There are other Haynes views listed in the Dakota Territory Section.

Northern Pacific Views. Big Horn Tunnel from West. VG. $250

Northern Pacific Railway. Untitled view of a large group of people, looks like the workers, ranch hands, servants, etc. of some farm or ranch with the owners seated at the left. VG. $95

365. W.E. Party Crystal Springs. This is the City of Worcester Train at Crystal Springs. This is the hunting party of Jerome Marble, Eastern Industrialist with their Northern Pacific RR Car in the Dakota Territory, Fall 1878. VG. $375

Yellowstone National Park. 1065. Sulphur Mountain and Valley. VG. $65

Yellowstone National Park. 1003. Boiling Sulphur Spring Formation. VG. $40

Yellowstone National Park. 1024. Gibbon Falls-Gibbon River. VG. $35

Yellowstone National Park. 1097. Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. VG. $40

Yellowstone National Park. 1084. Satan’s Bath House. VG. $35

Yellowstone National Park. The Castle Geyser Cone. VG. $40

Northern Pacific Views. 1760. Packer’s Quarters, Camp Bishop. President Arthur Excursion, Wyoming. VG. $350

F. Jay Haynes, Fargo, D.T. Northern Pacific Views. East Entrance to Mullen Tunnel. The 3800-foot Mullen Tunnel, cut through rock, took from January 1882 to November 22, 1883 to build. Illustrated as Plate 59, p. 82, F.J. Haynes, Photographer, published by the Montana Historical Society. VG. $200

Grant's Engineer Party, Upper Basin, Yellowstone by Haynes
FJ43. Haynes, Fargo. Northern Pacific Views. 1312A. Grant’s Engineer Party, Upper Basin. This is a view in Yellowstone. VG. $350

DT96. F. Jay Haynes, Moorhead, Minn. The Great Wheat Farms of Dakota. No. 139. Harvest Hands, Dalrymple. VG. $65

DT97. F. Jay Haynes, Fargo, D.T. 39-Plowing. G. $35