. Arrival and Departure of Omnibuses to all parts of the City. 1859 copyright line on bottom recto. VG. $100

E&HT Anthony. No. 7295. Government Excavations under the East River at Hallets Point, for the removal of rocks and enlargement of the channel. VG. $45

E&HT Anthony. No. 6729. Printed number is 9187 but crossed out and 6729 written in. Broadway, looking North from Houston Street. VG. $50

E&HT Anthony. No. 6091. Upper Saloon of the Steamer Providence, looking aft. VG. $35

E. Anthony. No. 11. New-York from Brooklyn Heights. VG. $150

E. Anthony. No. 22. Scene on the East River, Near Hellgate. A Schooner Under Full Sail. G. $50

E. Anthony. No. 197. Schooner and Steamer, with Governors Island in the Distance. Copyright Secured label. 1859 copyright line on bottom recto. VG. $100

E&HT Anthony. No. 908. Ferry Boat on the East River. G. $75

No ID. Roosevelt Hospital, New York. VG. $45

No ID. Metropolitan Elevated Railway, 14th St. Station. VG. $45

John P. Soule. Instantaneous Photographs of New York Harbor. No. 300. North River-from the Battery-New York. VG. $50

E&HT Anthony. Public Buildings in New York City, and Vicinity. No. 8035. Young Men’s Christian Association Building-cor. 23d St. and 4th Ave. E. $40

No ID. Roman Catholic Cathedral, Fifth Avenue. This is St. Patrick’s Cathedral under construction. Title listing on verso. VG. $75

American Series. NY Entrance of New York & Brooklyn Bridge. VG. $20

No ID. Rectory St. George’s, NYC. Early ivory mt. VG. $30

[Joseph Hall, Brooklyn] although not labeled. The Academy of Design, Fourth Av., New York. G+. $35

G.W. Thorne. Union League Club Building. Extensive title list on label verso. VG. $25

CW Woodward, Rochester. New York City and Vicinity. 1404. Shipping Scene. VG. $35

Stereoscopic Gems of Brooklyn & Vicinity. Holy Trinity-Clinton St. Brooklyn. VG. $35

[George Stacy]. No. 358. Looking up Fifth Avenue. G+. $35

[E&HT Anthony], unlabeled. 4599. St. George’s Church. This is obviously after the fire. G+. $35

E. Anthony. Copyright Secured label. No. 242. The Landing of the Pilgrims. This view was taken from Castle Garden, the landing place of immigrants at New York. The steamer in the foreground is bringing in a load of immigrants from the ship lying at anchor on the left.  On the right of the picture is a three-masted schooner under sail (a class of vessel rarely seen). In the distance is a California clipper being towed to sea. Beyond the clipper is seen Bedloe’s Island. This is such an interesting caption as we are viewing immigrants coming to NYC before Ellis Island was in operation and reference is made to Bedloe’s Island which we know today as Liberty Island, the home of the Statue of Liberty. There is some minor tinting on the view. G. $85

E. Anthony 1859. Copyright Secured label. No. 231. Broadway from Murray Street, Looking North. VG. $125

E&HT Anthony. No. 1655. Worth Monument. East front view. G. $25

ny233 Elevated RR ny233b
NY233. [E&HT Anthony]. 11288. N.Y. City. Elevated R.R. VG. $50

E&HT Anthony. No. 6603. Looking up Broadway, from Trinity Spire. VG. $35

E&HT Anthony. No. 8060. New York State Coat of Arms. VG. $20

[Joseph Hall, Manufacturing Photographer, Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY]. Labeled on back Geo. W. Thorne. Bank of New York, Wall St., N.Y. VG. $45

No ID. Under Crust Shanty in 5th Ave. Great view of Refreshment stand. Signs read “Pies, Cakes, Soda Water, Root Beer, Segars, Tobacco, Sarsaparilla.” VG. $75

[E. Anthony]. This is view No. 3. Dormitory from Anthony’s early Home for the Friendless Series. This series was issued as a set of 12 cards in 1858-1859 and illustrated the lives of orphan children living at this facility on E. 30th St. Rare. G. $75

E&HT Anthony. No. 5077. Looking up Broadway from the corner of Broome St. G. $50

E&HT Anthony. Brooklyn Navy Yard. No. 6717. Looking Down from the Entrance. VG. $15

E&HT Anthony. No. 5309. Astor Library, Lafayette Place. VG. $40

E&HT Anthony. No. 5175. Broadway, Looking North from the Foot Bridge. VG. $50

Anthony’s Instantaneous Views. No. 287. 1859 Copyright Secured label. New-York Bay Scenes. Hauling in the Sheet. VG. $125

E&HT Anthony. Anthony’s Stereoscopic Views. No. 4575. Group of the Equipage of the Italian man of war, Re Galantruomo, in N.Y. Harbor, 1862. G. $125

[E. Anthony.] Home for the Friendless No. 9. Chapel Interior, Choir. This 1858-’59 series of views by Anthony was issued as a 12-card set and even had a box to go with it. It illustrates the lives of orphans living at the facility on E. 30th St. VG. $150

Keystone View Co. P-V26365. Steam Shovel Working in Railway Tunnel Under Hudson River, N.Y. VG. $35

No label but this is E&HT Anthony, No. 6608. The Bulls and Bears of the Open Board. View comes with a photocopy of the back label of this view. G. $100

View in NY Harbor taken from on board a Clipper Ship View in NY Harbor taken from on board a Clipper Ship
NY321. E. Anthony. No. 708. View in New-York Harbor, taken from on board a Clipper Ship. VG. $50

Soldiers on Italian Man of War  Soldiers on Italian Man of War
NY327. E&HT Anthony. No. 4574. Group of Soldiers at rest, on board the Italian man of war Re Galantuomo, in N.Y. Harbor, 1862. G. $125

The Terrace, Central Park  The Terrace, Central Park
NY330. E&HT Anthony. No. 7242. The Terrace. VG. $15

Residence of A.T. Stewart  Residence of A.T. Stewart
NY331. E&HT Anthony. No. 8036. Residence of A.T. Stewart, 34th St. and 5th Ave. VG. $25

Sound Steamer Providence  Sound Steamer Providence
NY332. E&HT Anthony. 8589. Sound Steamer “Providence.” VG. $65

Sound Steamer Providence  Sound Steamer Providence
NY333. E&HT Anthony. No. 8592. Saloon of the Sound Steamer “Providence.” G. $35

Sound Steamer Bristol  Sound Steamer Bristol
NY334. E&HT Anthony. No. 8689. View of the Sound Steamer “Bristol.” G. $45

Sound Steamer Bristol  Sound Steamer Bristol
NY335. E&HT Anthony. No. 8690. Sound Steamer “Bristol.” VG. $65

Steamer Bristol in Dry Dock  Steamer Bristol in Dry Dock
NY336. E&HT Anthony. No. 8691. Steamer “Bristol” in Dry Dock-View of the Bow. G-. $45

Steamer Bristol in Dry Dock  Steamer Bristol in Dry Dock
NY337. E&HT Anthony. No. 8693. Steamer “Bristol” in Dry Dock-View of the Stern. VG. $50

View from East River Bridge Tower  View from East River Bridge Tower
NY340. E&HT Anthony. 11158. View from East River Bridge Tower, Inst. VG. $30

Abraham Lincoln's catafalque NYC Abraham Lincoln's catafalque NYC
PR143. [George Stacy]. Abraham Lincoln’s catafalque NYC. Borne by Peter Relyea’s huge and elaborately decorated hearse, which was drawn by sixteen horses. VG. $650

NY Sanitary Fair 1864 NY Sanitary Fair 1864
NY349. E&HT Anthony. The Great Metropolitan Sanitary Fair. No. 1688. View of the Bower of Plants in the International Department. G. $85

Stacy Collection of 16 Stereoviews ny353 ny354 ny355 ny356 ny357 ny358 ny359 ny360 ny361 ny362 ny363 ny364 ny365 ny366 ny367
NY352-NY367. [George Stacy]. Collection of 16 stereoviews by Stacy. Titles are: The Ferry Boat; New York Harbor and Ferry Boat; No. 323. Niblo’s Garden, Broadway; No. 374. Hotel, Broadway; No. 375. Three Ferry Boats; No. 389. The Battery and Castle Garden; No. 314. Worth Monument Madison Square; No. 344. Skating Scene on the Lake; No. 232. The Lake and Swans; No. 176. Stonework of the Terrace; No. 183. Stonework of the Terrace; No. 284. Saturday Afternoon; No. 108. Musicians Pagoda at Central Park; No. 269. The Deer; No. 270. Central Park, The Dovecote; & No. 186. Stonework of the Terrace. G-VG. $200

NY368. E. Anthony. The Japanese Embassy in New York–Scenes and Incidents. Instantaneous View. No. 20. Arrival of the Embassy at the City Hall, to visit the Governor and Mayor, June 18, 1860. G. $200

St. Patrick's Cathedral
NY372. No ID. Roman Catholic Cathedral. St. Patrick’s under construction. VG. $85

NY377. E&HT Anthony. No. 5903. The Sound Steamer “Bristol.” G. $45

NY379. E. Anthony. No. 230. Scene at Jersey City Ferry, foot of Courtlandt St., North River, New-York. G. $75

NY380. E&HT Anthony. No. 3939. Looking up Nassau St. from the corner of Wall, showing the post office. G. $35

NY381. E&HT Anthony. No. 4108. Tammany Hall and Hotel. G. $85

NY385. E&HT Anthony. Brooklyn Navy Yard. No. 6724. Sectional View, U.S. Dry Dock. G. $65

NY386. E. Anthony. No. 109. Steamship Quaker City coming up the Bay. Taken on July 4th, 1859. G. $75

Brooklyn Sanitary Fair
NY387. Rare Stereoview by W.E. James of the Brooklyn Sanitary Fair held at the original Academy of Music in Brooklyn in 1864. Title is New England Kitchen. New England Cooks. At some point in time the card was damaged but excellently repaired and the card is firm. Fair. $85

NY388. Stereoview of Madame Restell’e Residence, 5th Ave. Ann Trow Lohman  (May 6, 1812 – April 1, 1878), better known as Madame Restell, was a 19th-century abortionist who practiced in New York City. Ann Trow Sommers, was born in Painswick, Gloucestershire, England in 1812. Her father was a labourer. At the age of fifteen she started work as a maid in a butcher’s family, and at sixteen she married a Wiltshire man called Henry Sommers, who was an alcoholic tailor. After three years living in England, they emigrated to New York in 1831 where Sommers died of Typhoid in 1833. Ann Trow Sommers was left alone with an infant daughter, Caroline, and forced to make a poor living as a seamstress and midwife. Ann remarried in 1836, to a German–Russian immigrant, Charles Lohman. Charles Lohman worked in the printing industry, and at the time was a printer for the New York Herald. Lohman was a radical and freethinker, a friend and colleague of George Matsell, the publisher of the radical journal the Free Inquirer. With Matsell, Lohman was involved in the publication of Robert Dale Owen’s book Moral Physiology; or, a Brief and Plain Treatise on the Population Question (1831) and Charles Knowlton’s Fruits of Philosophy; or, The Private Companion of Young Married People (1831). Ann’s brother, Joseph Trow, had also emigrated to New York, and was working as a sales assistant in a pharmacy. Ann continued to develop an interest in women’s health. Charles and Ann developed a story to validate Ann’s interests in midwifery and women’s health. According to their story, she had travelled to Europe to train in midwifery with a renowned French physician named Restell. She began selling patent medicine, and (probably in partnership with her husband and brother) creating birth control products such as “preventative powders” and “Female Monthly Pills”, advertised under the name “Madame Restell.” She sold these products through the post and performed house visits.  Abortifacients used in this era were often blends of herbs such as ergot, calomel, aloe, or black hellebore. These were thought to upset the digestive tract, inducing a miscarriage. Surgical abortions included rupturing the amniotic sac, or dilating the cervix (premature labor), or even in-utero decapitation. Madame Restell advertised her services as a “Female Physician” in newspapers such as the Herald and even the New York Times. When Restell began her business, abortions were hardly illegal. Only surgical abortions were forbidden. This was only after the quickening, that is, when the woman started to feel the fetus move (this was typically around 4 months time). Soon, Restell’s success began to attract copiers and competition. This drew the attention of the AMA, which officially launched a campaign in 1857 to end abortion. In order to rally support for their cause, the AMA targeted Restell, the most celebrated abortionist and deemed her the enemy. The term “Restellism” became a euphemism for abortion. With the swift changes of law in New York, Restell was constantly being hounded by authorities and anti-abortion crusaders to end her practice. Madame Restell became so well known throughout New York City that copies of her trials were published in the Times and the Police Gazette. She was listed as a New York City attraction in NYC tour guides. In 1840, a patient named Maria Purdy accused Restell of causing tuberculosis through the abortion procedure. The press erupted with slander against Restell, calling her “the monster in human shape” and charging her with acts against God. Restell promised monetary compensation for anyone who could prove her methods were dangerous, and while she was initially found guilty, her appeal overturned said verdict. Her uneasy relationship with public opinion continued. Mary Applegate was an unmarried woman, a mistress, who had been sent to Madame Restell from Philadelphia by her illicit lover. The father had arranged for Restell to adopt the baby out.  Applegate was unaware of this deal until she had returned to Philadelphia and was greeted coldy by her former lover. Applegate then went back to Restell to ask for her child back, but Restell claimed to know nothing of the infant. Restell was immediately painted as the villain by the press in publications such as the New York Medical and Surgical Reporter. In 1841, Mary Rogers was found dead in the Hudson River. Newspapers suggested that she had died during an abortion carried out by Restell. Abortion was soon outlawed by the state of New York in 1845. This law further restricted the previous laws from a decade earlier. An abortion that resulted in the death of the mother or was performed after the “quickening” was second degree manslaughter. A new addendum to the law made selling abortifacients or performing abortions at any stage during the pregnancy a misdemeanor punishable by a mandatory year in jail. Additionally, women who sought after an abortion or attempted their own abortion were fined $1000.  Abortion became legally defined as an obscene subject and was no longer covered in the papers. Women were no longer allowed to freely discuss abortion. Restell skirted the legalities by advertising her services as methods to regulate menses. In 1847, Charges were again brought against Restell for performing an abortion. Maria Bodine was sent to Madame Restell by her master so that she could procure an abortion from Restell. Restell determined that Maria was too far along to have an abortion, but Maria’s master insisted. Finally, he paid Restell heavily and she agreed to perform Maria’s abortion. Maria then returned to her job as a maid. She fell ill and upon visiting a doctor, was forced to admit her abortion. Restell was taken to trial. During this case, Madame  Restell’s defense painted Bodine as a “loose” woman whose injuries were a result of syphilis and had nothing to do with Restell. While Maria Bodine’s lawyers cast Restell as a godless incompetent woman. Restell lost the case and was charged with a misdemeanor and a one-year prison sentence which was on Blackwell’s Island. After Madame Restell finished her sentence, she reworked her business. She removed surgical abortions entirely, and concentrated her efforts on pills and her boarding house. In 1854, Restell applied for US citizenship and was granted it. Evidence given in a breach-of-promise case in 1854 suggests Restell and her husband were charging between $50 and $100 per abortion at this time and had a regular clientele. Prior to the 1845 law, Restell was charging her clients on a sliding scale according to social class. Many of Restell’s wealthier patients were charged upwards of $1000. While Madame Restell dialed back her business, the press did not leave her reputation to rest. She was dubbed “The Wickedest Woman in New York”. In 1855, Frederica Medinger, a German immigrant, approached Restell entreating her to allow her to stay in her residence until the birth of her child According to Medinger, Restell gave her six pills at the time of the birth. A day after the birth, Medinger asked for her child and was told by Mme. Restell that the child had disappeared. The Madame was accused of kidnapping and being too greedy. When Restell was brought to court, Medinger did not show. Many assumed Restell had paid her to drop the case. Restell was dismissed and the woman and her baby were never heard of again. It is assumed the child was adopted out by Restell. Madame Restell had amassed a fortune. She owned several plots of land, one of which featured an extravagant mansion. She had the finest horses, carriages, and silk dresses. The Civil War gave Mme. Restell the cover she needed to get her business back on her feet. Although she had been imprisoned once and accused numerous times, Restell appeared ultimately unscathed. Anthony Comstock was a moral reformer. He sought not only to stop sexual acts, but to control the very way society thought about sex. He considered any information regarding the prevention or termination of a pregnancy to be pornographic. In 1873, the US Congress enacted the “Comstock Law” which made it illegal to discuss or distribute anything considered “obscene” by the government. Breaking these laws were punishable by six months to five years in prison and a fine of $100-$2000. Politician Anthony Comstock, posed as a customer looking for birth control pills and brought the police round the next day to have her arrested. Bail was set at $1000. Restell was said to have reached into her purse to pull out $10,000, but the judge would only accept regular bail bonds. Madame Restell had to pay a bondsman. Following Restell’s arrest in early 1878, a maid discovered Restell in the bathtub at her Fifth Avenue home; she had slit her own throat on the morning of April 1, 1878. Upon her death, she was found to be worth between $500,000-$600,000 ($12.4 million-$14.9 million in present-day terms. G. $25

NYC-1964-1965 World’s Fair. Lot of 14 stereoviews by Ethan P. Jackman. G. $495

NY391. E&HT Anthony. No. 5080. Looking up Broadway from the corner of Broome St. Photo sign on right. VG. $75

NY392. E&HT Anthony. No. 2957. The Funeral of President Lincoln, New-York, April 25th, 1865. Partial 2-cent tax stamp on verso. E. $250

NY393. E&HT Anthony. War Views. No. 920. The Return of the New York 69th Regiment, N.Y.S.N.G. 2-cent tax stamp on verso. VG. $300

NY398. London Stereoscopic Co. William England. The Atlantic Telegraph Jubilee, New York. View of the Procession in its progress up the Broadway. G. $100

NY402. E. Anthony. The Japanese Embassy in New York-Scenes and Incidents. Instantaneous View. No. 15. The Seventh Regiment arrive in front of the Metropolitan to escort the Embassy to the City Hall, June 18, 1860. VG. $250

NY403. E. Anthony. The Japanese Embassy in New York–Scenes and Incidents. Instantaneous View. No. 4. The Eighth Regiment marching past the St. Nicholas, on their way to Pier No. 1, to meet the Embassy, the Metropolitan Hotel in the distance, June 16, 1860. VG. $350

NY404. E&HT Anthony. No. 431. Fourth of July in and about New-York. A Company of Infantry Marching through Chambers St., July 4th, 1860. VG. $250

NY405. H. Ropes & Co., NY. Barnum’s Museum on Broadway, N.Y. after the fire, March 3, 1868. This is Barnum’s New Museum at 539-41 Broadway following the fire of March 3, 1868. This was the end of Barnum’s ventures into Museums in NYC which began in 1841. The first museum at Broadway and Ann St. burned to the ground in 1865 after operating for 24 years. This one only lasted 3 years. VG. $125

NY406. No ID. Five Points. G+. $150

NY407. E&HT Anthony. No. 6826. Edwin Booth’s Theatre, 23d St., between 5th and 6th Ave. G. $8

NY408. No ID. 49th St., looking West from 5th Ave. G. $10

NY409. E&HT Anthony. No. 6595. U.S. Custom House, Wall St. G. $8

NY411. Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. 1764. High Bridge, Croton Aqueduct, New York. VG. $8

NY412. E&HT Anthony. No. 898. The Brigade de “Shoe Black.” City Hall Park. The classic NYC street urchin view with great bill postings. Several for Barnum’s Museum, Laura Keene’s Theatre, Old Bowery Theatre, Wood’s Minstrels, etc. G+. $275

NY415. [George Stacy]. 352–Reception of the Japanese Embassy at the Battery. G. $85

NY417. E. Anthony. No. 299. Up Broadway from Barnum’s Museum. The City Hall Park on the Right. VG. $125

NY419. E. Anthony. Copyright Secured label. No. 18. Broadway. G. $75

NY420. E&HT Anthony. No. 893. Broadway from Barnum’s Museum, showing portion of Park Barracks. VG. $125

NY421. E. Anthony. No. 304. The Fifth Avenue Hotel and the Worth Monument from the Balcony of St. Germains. VG. $35

NY422. E&HT Anthony. No. 894. Ferry Boat on the East River. 2-cent tax stamp on verso. VG. $75

NY423. E. Anthony. No. 203. Broadway from Barnum’s Museum. VG-. $100

NY424. E. Anthony. No. 448. Fourth of July in and about New York–“The Regatta.” Waiting for the Start, July 4, 1860. VG. $85

NY425. E&HT Anthony. No. 4402. Cooper Institute. VG. $50

NY427. E&HT Anthony. No. 3937. Looking up Broadway, form the corner of Astor Place. Tinted. G. $75

NY428. E&HT Anthony. No. 5336. Broadway and City Hall Park, from corner of Fulton Street. G. $35

NY429. E&HT Anthony. No. 6294. National Academy of Design. G. $25

NY430. E&HT Anthony. No. 5176. Broadway, looking North from the foot Bridge. G. $50

NY431. E&HT Anthony. No. 4624. Hoffman House, Cor. Broadway and 24th St. VG. $35

NY432. E&HT Anthony. No. 5574. Ferry Boat on the East River. G. $15

NY433. E&HT Anthony. No. 302. Up Broadway from Barnum’s Museum. The City Hall Park on the right. G. $40

NY434. E&HT Anthony. No. 5576. View from foot of Whitehall Street, looking towards South Brooklyn. The agitation of water in the foreground is occasioned by a Steamboat just passed. Run of thread along bottom of view. G. $15

NY435. E&HT Anthony. No. 297. Broadway from the Balcony of the Metropolitan looking North–The Lafarge Hotel in the distance. G. $15

NY436. E&HT Anthony. No. 6728. Receiving Ship “Vermont.” Brooklyn Navy Yard. G. $15

NY437. E&HT Anthony. No. 4802. Skating Scene in Central Park, Winter 1866. G. $15

NY438. E&HT Anthony. No. 1776. Saloon of the Steamer St. John. VG. $15

NY439. E&HT Anthony. No. 5943. Saloon of the Steamer “Bristol,” from aft looking forward. VG. $20

NY440. E&HT Anthony. No. 1894. The Dove Cot. Photographed by Thos. C. Roche. VG. $20

NY441. E&HT Anthony. No. 4115. Upper Saloon of the North River Steamer Dean Richmond. G. $15

NY442. E&HT Anthony. No. 895. Fleet of Sloops going up the East River. G. $15

NY443. E&HT Anthony. No. 1165. The Bow Bridge. Photo. by Thos. C. Roche. G. $15

NY444. E&HT Anthony. No. 5905. Saloon of the Steamer “Bristol,” from midship looking aft. G. $15

NY446. E&HT Anthony. No. 3726. The Music Stand. Photo. by Thos. C. Roche. G. $10

NY447. E&HT Anthony. No. 6232. Statue of “Auld Lang Syne,” near the Casino. G. $10

NY448. E. Anthony. No. 318. Broadway from Corner of Murray St., Looking South. Barnum’s Museum is in the distance. 2-cent cancelled tax stamp on verso. G. $15

NY449. E&HT Anthony. No. 6596. The Herald Building and Park National Bank. G. $10

NY450. E&HT Anthony. No. 8046. Fifth Avenue, Looking North from 34d Street. G. $20

NY452. E&HT Anthony. No. 8726. High Bridge. View of Bridge and Tower. VG. $15

NY453. William England for the London Stereoscopic Company. No. 135–Broadway, New York. (Instantaneous Photograph.) Tinted. G. $100