i71.JPG (32074 bytes)
F. Jay Haynes, Fargo, D.T. 114. Indian Village on Banks of Mississippi. On back is written: “Near our swimming place-Village not there now.” VG. $250

B.F. Childs, photo. Published by Brubaker & Whitesides, Marquette, Mich. Gems of Lake Superior Scenery. Mrs. Lo and Little Negee. “89” in right negative. G+. $75

T.H. O’Sullivan. Expedition of 1873. 1st Lieut. Geo. M. Wheeler. Corps of Engineers, Commanding. Geographical and Geological Explorations and Surveys West of the 100th Meridian. No. 6. Group of Zuni Indian “Braves,” at their pueblo, N.M. This image shows O’Sullivan’s large format wet-plate camera at the bottom right. VG. $350

i100.JPG (32249 bytes)
James Esson, Preston. 243. Chippewa Indians on Collingwood and Lake Sup. Line. VG. $300

i103.JPG (23505 bytes)
F. Jay Haynes, Fargo, D.T. 120. Down the Mississippi. Above Brainerd. 2 white men in canoe, 2 Indians on shore. VG. $325

i125.JPG (38274 bytes)
T.H. O’Sullivan. Wheeler Expedition of 1873. No. 28. Navajo Boys and Squaw, in front of the quarters at old Fort Defiance, N.M., now unoccupied by troops. The agency for the Navajos is located here. VG. $250

Timothy O’Sullivan. Darien Expedition, Comd’r Selfridge, Comd’g. India Rubber Hunter. G+. $200

George Curtis, Niagara Falls. 334. Papoose in Indian Cradle. VG. $30

T.H. O’Sullivan. Wheeler Expedition of 1874. No. 40. Ute Braves, of the Kah-poh-teh band, Northern New Mexico, in “full dress.” VG. $325

Image by Chamberlain of Denver on Chas. Weitfle, Central City, Colo mount. 331. The Late Chief Ouray & Staff. (Thank you to Paula Fleming). VG. $650

Whitney’s Gallery, St. Paul. Wah Bo Jeeg, (White Fisher), Chief Gull Lake Band Chippewas. An old warrior once taken prisoner by the Sioux, and speaks the language. VG. $275

No ID. Probably Winnebagos, with bow and arrows, single eagle feathers, blankets, etc. VG. $375

No ID. Probably Winnegagos, several groupings, spontaneous, unposed image. VG. $125

N.A. Forsyth, Butte, Montana. Joe La Moose in His War Paint. E. $175

N.A. Forsyth, Butte, Montana. Smoking Pipe of Peace at Grass Dance. E. $150

N.A. Forsyth, Butte, Montana. The Choosing Dance of the Blackfeet. VG. $125

N.A. Forsyth, Butte, Montana. Sun Worshippers, Preparing for Sun Dance. E. $125

N.A. Forsyth, Butte, Montana. Mr. Wild Gun and Family (Blackfeet). G. $100

N.A. Forsyth, Butte, Montana. Pretty Little Indian Girls VG. $100

N.A. Forsyth, Butte, Montana. Four Little Indian Boys. VG. $100

C.W. Carter, Salt Lake City, Utah. Shoshone or Snake Chief. VG. $350

[N.A. Forsyth, Butte Montana.] A Flathead Babe in Her Cradle Board. VG. $125

N.A. Forsyth, Butte, Montana. 559. A Nes Perce Indian on His War Horse. VG. $150

[N.A. Forsyth, Butte, Montana.] Medicine Woman Praying to the Sun. VG. $175

W.H. Jackson, Denver, Col. 391. Bannock Indians-Scene at Agency. G. $275

W.H. Jackson & Co., Denver, Colo. Family Group of Utes. VG. $475

[Baker & Johnston, Evanston, Wyoming]. Mission School, Shoshone and Arappahos Agency, Wyoming Ter. Crease at center but firm. G. $400

N.A. Forsyth, Butte, Mont. Nearing the End of a Noble Life, Chief Louison. VG. $150

W.H. Jackson. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey of the Territories. Prof. F.V. Hayden in charge. Views among the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Chief Peah in Headress. From Picture Maker of the Old West, pps. 196-197: “Chief Peah…was at first very pleased to pose….he wheedled a few friends into a group before a tepee, and Jackson photographed them. While Peah was busy…Jackson took a picture of his papoose on its carrying-board. As soon as Peah found out about this, he became very angry and, riding up with some companions, threw a blanket over the camera, protesting, ‘No sabe picture…all die….pony die….papoose die.'” G. $650

W.H. Illingworth. Published by Huntington & Co.,  Saint Paul, Minn. Stereographs of Minnesota Scenery. Old Betz. VG. $200

Geo. Barker, Niagara Falls, NY. 571-Squaw and Pappoose. VG. $35

No ID. Indian Woman breastfeeding child, Niagara Falls, NY. G. $125

Hillers for the U.S. Topographical and Geological Survey of the Colorado River of the West. J.W. Powell and A.H. Thompson. Indians of the Colorado Valley. No. 70. Nu-a-gun-tits. A tribe of Indians living at the Ve-gas, or Meadows, in Southwestern Nevada. Two “Old Boys.” VG. $200

W.H. Jackson credited on recto, Hillers on verso. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey of the Territories. Prof. F.V. Hayden, in charge. J.W. Powell, Geologist in charge. Indians of the Colorado Valley. Kai-vav-its. A tribe of the Pai Utes, on the Kai-bab Plateau, near the Grand Canon of the Colorado, in Northern Arizona. No. 13. The Basket-Maker. G. $150

Alaska Indians at Sitka
NA493. Continent Stereoscopic Co., NY. Alaska Indians at Sitka. VG+. $250

Pueblo Tesuque Indians Pueblo Tesuque Indians
NA496. Henry Brown, Santa Fe, N.M. Pueblo Tesuque Indians. No. 69. Two Indians hold pistols and there is an interesting figural doll on the shoulder of the man at center. G. $500

Indian Teepee by Haynes Indian Teepee by Haynes
NA499. F. Jay Haynes, Fargo, D.T. 585. Indian Wigwam or Teepee. In this case it’s a teepee. VG. $200

Arizona Indians Grinding Flour by BuehmanArizona Indians Grinding Flour by Buehman
NA500. H. Buehman, Tucson, A.T. 26. Grinding flour. VG. $300

Arizona Indian with Rifle by Buehman Arizona Indian with Rifle by Buehman
NA501. H. Buehman, Tucson, A.T. 74. Cactus.  I love the way Buehman titles this view “Cactus” when we think the interesting part is the Indian with his rifle. VG. $350

Indian Camp Thousand Islands Indian Camp Thousand Islands
NA502. A.C. McIntyre, Alexandria Bay, River St. Lawrence. Indian Camp, Thousand Islands. G. $150

Soo Wigwam by Child
NA504. Child’s Art Gallery, Marquette, Mich. Gems of Lake Superior Scenery. Soo Wigwam. VG. $85

Indian Chiefs, President Arthur's Trip to Yellowstone Indian Chiefs, President Arthur's Trip to Yellowstone
NA509. F. Jay Haynes, Fargo, D.T. Group of Indian Chiefs during President Arthur’s trip to Yellowstone. VG. $375

Indians on Horseback, President Arthur's Trip to Yellowstone Indians on Horseback, President Arthur's Trip to Yellowstone
NA510. F. Jay Haynes, Fargo, D.T. Group of Indians on horseback, President Arthur’s trip t0 Yellowstone. VG. $375

Indian Basket Makers, Watkins, NY
NA544. Gates & Co., Watkins Glen, NY. The Indian Basket Makers, Watkins, NY. VG. $100

Pueblo Tesuque Indian Children  Pueblo Tesuque Indian Children
NA549. Bennett & Brown, Santa Fe, N.M. Among the Ancient and Interesting Scenery of New Mexico. No. 68. Pueblo Tesuque Series. The Little Darlings, Pueblo Tesuque Indian Children. VG. $200

The Lo Family-Ye Noble Reds  The Lo Family-Ye Noble Reds
NA551. Caswell & Davy, Duluth, Minn. Lake Superior Scenery, North Shore. From another copy of this view, the title is No. 78. The Lo Family-Ye Noble Reds. VG. $475

General Jeff C. Davis and Officers of the Modoc Campaign  General Jeff C. Davis and Officers of the Modoc Campaign
NA552. Muybridge. The Modoc War. 1621-Generals Jeff C. Davis, Hardie, and Gillem; and Officers of the Modoc Campaign. VG. $1200

Tuscarora Bead Makers
NA553. Geo. Barker, Niagara Falls, NY. Tuscarora Squaws-Luna Island-Niagara. G. $125

Black Bear Making Speech
NA554. N.A. Forsyth, Butte, Mont. Black Bear Making Speech at Sun Dance Ceremony. VG. $150

At the Rancherio
NA558. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 222. At the Rancherio, Mendocino County, California. VG. $250

Squaws Dressing Buffalo Hides Squaws Dressing Buffalo Hides
NA565. S.J. Morrow, Yankton, D.T. Views of Gen’l Crook’s Expedition and the Black Hills. No. 15. Squaws dressing Buffalo hides, and showing manner of stretching them. VG. $750

Old Horse Rails and Squaw Old Horse Rails and Squaw
NA570. S.J. Morrow, Yankton, D.T. Old Horse Rails and Squaw. G. $525

Chiefs of the Mandans
NA576. S. J. Morrow, Yankton, Dakota. Photographic Gems from the Great North-West. Chiefs of the Mandans. VG-. $975

Modoc War Headquarters
NA578. Watkins’ Pacific Coast. 2505 Headquarters and Bluff, view taken from beyond picket line, looking North-West. Modoc War view. VG. $650

Indian Sweat Bath, Sonoma County
NA579. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. Great Geyser Springs. 1168. Indian Sweat Bath, Sonoma County, Cal. VG. $150

Iron Bull, Crow Chief Iron Bull, Crow Chief
NA580. S. J. Morrow, Yankton, D.T. Photographic Gems of the Great North-West. Iron Bull, Chief of the Crow Nation. VG. $850

Indian Pueblos by Jackson
NA585. Image is by Hillers. Issued on W.H. Jackson, Washington, DC. Hayden Survey mount. Native American Pueblo. VG. $325

Indian Pueblos by Jackson
NA586. Image is by Hillers. Issued on W.H. Jackson, Washington, DC. Hayden Survey mount. Native American Pueblo with gathering of Native Americans. VG. $400

Indian Pueblos by Jackson
NA587. Image is by Hillers. Issued on W.H. Jackson, Washington, DC. Hayden Survey mount. Native American Pueblo. VG. $325

Indian Pueblos by Jackson
NA588. Image is by Hillers. Issued on W.H. Jackson, Washington, DC. Hayden Survey mount. Native American Pueblo. VG. $300

Indian Wigwam by Illingworth
NA589. W.H. Illingworth, St. Paul, Minn. Stereographs of Lake Superior Scenery. Indian Wigwam on the Saministiqua. VG. $250

Sioux Pappoose by Morrow Sioux Pappoose by Morrow
NA594. S.J. Morrow, Yankton, D.T. Photographic Gems of the Great Northwest. Indian Series. 111. Sioux pappoose asleep, bound in crib. VG. $200

Indian Delegation to see the President Indian Delegation to see the President
NA595. F. Jay Haynes, Fargo, D.T. Northern Pacific Views. Indian Delegation to the President. G. $200

Indian Camp, Thousand Islands Indian Camp, Thousand Islands
NA598. A.C. McIntyre. Scenery among the Thousand Islands, on the River St. Lawrence. Indian Camp. G. $85

Minnesota Sioux at Depot Minnesota Sioux at Depot
NA603. Nowack, Minneapolis. While there is a title listing on verso, no title matches the scene. Group of Minnesota Sioux with baggage at train depot. Natives in western dress and white man stand behind, one or more with rifles. G. $225

i611 Ute Indians by Kirkland
NA611. Kirkland. Ute Indians. G. $300

Forsyth Indian Stereoview
NA621. N.A. Forsyth, Butte, Montana. Blackfeet Lodge where Sun Dance is held. VG. $100

Forsyth Indian Stereoview
NA623. N.A. Forsyth, Butte, Montana. Gifts for the Sun, Blackfeet Sun Dance. VG. $125

Hillers Native American Stereoview i627b
Hillers for the Powell and Thompson Survey of the Colorado River. Indians of the Colorado Valley.  No. 69. Nu-a-gun-tits. A tribe of Indians living at the Ve-gas, or Meadows, in Southwestern Nevada. E-nu-ints-i-gaip, One of the Ancients. VG. $125

Hillers Native American Stereoview i633b
Hillers for the Powell and Thompson Survey of the Colorado River. Indians of the Colorado Valley.  No. 21. Kai-vav-its. A tribe of the Pai Utes, living on the Kai-bab Plateau, near the Grand Canon of the Colorado, in Northern Arizona. The Water Carriers. G. $125

Arizona Indian
NA651. Continent Stereoscopic Company, NY.  262-An Arizona Indian at Rest. Small split at left margin. G. $75

i653 Modoc Brave on War Path
NA653. Muybridge, published by Bradley & Rulofson, San Francisco. The Modoc War. 1627-A Modoc Brave on the War Path. G. $650

Cal907. Carleton Watkins, hand-signed and titled view.  1064. Ranchirie? at Clarks. The title on Carletonwatkins.org is “Indian Camp, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County, Cal.” VG. $350

Tuscarora Indians Beadwork Bags
NA665. Geo. Barker, Niagara Falls, N.Y. Tuscarora Squaws, Luna Island, Niagara. They are selling their beadwork bags. E. $125

NA669. F. Jay Haynes, Fargo, D.T. 559. Poplar Creek Landing. VG. $350

Yellowstone Kelly
NA671. S.J. Morrow, Yankton, D.T. Hunter discovers Indians Trail. This is Luther Sage “Yellowstone” Kelly (1849-1928). See my blog on Yellowstone Kelly. G. $500

NA687. [Ben Wittick] A rare cabinet sized view by Fort Wingate, New Mexico photographer Ben Wittick, showing a group of Mojave inside a brush shelter surrounding a prone emaciated man.  Captioned in period ink on verso “Sick Mojave-Indian sick with Rheumatism.” This image is illustrated in  Broder (1991) Shadows on Glass:  The Indian World of Ben Wittick, page 91, where it is captioned “Mojave Man Dying, Arizona, 1883.” VG. $1250

NA691. Edw. J. Muybridge, Helios, San Francisco. View of the Pacific Coast. Alaska Ter.–Sitka. Group of Indians. VG. $1000

NA692. Winnebago Chief, Supt. Janney, & Agent White. All Id’ed on front. VG. $1000

NA695. Charles A. Zimmerman, St. Paul, Minn. Ha-zon-e-yon-ke-win (Old Bets) (one who gathers berries running), 120 years old. G. $125

NA703. F.A. Taylor, St. Paul, Minn. Stereographs on the North Pacific. Ree Scots Medicine Wolf and Lover. They enlisted at Fort Abraham Lincoln in 1874. G. $400

NA705. Muybridge. The Modoc War. 1623–Donald McKay, the celebrated Warm Spring Indian Scout and his chief men. VG. $1000

NA706. Adrian J. Ebell, published by Whitney’s Gallery, St. Paul, Minn. “No. 70. Squaws Guarding Corn from Blackbirds. This picture was taken near the Indian Mission on the Minnesota River on the morning of the day of the massacre of 1862.” Ebell was a member of the Rev. Stephen Riggs’s escape party during the Minnesota Massacre, Aug. 21, 1862 in which 700-800 settlers were killed. This is one of three stereoviews made by Ebell during this event. E. $400

NA716. No ID. Omaha Wigwam. VG. $300

NA719. Charles A. Zimmerman, St. Paul, Minn. Old Betz. VG. $150

NA721. C.R. Savage, Salt Lake City, Utah. Views of the Great West from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean. Utah Series. Bannock Indians. G. $275

NA724. T.H. O’Sullivan. Wheeler Expedition of 1874. No. 42. Shee-zah-nan-tan, Jicarilla Apache Brave in characteristic costume, Northern New Mexico. VG. $125

NA729. Hillers for the Powell and Thompson Survey. Indians of the Colorado Valley. No. 2. Kai-vav-its. Group of Men in Full Dress. VG. $225

NA730. Muybridge, The Modoc War. 1626-A Modoc Brave on the War Path. Edw. J. Muybridge’s 1873 copyright line top recto. E. $1250

NA732. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. Central Pacific Railroad. 595. Digger Indian Hunter. G. $300

NA734. A.J. Russell & Co., Bowery, N.Y. Union Pacific R.R. Stereoscopic Views. Manuscript title on verso Snake Squaws Gambling, Utah. VG. $475

NA735. H.H. Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. St. Paul Ice Carnival 1886-1887-1888. 1567. Sioux Indians at the Carnival. A young Brave. E. $95

NA736. No photographer ID. Comanche Guard, St. Augustine. In 1875, a group of prisoners were brought to St. Augustine from Indian Territory. That group was comprised of 74 Native Americans selected from both the Darlington Agency and Fort Sill. There were 72 prisoners (71 male prisoners and one female prisoner named Mochi) and two family members of Black Horse (the family members were not classified as prisoners). Five different tribes were represented; the Cheyenne, Arapaho, Kiowa, Comanche, and Caddo.

The prisoners arrived in May of 1875 and they endured three years of confinement in St. Augustine. When the prisoners first arrived, they were housed inside the casemates, access to the gun deck was restricted, and they were guarded and kept within the confines of the fort. The rooms had dirt floors with leaky ceilings which contributed to unhealthy living conditions. Poor accommodations, confinement, and idleness prompted Captain Pratt to push for a big change at the Castillo.

Captain Richard Henry Pratt was an officer in the 10th Calvary assigned to oversee Indian Army Scouts. He had traveled with the prisoners from Indian Territory and remained in St. Augustine to oversee the prisoners, yet he was not the jailor at the fort. Captain Pratt begins writing letters to officials in Washington DC detailing the poor conditions at the fort and asking for control of the prison. He also shared with those officials his plans to assimilate the prisoners. He will initially encounter some opposition and he will combat a lot of skepticism, but within 6 months of the incarceration, he is named the jailer.

Captain Pratt will implement some radical changes at the Castillo in an effort to assimilate the younger men into white, Protestant society. To accomplish that objective, he will change the appearance of the prisoners. He will cut their hair and put them in army uniforms. He will form a guard unit, providing those guards with rifles, and they will guard themselves during the rest of their confinement. Local women will volunteer their time to teach classes at the Castillo. Classes will occur Monday thru Friday, in the casemates, and those classes will focus on different subjects such as English, arithmetic, science, and social studies. One famous teacher at the fort is Harriet Beecher Stowe. Ms. Stowe would spend her winters in Florida, and while visiting St. Augustine, she would often teach lessons to the prisoners.

Additionally, many of the prisoners will engage in activities to earn money. Some would work steady jobs, others completed odd jobs for hire, and many would sell objects to tourists. All of the income was retained by the prisoners and they could send that money home to family or use it to purchase items in the town. The prisoners were also allowed, and even encouraged, to leave the fort grounds. Captain Pratt viewed sojourns into the city as a means of teaching the prisoners more about white culture and society. The prisoners also engaged in recreational outings such as camping and sailing trips.

During the imprisonment, many of the young men were creating art. Those images today are known as Fort Marion Ledger Art. There were hundreds of drawings completed by many of the young men and those drawings give the modern viewer a glimpse into the world of these prisoners. Many of these drawings were sold to tourists or given away to dignitaries and politicians. Fort Marion ledger art can be found in museums, galleries, and private collections around the world.

The Plains Indian incarceration will last 3 years. In April of 1878 the prisoners are released and given the option of where to go next. The prisoners could choose to return to Indian Territory or they could continue their education in schools on the east coast. About 2/3 of the prisoners went back out west and 1/3 pursued further education. Many prisoners attended the Hampton Institute in Virginia and a few attended different institutions in the northeast. In 1879, one year after the imprisonment in Florida ended, Captain Pratt founded the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Carlisle PA. Some of the former prisoners went to Carlisle and helped Captain Pratt set up that school.

The experience of the prisoners in St. Augustine is a short chapter in the fort’s history but a very important one. And it’s a chapter that is not isolated to the pages of history. What happened in St. Augustine 140 years ago has had a direct impact on people living in our society today. The experience in St. Augustine inspires Captain Pratt to establish the Carlisle School, and the Carlisle School became a model for other off-reservation boarding schools that developed on the east coast. Off-reservation boarding school operated in the United States until the 1970’s. As a result, there are many people living today that attended one of those schools or who had close family members that attended. The Fort Marion imprisonment has had a long lasting impact on thousands of Native Americans throughout the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. VG. $400

NA737. Thomas Houseworth & Co., San Francisco. 606. Piute Indian Squaw. Trimmed, sides and top. G. $125

NA740. No photographer ID. Group of Warm Springs Indians, Chippewa with a non-Native-American man, possibly an Indian Agent. G+. $400

NA741. Baker & Johnson, Evanston, W.T. Chief Washakie (standing) of Shoshone Tribe, Colorado. $500

NA743. Brubaker & Whitesides, Marquette, Mich. 72-Indian Burying Ground L’Anse. VG. $125

NA744. H.H. Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. Among the Winnebago Indians. 484. Playing Wah-koo-ehad-ah (Moccasin) a favorite game. VG. $150

N.A. Forsyth, Butte, Mont. The Sampson of the Flatheads. VG. $125

NA746. Tony Kozla, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Seminoles. VG. $50

NA747. Tony Kozla, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Little Priscilla, Seminole Indian. VG. $50

NA754. C.R. Savage, Salt Lake City, Utah. Union Pacific. Group of Indians at Humboldt Station. G. $300

NA755. A.C. McIntyre & Co. Scenery among the Thousand Islands on the River St. Lawrence. Indian Camp. VG. $175

NA757. Whitney’s Gallery, St. Paul, Minn. Sha-Kpe (Little Six). Executed at Fort Snelling, Nov. 11, 1865, for participating in the massacre of 1862. VG. $325

NA758. Martin’s Art Gallery, St. Paul, Minn. Wa-bon-au-quot “White Cloud,” Chief of Gull Lake Chippewa, 1865. VG. $250

NA759. Martin’s Art Gallery, St. Paul, Minn. “Other Day,” Friendly Sioux Chief. On verso is written “Picture made in 1865. Saved the lives of 62 white settlers during Indian Massacre of 1862.” VG. $275

NA760. St. Clair’s Photograph Gallery, St. Paul, Minn. Indian Beauties (Sioux). VG. $200

NA761. Charles A. Zimmerman, St. Paul, Minn. Ne-Bah-Quah-Om, (Big Dog). A Chippewa Chief who offered himself and his band of Warriors to Gov’mt to fight the Sioux in their raid in Minnesota in 1862. VG. $300

NA762. Florida Club. St. Augustine Views. Comanche and Southern Cheyenne imprisoned at Ft. Marion for uprising in Arizona. Front Row L to R is a Comanche woman  married to the guy in the middle…”Black Horse.” The guy seated far right is S. Cheyenne “Minimic.” Back row the woman is S. Cheyenne named “Mo-Chi” (Buffalo Calf Woman) and the man next to her is “Medicine Water. Those two were involved in the kidnapping and killing of two “white” sisters with the surname “German.” G. $325

NA763. Indian Camp at Huron Mountain. VG. $125

NA765. Childs’ Art Gallery, Marquette, Mich. Gems of Lake Superior Scenery. A Chippewa Voyager. G. $85

NA766. Brubaker & Whitesides, Marquette, Mich. Gems of Lake Superior Scenery. 374-An Aboriginal Sorosis. A collector has provided the following suggestion regarding the title of this view: “Sorosis apparently was the name of a women’s club (organized in 1868) . From the Latin “soror” or sister, as in “Sorority”. Contemporary white viewers perhaps found this reference amusing?” VG. $250

NA767. C.B. Brubaker, Houghton, Mich. Untitled. Group of Native-American children. G. $150

NA768. C.B. Brubaker, Marquette, Mich. Gems of Lake Superior Scenery. No. 87-Be-bim-is-see (Flying Bird), Chief of the Chippewa. G. $75

NA769. B.F. Childs, published by Brubaker & Whitesides, Marquette, Mich. Gems of Lake Superior Scenery. Home of Old Nokomis. VG. $125

NA770. B.F. Childs, published by Brubaker & Whitesides, Marquette, Mich. Gems of Lake Superior Scenery. 71-Residence of the “Lo” Family-Sault Ste. Marie Rapids. G. $95

NA771. H.H. Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. Among the Winnebago Indians. 481. Ma-Bes-e-da-he-gah. (Bear that digs a hole.) VG. $125

NA777. [H.H. Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis.] Among the Winnebago Indians. Untitled view of Big Bear. E. $125

NA783. H.H. Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. In and About the Dells of the Wisconsin. 1122. Towards the Narrows from the Dell House Beach. E. $50

NA784. H.H. Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. St. Paul Ice Carnival. 1566. Sioux Indians at the Carnival, young Braves and Squaw. E. $125