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No ID. No. 52. Canal St. North from Camp. G+. $100

S.T. Blessing, New Orleans. Levee, N.O. VG. $85

S.T. Blessing, New Orleans. No. 668. Swamp Scenery. VG. $45

S.T. Blessing, New Orleans. No. 414. Bird’s-Eye Panoramic View, No. 5. Taken from St. Patrick’s Church Spire, looking North. G. $45

LOU85. No ID. Canal St. to Christ Church. Stamp on verso “From M. Miller, Dealer in Photographs, Stereoscopic Views, Etc. 7 Charles St.” VG. $175

S.T. Blessing. Levee and River Views. No. 111. Red River Steamboat Landing. Cotton Bales on the Levee. This is the Steamboat “New Era.” VG. $125

LOU103. Mugnier, New Orleans. No. 52. Canal St., North from Camp. There is a partial sign for a photo gallery at the very right, “E.J. Sou…” VG. $150