Erie RR Depot
T129. [E&HT Anthony, unlabeled]. New Jersey. Erie R.R. Depot. Fair. $65

NJ30. G.W. Pach, N.Y. At the Start. This is Monmouth Park, Long Branch, N.J. taken in 1870. This view is illustrated in Double Exposure and Double Exposure Two by George H. Moss, Jr. VG. $65

NJ31. G.W. Pach, N.Y., Long Branch and Ocean Grove. Long Branch and Vicinity. Manuscript title on verso “No. 200. Hollywood, Residence of Mr. John Hoey. VG. $35

NJ32. G.W. Pach, Ocean Grove, NJ. Beach Scene. VG. $40

NJ33. G.W. Pach, Ocean Grove, NJ. Asbury Park. Wesley Lake Sept/’76. VG. $45

NJ34. G.W. Pach, Ocean Grove, NJ. Untitled. VG. $25

NJ35. G.W. Pach, Ocean Grove, NJ. Unidentified group of distinguished men. At right in the background one can see a sign which reads “Photo…”, probably Pach’s gallery sign. VG. $50

NJ37. G.W. Pach, Ocean Grove, NJ. Untitled. VG. $20

NJ39. G.W. Pach, Ocean Grove, NJ. View in Hoey’s Park, No. 136. VG. $20

NJ40. G.W. Pach, Ocean Grove, NJ. Wesley Lake between Ocean Grove and Asbury Park, NJ. G. $25

NJ41. E. Anthony. Up and Down the Shrewsbury. No. 622. Three Fair Daughters of Jersey. G. $45

NJ42. William England for the London Stereoscopic Company. View at Paterson, NJ. VG. $40

NJ63. [O.H. Willard]. Cape May. $25