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Huge Crowd at Ocean Grove. Beautiful Stereoview by noted photographer GW Pach of huge crowd gathered on the sand on the New Jersey coast. E. $45

G.W. Pach & Bros. Long Branch and Vicinity. Cottage of ex-President Grant, Long Branch. E. $95

Bergen Hill Up the Stone Steps near Plank Walk  Bergen Hill Up the Stone Steps near Plank Walk
NJ14. E&HT Anthony. Views About Bergen Hill, Opposite New York. No. 5995. Looking up the Stone Steps from near the Plank Walk. VG. $40

Erie RR Depot
T129. [E&HT Anthony, unlabeled]. New Jersey. Erie R.R. Depot. Fair. $65

Cape May Cape May
NJ17. W. Long, Photographer, Congress Hall Lawn, Cape May, N.J. Beach scene. G. $28

Pompton NJ by Doremus
NJ20. Doremus, Paterson, NJ. Views in Northern New Jersey titled Views on the N.Y. and O. Midland Rail Road, No. 60. Lake Arrareek, Pompton, N.J. G. $75

NJ30. G.W. Pach, N.Y. At the Start. This is Monmouth Park, Long Branch, N.J. taken in 1870. This view is illustrated in Double Exposure and Double Exposure Two by George H. Moss, Jr. VG. $65