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G.H. Nickerson, Provincetown, Cape Cod Scenery. Long Point. Feb. 15, 1875 written on verso. Printed title list on verso but no titles underlined. VG. $65

Nickerson & Smith, Provincetown. Whale. VG. $125

G.H. Nickerson, Provincetown. Cape Cod Views. Blackfish. Extensive title listing on label verso. VG. $85

No ID. The Wharves from Fish Island, New Bedford Mass.VG. $85

B.W. Kilburn. 368. Landing of the Pilgrims, Plymouth, Mass. VG. $25

G.H. Nickerson, Provincetown. Cape Cod Views. Fishing Fleet off Long Point. G. $75

J.W. & J. S. Moulton, Salem. No. 13. Rail Road Bridge. VG. $75

Stamp of B.F. Stevens, Peabody, Jeweler & Stationer, on verso. Peabody Square, Allens Block. Few spots on left image o/w VG. $150   [See Presidential Stereoviews Page for more views from this series.]

E.G. Rollins, Gloucester, Mass. Cape Ann Scenery. Harbor and Breakwater, Lanesville. VG. $100

G.H. Nickerson, Provincetown. Cape Cod Scenery. Gull Hill. G. $45

T. Lewis, Cambridgeport. 1775. Centennial Views. Battle of Bunker Hill. No. 24. 5th Maryland Regiment, Parade Ground, Common. VG. $45

Chas. Pollock, 1872. World’s Peace Jubilee. VG. $25

Chas. Pollock, 1872. World’s Peace Jubilee. VG. $25

Cowee, West Gardner, Mass. Written on back: “G.P. & J.G. Tales. Ash Bottom Chair Shop of J.G. Tales. Totally destroyed by fire December 1880. East Templeton View. This Howard White worked here as young man.” VG. $85

Cowee, West Gardner, Mass. Written on back: “Chair Shop of Poor & Pierce. Totally destroyed by fire March 1887. East Templeton View. Upper Shop Built by Frederick Parker Samuel Jennison & Joshua Sawyer who manufactured chairs from 1853 to 1861. Later chair shop of Parker & Carter (1863 to 1870). McLean & Dickerman 1870 to 1873; 1873 to 1875 Poor & Pierce. Destroyed by fire in March 1887 unoccupied. One of the places where Thomas Howard White worked.” VG. $85

Hall, Gt. Barrington, Mass. A view of men in front of a hunting and fishing lodge, lots of guns and poles. Some spots in right image at top of building. G. $40

Hall, Gt. Barrington, Mass. A view of the interior of a lodge. G+. $45

R.D. Ward, North Adams, Mass. No. 794. North Adams & Vicinity. Looks like a school picture. There are a pair of men on the top ledge of the building. VG. $35

E&HT Anthony. Springfield, Mass. No. 8927. “Daily Union” Building, Main Street. G+. $25

American Stereoscopic Co, Boston. No. 150. Head of Park, Lynn, Looking West. VG. $40

No ID. Washington Elm, Cambridge. VG. $45

Nickerson & Smith, Provincetown. Making Fish. G. $35

G.H. Nickerson, Provincetown. Cape Cod Scenery. Central House. VG. $65

Nickerson & Smith, Provincetown. Pilgrim House. VG. $65

J. Freeman, Nantucket. A School of Blackfish. VG. $75

H.D. Ward, North Adams, Mass. No. 829. Hoosac Tunnel. VG. $150

L.B. Howard, Brockton, Mass. Brockton Race Track. VG. $75

Nickerson, Provincetown. Sun Fish. VG. $95

H.D. Ward, North Adams, Mass. Hoosac Tunnel. No. 804. West End. Showing the Brick Arch. The distance from the mouth of this Arch to the heading is now about 4500 feet. G. $50

Houghton & Knowlton. Published by Henry M. Burt, Northampton, Mass. Burt’s Stereoscopic Views of Sugar Loaf Mountain and Vicinity. Conn. River Bridge and Sunderland Village, from Table Rock, Sugar Loaf Mt.-looking East. G. $35

No ID. Gay Head Lighthouse. VG. $85

Hurd & Smith’s Excelsior Gallery, North Adams, Mass. Hoosac Tunnel Route Series. Hoosac Tunnel–Interior View. These views are the first interiors ever made at the Hoosac Tunnel, and were taken under difficult circumstances. The material used for producing light, filled the heading with thick smoke, making chemical action almost impossible. The heading at this time is at a distance of 7750 feet from the West Portal. The West Shaft 318 feet deep, the rock over this 1700 feet thick. VG. $125

Hurd & Smith’s Excelsior Gallery, North Adams, Mass. 241. Miners descending the West Shaft. VG. $75

J.C. Moulton, Fitchburg, Mass. No. 87. Union Pass. Depot. VG. $65

No ID. Procession Sept. 17. Washington St. E. Dock Sq. Henry Ward Beechers Reg’t, Brookline, NY. Although it says “NY” this is Boston. During the Civil War, Beecher’s Church in Brooklyn raised & equipped a volunteer regiment. VG. $125

H.D. Ward, North Adams, Mass. 844. North Adams from Witt’s Ledge. E. $65

Fishermen, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts Fishermen, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
MASS139. Kilburn, although unlabeled. Titled in manuscript on verso “Fishermen, M. Vineyard, Ma.” This ID is incorrect. This is actually Kilburn 1236. Fishermen of Quidnet, Nantucket. (Thanks Chip.) VG. $75

Adams Express Company, Concord Massachusetts Adams Express Company, Concord Massachusetts
MASS140. [H.P. Moore, Concord, Mass.] Street scene showing the Adams Express Company and other storefronts. Wagons are loaded with packages out front.  A knowledgeable collector has identified this view as showing the Jeweler’s Building on Main St. in Worcester. The Adams Express Company was started in May of 1840 by a man named Alvin Adams in Boston. The primary business was the carrying of small parcels, bank drafts and other valuable items between Boston, Worcester, Norwich, New London and New York City with the use of steamboats and railroads. At this time the shipping and delivery business was booming. A number of large local and regional companies such as Livingston, Fargo & Company, Wells & Company, and Butterfield & Wasson were beginning during this year also. The men who put together these companies later on in 1849 put together what we now know as The American Express Company.  The business routes of the company expanded rapidly and at the start of the gold rush, a new trans-continental business development was started. Shortly after in 1849, Adams moved to California and started an Adams & Co.  This firm was closely related to that of the Eastern company but this one focused on the transportation of gold dust from San Francisco to New York.  During the Civil War the Adams Express Company initially acted as paymaster for both the Union and Confederate armies and later set up a separate wholly-owned company called the Southern Express to handle payment of the Southern troops. In 2004, the company observed its 150th year Anniversary. Today the Adams Express Company is still delivering and is a diversified equity investment company.  VG. $150

Quarries at Gloucester Massachusetts Quarries at Gloucester Massachusetts
MASS144. No ID. Quarries at Gloucester, Mass. VG. $85

Sankaty Head Lighthouse by Freeman
MASS145. J. Freeman, Nantucket. Sankaty Head Lighthouse. G. $75

Hoosac House and Depot  Hoosac House and Depot
MASS147. John S. Moulton, Salem, Mass. Hoosac Tunnel and Vicinity. No. 261. Hoosac House and Depot. G. $35

Western Portal, Hoosac Tunnel  Western Portal, Hoosac Tunnel
MASS152. H.D. Ward, North Adams, Mass. 808. Western Portal, Hoosac Tunnel. G. $35

Hoosac Tunnel, West End  Hoosac Tunnel, West End
MASS153. H.M. Ramsdell, North Adams, Mass. 58. Hoosac Tunnel, West End. G. $35

Deerfield River  Deerfield River
MASS155. U.S. Stereoscopic Co., Boston. Hoosac Tunnel & Vicinity. 578. Study at the Deerfield River. G. $20

West Entrance of Arch  West Entrance of Arch
MASS156. Hurd & Smith’s Excelsior Gallery, North Adams, Mass. Hoosac Tunnel Route Series. 218. West Entrance of Arch. G. $25

Hoosac Tunnel Looking Out, East End  Hoosac Tunnel Looking Out, East End
MASS157. E.D. Merriam, Greenfield, Mass. Hoosac Tunnel and Vicinity. Hoosac Tunnel, looking out-East End. G. $25

Entrance to Tunnel, East End  Entrance to Tunnel, East End
MASS158. No ID. Hoosac Tunnel & Vicinity. No. 262. Entrance to Tunnel, East End. VG. $30

Machine Shop at East End Hoosac Tunnel  Machine Shop at East End Hoosac Tunnel
MASS160. J.S. Moulton, Salem, Mass. Hoosac Tunnel and Vicinity. No. 274. Machine Shop at East End. G. $20

Shaft of Hoosac Tunnel  Shaft of Hoosac Tunnel
MASS161. Hurd & Smith’s Excelsior Gallery, North Adams, Mass. Hoosac Tunnel Route Series. 241. Engineers descending the West Shaft. G. $25

Bird's Eye View of Nantucket  Bird's Eye View of Nantucket
MASS166. J. Freeman, Nantucket. Bird’s eye view of the north part of Nantucket including the Ocean House and North Church. G-. $20

Nantucket from Tower North  Nantucket from Tower North
MASS168. J. Freeman, Nantucket. Nantucket from Tower North. On back is written “B’ot in Sankaty Head Lt. House, July 1881, Nantucket.” G. $25

Overview Nantucket  Overview Nantucket
MASS169. J. Freeman, Nantucket. Overview of Nantucket. G. $30

Wreck of Brig Poinsett  Wreck of Brig Poinsett
MASS171. J. Freeman, Nantucket. Wreck of Brig Poinsett Sept. 3rd, 1870. G. $25

Sankaty Head Light House  Sankaty Head Light House
MASS176. J. Freeman, Nantucket. Sankaty Head Light House and Keepers dwelling. G. $75

Deerfield River  Deerfield River
MASS186. John S. Moulton, Salem, Mass. Hoosac Tunnel and Vicinity. 270. Deerfield River. G. $8

West Entrance Looking in Hoosac Tunnel  West Entrance Looking in Hoosac Tunnel
MASS188. No ID. Hoosac Tunnel & Vicinity. 579. West Entrance, looking in. G. $20

Central Shaft Building  Central Shaft Building
MASS190. W.P. Hurd’s Excelsior Gallery, North Adams, Mass. Hoosac Tunnel Route Series. 235. General view of Central Shaft Building. G+. $40

West Entrance of Arch  West Entrance of Arch
MASS191. W.P. Hurd’s Excelsior Gallery, North Adams, Mass. Hoosac Tunnel Route Series. 218. West Entrance of Arch. G. $30

East End, Miners Going In  East End, Miners Going In
MASS192. W.P. Hurd’s Excelsior Gallery, North Adams, Mass. Hoosac Tunnel Route Series. 221. East End Miners Going In. VG. $40

Oak Bluffs Chapel  Oak Bluffs Chapel
MASS194. No ID. Oak Bluffs Chapel. VG. $25

Chapel, Oak Bluffs  Chapel, Oak Bluffs
MASS206. C.H. Shute & Son, Edgartown, Mass. No. 15. View of the Chapel, Oak Bluffs. VG. $20

Sea View House  Sea View House
MASS213. S.F. Adams, Oak Bluffs. Sea View House. VG. $25

Florence Sewing Machine Manufactory  Florence Sewing Machine Manufactory
MASS227. Burt’s Stereoscopic Views of Northampton and Vicinity. Photographed by Lovell & Knowlton. This view may have been taken by little-known photographer Charles Prouty, who worked for Lovell & Knowlton. Florence Sewing Machine Manufactory, at Florence. G. $75

After the Fire Ware, Massachusetts  After the Fire Ware, Massachusetts
MASS228. J.L. Lovell, Amherst, Mass. Morning after a fire at Ware, Mass. VG. $50

Mills at Ware, Massachusetts  Mills at Ware, Massachusetts
MASS229. J.L. Lovell, Amherst, Mass. Mills at Ware, Mass. G. $25

Soldiers' Monument, Williamstown, Mass.  Soldiers' Monument, Williamstown, Mass.
MASS230. J.L. Lovell, Amherst, Mass. Stereoscopic Views of Williamstown, Mass. Soldiers’ Monument. The Soldiers’ Monument is now at Williams College. It features a 96′ x 55′ x 55′ bronze statue of a Civil war soldier standing at parade rest on a 104′ by 84′ by 84′ octagonal granite base. The monument cost between $9,000 and $10,000 and was commissioned by the Society of Alumni of Williams College to commemorate Williams College students who died in the Civil War. The figure was sculpted by James Goodwin Batterson and designed by Joseph R. Richards. Cram and Ferguson was the architectural firm for the placement. The statue was cast at the Ames Manufacturing Company Foundry of Chicopee, MA. the contractor was the Sawyer Construction Company and the base was fabricated at the New England Granite Works. A moustached Union Army soldier is wearing a long coat, cape and cap while standing at parade rest. He is holding the muzzle of a rifle with both hands, left over right. His head is tilted slightly to his left. The monument was dedicated on July 28, 1868. Around 1926, the sculpture was removed from its original base, which was destroyed. The present base was designed by Cram and Ferguson, and the monument was reinstalled by the Sawyer Construction Company in 1928. This stereoview shows the statue on its original base. G. $35

 7 Views by Charles Prouty, Northampton MA  7 Views by Charles Prouty, Northampton MA
MASS231. Charles Prouty, Northampton, Mass. Group of 6 stereoviews by this little-known, rare photographer. Not in Darrah. Prouty appears to have worked for J.L. Lovell, Manchester Bros, Burt, and possibly others but these are the only views I’ve seen with his own backmark. Titles are: Residence of W. Tillotson, Northampton, Mass. (my boarding place); Owl’s Head Mountain House, C.E.; Flume below the Boulder; Echo Lake from Eagle Cliff; College Flower Garden, Amherst, Mass.; & Brattleboro, Vt. from Cemetery Hill. Obviously this group contains views of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont indicating the various locations that Prouty worked and likely resided. One view in this group is where he lodged when in Northampton. VG. $300

 Haydenville Brass Band
MU160. [Charles Prouty, MA]. No. 109. Haydenville Brass Band. This view is likely by Charles Prouty. It came from a collection of photos by Prouty who worked for a number of Massachusetts and RI photographers. VG. $200

Hoosac Tunnel Engineers Hoosac Tunnel Engineers
Mass240. H.D. Ward, North Adams, Mass. No. 836. Hoosac Tunnel. View of Central Shaft Buildings. Depth of Shaft from base of Building to bed of Road, 1000,80 feet. (Do they mean 1080 feet?). The well-dressed men in foreground are undoubtedly engineers and they are gathered around a scientific instrument on the platform at center. VG. $150

Nantucket Nantucket
Mass241. J. Freeman, Nantucket. Town from South Tower looking N.E. VG. $50

Mass245. W. Battelle. Taunton Stereoscopic Views. Written on back Taunton Normal School? G. $25

Fishermen of Siasconset
Mass246. Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. 1232. Fishermen of Siasconset, Nantucket. VG. $50

Martha's Vineyard
Mass256. Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. 1006. Sea View House, Martha’s Vineyard. VG. $25

Gay Head Light House
Mass257. Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. 2015. Gay Head Light House, Martha’s Vineyard. G. $25

Mass258. J. Freeman, Nantucket. G. $50

Mass259. J. Freeman, Nantucket. Overview. VG. $60

Mass260. J. Freeman, Nantucket. VG. $50

Mass261. J. Freeman, Nantucket. Whaling. VG. $85

Mass262. J. Freeman, Nantucket. VG. $50

Boys Sewing State Reform School
Mass263. No. 57. Boys Sewing, State Reform School, Westborough. VG. $35

Worcester Excursion Car Co.
Mass264. Worcester Excursion Car Co. No. 72. Grand Saloon. Plan C. Chipped lower left corner. G. $65

Cape Ann Stereoview
Mass265. J.W. & J.S. Moulton, Salem, Mass. Title is No. 212. Oldest House on the Cape, Pigeon Cove. VG. $20

O308. No ID. Iron Double-Track Railway Bridge, Boston & Albany R.R. Over the Connecticut River at Springfield, Mass. Designed by Chas. Hilton, Civil Engineer, Albany, N.Y. Riveted Diagonal Truss, 7 spans, 180 feet each. Total length, 1260 feet. Built by the Leighton Bridge and Iron Works, Rochester, N.Y. 1878. VG. $150

O320. No ID. View of the Picture Window at Gill’s “Art Store.” The Specialties at the Art Store, are Paintings, Water Colors, Engravings, Photographs, Statuary, Bronzes, Rogers’ Groups, Clocks, Picture Framing, Mirrors, Fine Stationery, Blank Books, Miscellaneous Books, Illustrated Books, Swiss Carvings, Russia Leather Goods. Gill’s Art Store, Springfield, Mass. VG. $150

O321. Published by C.F. Copeland, Manufacturer of Picture Frames, and dealer in Books, Stationery and Fancy Goods, Cor. Main and Centre Sts., Brockton, Mass. G. $40

O322. Advertising stereoview for the real estate project Ocean View Point, Pigeon Cove, Mass. The Extreme and Outermost Point of Eastern Massachusetts. The Greatest Variety of Scenery. The Finest Graded Avenues in New England. Title of this view is 1. Intersection of Point De Chene and Phillips Ave’s. VG. $85

O323. L.O. Churchill, Lowell, Mass. Advertising stereoview for the real estate project Ocean View Point, Pigeon Cove, Mass. Title listing on verso but no title is indicated. VG. $45

Mass268. O.F. Baxter, Chelsea, Mass. No. 3. 4th of July Celebration, Chelsea, 1868. VG-. $50

Mass270. J. Freeman, Nantucket. West from South Tower. VG. $45

Mass272. G.H. Nickerson, Provincetown, Mass. Cape Cod Scenery. Clay Cliffs by Highland Light. G. $35

Mass278. No ID. Dungeon Rock. G. $35