Please Note: There a number of Views of Mississippi Steamboats in the Ships Section.

McLeish & Pasel, St. Paul. Lake Superior Scenery, North Shore. Toledo, or Beck’s Mine. G. $125

W.H. Illingworth. Published by Flower & Hawkins, St. Paul. Views Along the Line of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Manuscript title on verso “N.P.R.R. Farm Scene near Perham Minn.” VG. $65

H.C. Heath, La Crosse, Wis., publisher. Southern Minnesota Division, C.M. & St. P. R’y. Snow Blockade, March 29, 1881. VG. $75

H.H. Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. Among the Bluff Scenery of the Upper Mississippi. 1528. Down the river from the Bluff at Reed’s Landing. VG. $75

E.F. Everitt, Mankato, Minn. View of the Wreck, on the St. Paul & Sioux City Rail Road, Five miles East of the city of Mankato, April 18th, 1875. Group of dead cattle, men at work. VG. $75

H.H. Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. St. Paul Ice Carnival. 1573. Snow Statue of Borealis. E. $50

Monarch of the Prairie
MN117. Whitney & Zimmerman, Saint Paul, Minn. Monarch of the Prairie. VG. $125

Dells of the Vermillion  Dells of the Vermillion
MN126. Upton’s Minnesota and Northwestern Views. Dells of the Vermillion. Train over a trestle. VG. $85

Daming the Mississippi  Daming the Mississippi
MN130. Beal’s Gallery, Minneapolis, Minn. Scenes in the North Star State. Daming the Mississippi. VG. $200

MN134. H.H. Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. St. Paul Ice Carnival. 1557. Main Entrance to Palace Grounds. E. $50

MN136. H.H. Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. While the printed title is “1512. Bouncing an instantaneous view,” that is not the image on the card. On verso is written “Bridge at St. Paul.” VG. $45

MN137. Whitney’s Gallery, St. Paul, Minn. No. 162. Dog Train from Pembina. VG. $125

MN143. HH Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. St. Paul Ice Carnival. 1559. Palace from the East. E. $50

MN144. HH Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. St. Paul Ice Carnival. 1560. Main Entrance and Central Tower of Palace. E. $75

MN145. HH Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. St. Paul Ice Carnival. 1562. View in the Labyrinth. E. $75

MN146. HH Bennett, Kilbourn City, Wis. St. Paul Ice Carnival. 1572. Looking out of Palace. Night View. E. $75

MN152. G.L. Lucas, Sauk Centre, Minn. Street scene with signs. The building at the left is a photo studio with the sign “Lucas Bros. Photographers.” G. $125

MN153. G.L. Lucas, Sauk Centre, Minn. Waldorf Foundation 1882. G. $75

MN154. G.L. Lucas, Sauk Centre, Minn. Unidentified church. G. $20

MN155. W.H. Jacoby, Minneapolis, Minn. Camp Meeting. Probably Camp Sakatah, Waterville, MN. G. $25

MN156. W.H. Jacoby, Minneapolis, Minn. Men playing cards, uniformed, camp meeting. Probably Camp Sakatah, Waterville, MN. VG. $40

MN157. W.H. Jacoby, Minneapolis, Minn. Parade Ground. Camp Sakotah, Waterville, MN. VG. $45

MN158. Camp Sakatah, Waterville, MN. VG. $25

MN159. Upton, Minneapolis and St. Anthony. “From the waterfall he named her, Minnehaha, laughing water.” E. $40

MN160. Upton, Minneapolis and St. Anthony. Falls of St. Anthony. E. $35

MN161. Whitney’s Gallery, St. Paul, Minn. Falls of Saint Anthony. E. $45

MN162. Whitney’s Gallery, Saint Paul, Minn. Minne-ha-ha, Winter. E. $45

MN168. No ID. Suspension Bridge, Minneapolis over Mississippi River. VG. $15

MN169. No ID. The Devil’s Chair, St. Croix River, Taylors Falls, Minn. Nice graffiti on the rock. VG. $15

MN170. Palmer’s Stereo Views. 3rd St., St. Paul. VG. $20