Cashmere Gate of Delhi
India5. L.L. Hauser & Co., Milwaukee. No. 11. The Cashmere Gate of Delhi. Fair. $20

India7. Titled on verso “Tomb of Aurangzebe’s Wife and a portion of the City of Aurangabad.” Thick white mount. Fair. $20

India10. Titled on verso “Dam of the new tank above the Gov’t Garden at Buldana.” G-. $25

India Stereoview
India15. Bombay, “Chowpatty” (Back Bay). G. $25

India16. No ID. Calcutta. Entrance to Rahda Bazar. VG. $50

India53. No ID. 375. Native Cottage, Sreenuggur, Cashmere. G. $20

India54. No ID. 277. Native Shopkeeper, Offering Artifacts for Sale, Delhi. G. $40

India55. No ID. 368. Congregation of Natives at Fair by Dhul Lake, Sreenuggur. VG. $65

India56. E&HT Anthony. Views in India. 222. Spring Gardens, Atchibul, from the Hill Above. G. $20

India57. E&HT Anthony. Views in India. 235. View between Panjturni and Ummernatlr. G. $20

India58. E&HT Anthony. Views in India. 199. Camel from Ladock. G. $20

India61. E&HT Anthony. Views in India. 368. Congregation of Natives at a Fair by the Dhul Lake, Sreenuggur. VG. $65

India63. York’s Views of India.  Delhi. 278. Principal Entrance to the Jumma Musjeed. VG. $20

India66. No ID. Butler & Dressing Boy. VG. $75

India69. No ID. View of Tull Canton from SE. G. $10

India70. No ID. I can’t make out the writing on verso. G. $10

India71. No ID. There is some faded pencil writing that I can not make out. Also written is “The back building is a store room & cook-room.” G. $10

India72. No ID. VG. $15

India73. No ID. Mahomedan graveyard on Ajudaa road, Hyrabad. G. $10

India79. No ID. G. $15

India80. No ID. Hindu temple G. $15

India82. No ID. The tomb of Capt. Grant, Barrackpore, India. Tinted. G. $20

India87. Views in India. No. 8. Brahmin Temple, Kuloogoo Mully. G. $25

India88. Views in India. No. 14. Varsidavinelloor Pagoda and Car. G. $25

India90. Views in India. No. 17. Courtallum Pagoda, near the Waterfall. G. $25

India92. Views in India. No. 13. Boodhist Carvings on Rocks, at Kuloogoo Mully, Twenty Miles from Ettiapoorum, South India. Tinted. G. $25

India93. Temple Bailoor, India. G. $20

India94. E&HT Anthony. Views in India. 361. Path along the Mountain side. VG. $20

India95. E&HT Anthony. Views in India. 220. Ancient Temple known as Tukht-i-Suliman, Sreenuggur. VG. $20