Keystone. 9151. Company E, 7th U.S. Infantry, at Company Drill, Camp Chidkamauga, Ga. VG. $6

Milst2. Universal Photo Art. Co. 89. Fantastic dance of the Sultan’s bodyguard. Djokjakarta, Java. VG. $10

Milst3. U&U. Dock at Tamp on the Day of Sailing for Santiago de Cuba. VG. $10

Milst4. Keystone. 14254-Playing Backgammon During a Leisure Hour-One of the Diversions on Board a Battleship. VG. $10

Milst5. Keystone. 11833-Indian Soldiers, Bloemfontein, South Africa. E. $15

Milst6. B.W. Kilburn. 13221. Convalescent Ward, Field Hospital, Santiago de Cuba. G. $10

Milst7. U&U. U.S. Regulars -Fortress Monroe-last “mess” before leaving for the South and Cuba. G. $5

Milst8. Keystone. 9412-After Peace was Proclaimed-Embarkation of U.S. Artillery, Santiago, Cuba. VG. $8

Milst9. Keystone. 9156-Field Batteries-2nd and 3rd U.S. Artillery en route for Cuba. VG. $8

Milst10. Griffith & Griffith. U.S. Troops leaving San Francisco for Manila. G. $5

Milst11. Universal Photo Art Co. 5113. 4th Ohio Infantry at mess. VG. $10

Milst12. Universal Photo Art Co. 5222. Hobson’s Cell. Morro Castle, Santiago. VG. $8

Milst13. B.W. Kilburn. 13225. “The Peace Tree,” where Hobson was exchanged and where Gen. Torrel surrendered, Santiago de Cuba. G. $5

Milst14. B.W. Kilburn. 12747. In camp, Chickamauga, Ga. Library of Congress surplus duplicate. VG. $15

Milst15. Keystone. 9409-San Juan Hill, where Col. Roosevelt’s “Rough Riders” led the charge.-The Victorious Army in Camp. VG. $15

Milst16. Keystone. 11835-Digging Soldiers’ Graves, Bloemfontein, South Africa. VG. $10

Milst17. U&U. Church Street, looking west toward the public square, Pretoria, S.A. VG. $10

Milst18. U&U. South African Light Horse, coming down Adderly St., to entrain for the front, Cape Town. G. $10

Milst19. Keystone. 9250-Boarding the Transport Boats for Santiago, Tampa, Fla. VG. $10

Milst20. U&U. “Dearest Annie,-To-morrow we move on toward Santiago where we expect a hard battle.” G. $8

Milst21. Keystone. 11831-The English Army Hospital in the Raadzaal, Bloemfontein, South Africa. VG. $10

Milst22. U&U. Troop I, 15th U.S. Cavalry on the trunk of the “Fallen Monarch,” Mariposa Grove, California. E. $10

Milst23. Montgomery Ward & Co. 1506. Mess Time in the Commissary Tent. G. $10

Milst24. Keystone. 9252-Roosevelt’s “Rough Riders” leaving Tampa, Fla. VG. $10

Milst25. B.W. Kilburn. 14747. “Britons never will be slaves,” Col. Sam Hughes’ regiment at rest, Toronto, Can. Library of Congress surplus duplicate. E. $25

Milst26. W.E. Troutman, Inc. 5215-French underground telephone station, Peronne, France. VG. $15

Milst27. H.C. White Co. 8102. Captain and First Officer on Duty, S.S. Columbia, mid-ocean. VG. $6

Milst28. American Stereoscopic Company. A Pleasant Afternoon in Camp Tampa, Fla. G. $6

Milst29. B.W. Kilburn. 16489. Russian Infantry falling back to safer ground, Manchuria. G. $10

Milst30. Keystone. 9277-Our Boys in Camp-Writing a Letter for Home, Tampa, Fla. G. $10

Milst31. U&U. Camp of the Royal Niger Constabulary, present at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, London, England. G. $12

Milst32. Keystone. 14046-A Noon Lunch of Rice and Tea-Japanese Army on the way to the front. G. $10

Milst33. B.W. Kilburn. 16532. Rallying for another defense, Mukden, Manchuria. VG. $10

Milst34. Keystone. 9406-Morro Castle, from the Old Fortification, Santiago Harbor, Cuba. VG. $5

Milst35. U&U. Saturday Morning Inspection, Camp Tampa, Florida. G. $8

Milst36. B.W. Kilburn. 14902. Japanese Marines at the front. E. $10

Milst37. U&U. Light Artillery for Shipment to Santiago de Cuba. G. $10

Milst38. Keystone. 9265-U.S. Cavalrymen Training Horses, Camp Tampa, Fla. VG. $12

Milst39. U&U. Carrying Visitors to the great Warships, Naval Rendezvous, Hampton Roads, Virginia. VG. $10

Milst40. Keystone. 9413-The Embarkation of Spanish Troops, Santiago Harbor, Cuba. VG. $15

Milst41. B.W. Kilburn. 12605. Col. Fred D. Grant, Commanding 14th Regiment, N.G.N.Y. VG. $10

Milst42. B.W. Kilburn. 13346. Company E. 2nd U.S. Artillery at dinner near Cabanas Fortress, Cuba. Library of Congress surplus duplicate. VG. $25

Milst43. Keystone. 14255-Sailor Boys writing to their home folks-Life on board a Battleship. VG. $10

Milst44. B.W. Kilburn. 12633. Cooking in Camp, Tampa, Fla. VG. $15

Milst45. Keystone. 9389-Volunteers on Transport-Rio de Janiero, leaving San Francisco for Manila. VG. $15

Milst46. Universal Photo Art Co. 5104. 3rd Illinois Infantry awaiting orders to embark. VG. $10

Milst47. Keystone. 9234-Physical Drill-Company F, 9th Regiment, Infantry, Camp Chickamauga, Ga. VG. $10

Milst48. Keystone. 3rd Reg’t Vol. Engineers leaving St. Louis for Porto Rico. G. $15

Milst49. Cuba Libre to Arms-To Arms!! Incidents of the Spanish American War. VG. $25

Milst50. B.W. Kilburn. 16504. The Russians, winter quarters, Manchuria. VG. $10

Milst51. U&U. Penna. Cavalry at Newport News-en route to Porto Rico. VG. $15

Milst52. Keystone. 9233-Bouncing New Recruit, Camp Chickamauga, Ga. G. $12

Milst53. HC White Co. 8334. The men who are teaching the world how to fight-sturdy Japanese soldiers at the Emperor’s Birthday Review, Tokio, Japan. VG. $6

Milst54. U&U. Saturday Morning Inspection, Camp Tampa, Florida. VG. $6

Milst55. B.W. Kilburn. 14580. The soldiers lunch while on guard at the Court House, Canton, O. VG. $15

Milst56. B.W. Kilburn. 13345. Company E 2nd U.S. Artillery at dinner near Cabanas Fortress, Cuba. Library of Congress surplus duplicate. VG. $15

Milst57. HC White Co. 8318. Field Marshall Marquis Oyama, Marchioness Oyama, Lady Hisako Oyama their daughter and their two sons, in the garden of the Oyama home in Tokio. VG. $6

Milst58. Keystone. 8016-Dining Room, Soldiers’ Home, Marion, Ind. VG. $6

Milst59. No ID. Group of uniformed men with large crowd gathered behind them. VG. $15

Milst63. No ID. Looks like an Italian navy view with sailors and canon on board ship. G. $15

Milst65. No ID. Early, thin mount showing young soldier embraced by his wife I guess. G. $15

Milst66. No ID. Soldiers and cannon. Tinted. G. $10

Milst67. No ID. Military men on horseback. Tinted. G. $10

Milst68. No ID. Military men on horseback. Tinted. VG. $15

Milst69. No ID. Military men on horseback. Tinted. VG. $15

Milst70. No ID. Military men holding hands. VG. $20