Please Note: Glass stereoviews are notoriously difficult to scan as the distance of the actual image from the scanner bed varies depending on the thickness of the cover glass and the precise construction of each image. Therefore, some of the images appear dark or blurry but are actually fine and sharp in real life. I have often scanned the image from both the front and back as sometimes one side or the other more clearly shows the image.

GLASS VIEW BY BIERSTADT BROS. NEW ORGAN MUSIC HALL BOSTON! Rare Glass Stereoview by the renowned Bierstadt Bros. of New Bedford, Mass. Title is 337. New Organ, Music Hall, Boston, Mass. $150

GLASS VIEW BY ANTHONY, FIFTH AVENUE HOTEL! Rare Glass Stereoview by E&HT Anthony. Title is 1587. New-York. Fifth Avenue Hotel. You just don’t find Anthony glass stereoviews of NYC. VG. $200

Brevete, s.g.d.g. Vue de la Moldau a Prague. VG. $85

3055. Passage dans les Grands Goulets (Dauphine). VG. $75

[Ferrier et Soulier]. 447. Escalier des Geants, vue de face, a Venise. VG. $75

[Ferrier et Soulier]. 451. Perspective de Saint-Marc et le palais ducal (Venise). VG. $95

[Ferrier et Soulier]. 470. Perspective de la cour du palais ducal, a Venise. VG. $95

[Ferrier et Soulier]. 456. Le Rialto, a Venise. VG. $125

[Ferrier et Soulier]. 449. Panorama de Venise, cote du palais ducal. VG. $95

No ID. 1244. Fontaine du cloitre de Batalha, Portugal. VG. $65

No ID. 4349. Vue du pont de Prague et de la Kleinseite. VG. $95

No ID. 4359. Vue de Prague a l’Est. VG. $125

J. McPherson, Niagara Falls, NY. Untitled view showing two people on the slope with the falls behind. VG. $200

No ID. 677. Suisse, Oberland. Chute intermediaire du Reichenbach a Meyringen. Could be the falls where Holmes sent Moriarty to his death! VG. $85

Francis Frith.  354 scratched in negative. Grottos and Cut Rocks in the Sand-Stone Quarries at Hagar Silsili. E. $250

No ID. 8656. Le Caire, pres de la citadelle (Egypte). VG. $125

F. White, Lancaster, NH. White Mountain Scenery. Glen Ellis Falls. Distant View. VG. $150

No ID. 8786. Thebes. Statues de Memnon (Egypte). VG. $165

Ferrier & Soulier. 1027. Entre du palais de Dolma Bovleche et rives du….(Constantinople). VG. $150

No ID. 331. Rocher et Temple de la Sybille, Tivoli. VG. $150

No ID. 19982. Vue de Venise prise de St. Georges. VG. $125

W.L.. A Street in Bellagio. VG. $150

W.L. Street in Bellagio. VG. $150

H.J.Y. 584. Piazza Pretoria, Palermo. This view is very nice, not as dark as scan. VG. $125

No ID. 693. On the road to Monreule. Palermo. This view is beautifully clear although impossible to scan. VG. $100

J. McPherson, Niagara Falls, NY. This is Blondin crossing on the high wire. G. $150

No ID. 1072. Trou Perdu, via Mala (Splugen). VG. $35

No ID. Zermatt et le Cervin. No. 1. VG. $65

Ferrier et Soulier. 9016. Passage des Echelles a la jonction, ascension au mont Blanc. VG. $100

Avenue des Sphinx by Frith Glass View  Avenue des Sphinx by Frith Glass View
GL100. Francis Frith. “362” in negative, “2362 Avenue des Sphinx, pres Karnak, No. 1” at bottom, “2363. Avenue des Sphinx et les magnifiques Propylees Ptloemeens, pres Karnak, no. 1” and more on label on verso. VG. $200

Glass Civil War View 
CW563. E&HT Anthony. Rare Glass Civil War Stereoview. War Views. No. 3124. Interior View of Fort Moultrie, Charleston Harbor, Looking to the Sallyport. VG. $275

Exposition Universelle 1867 Glass Stereoview
GL104. 8112. Exposition Universelle de 1867. Pavilion Imperial. Needs retaping on left side. Corner chip lower left corner not affecting image. G. $85

Exposition Universelle 1867 Glass Stereoview
GL105. 8074. Exposition Universelle de 1867. Section Italienne. Some tape loss on sides. G. $85

Exposition Universelle 1867 Glass Stereoview
GL106. 8131. Exposition Universelle de 1867. Galeries du Travail. Section Francaise. Two cracks on backing glass, not on image glass, in lower left corner. Fair. $40

Exposition Universelle 1867 Glass Stereoview
GL107. 8174. Exposition Universelle de 1867. Vue dans le Jardin Reserve. VG. $65

Exposition Universelle 1867 Glass Stereoview
GL108. 8218. Exposition Universelle de 1867. Galerie du travail, section Prussienne. VG. $125

Exposition Universelle 1867 Glass Stereoview
GL109. 8082. Exposition Universelle de 1867. Galerie des Beaux-Arts. Section Italienne. VG. $75

Exposition Universelle 1867 Glass Stereoview
GL110. 8215. Exposition Universelle de 1867. Mobilier, Section Americaine. VG. $150

Moonlight Glass Stereoview
GL112. Quite an amazing shot by moonlight. VG. $100

CW1206. Rare Civil War Glass Stereoview by Platt D. Babbitt titled Col. Duryea’s Adjutant’s Mess. Possibly taken at Fort Schuyler in the Bronx NY before they headed south. VG. $850

Chicago Glass Stereoview
GL113. Rare glass tinted stereoview titled Chicago. Le Chemin de fer aerien. Amerique. VG. $195