Gen8. No ID. The Young Ship Builders. Tinted. VG. $35

J. Elliott. Untitled but another view of the Bride. Tinted. VG. $45

J. Elliott, although unlabeled. Another view of the Bride with Bridesmaids. Tinted. VG. $45

No ID. Game of Forfeits. Tinted. VG. $25

No ID. Shoemaker at work. Tinted. G. $20

No ID. Behind the Scenes. Tinted. VG. $15

No ID. The old ones too are sometimes foolish. Tinted. G. $10

No ID. Little Bo Peep. Tinted. G. $10

No ID. Les Favorites du Ballet. Tinted. VG. $20

No ID. Returning from the field. Tinted. G. $20

New York Stereoscopic Co. Private Post. G. $35

Photographie C.G. a Paris. Groupes de Genre. Busy cafe garden scene with bandstand. G. $25

Groupes et Sujets. Tinted Zouaves. VG. $75

No ID. Interesting stage scene, mostly women. VG. $35

No ID. Great tinted view titled 27-Say, Little Boy, can you Play “Dreaming of Thee?” The signs on the building behind read “Gallery,” “James L. Warner,” “London Stereoscope Photography.” VG. $50

No ID. Many students dressed as Zouaves, soldiers in the back. Tinted. VG. $45

No ID. Tinted joyous scene, folks are drinking. G. $25

No ID. Interesting view of group of natives, colorfully dressed, tinted, etc. G. $75

The London Stereoscopic Company. Untitled but also “The Ghost in the Stereoscope. (Kindly suggested by Sir David Brewster.)” G. $75

The London Stereoscopic Company. The Ghost in the Stereoscope. (Kindly suggested by Sir David Brewster.) Bottom corner of right view missing. G-. $50

[The London Stereoscopic Company.] The Ghost in the Stereoscope. (Kindly suggested by Sir David Brewster, K.H.). VG. $75

Arlequinades No. 1. G. $75

Arlequinades No. 4. VG. $85

Arlequinades No. 5. G. $65

Arlequinades No. 6. G. $75

Arlequinades No. 9. G. $85

Arlequinades No. 11. VG. $95

No ID. The Thief Captured (Voleur Pris). Tinted. VG. $15

Awful Discovery-Giant Insects Awful Discovery-Giant Insects
Gen86. No ID. Awful Discovery! Tribulations d’un Demenagement, Horrible decouverte! Tinted. G. $85

Dumanet au Serail  Dumanet au Serail
Gen87. Charles Prul furme & Henri Tournier. Dumanet au Serail. This is No. 4 in the 12-card series of a French Soldier in the Orient. Avant l’arrivee de Dumanet. VG. $50

The Ghost in the Stereoscope  The Ghost in the Stereoscope
Gen89. The London Stereoscopic Company. The Ghost in the Stereoscope, (kindly suggested by Sir David Brewster). Tinted. VG. $65

Scenes In Our Village Scenes In Our Village
Gen90. T.R. Williams. Scenes in Our Village. Old Dancy Enjoying His Pipe. Tinted. G. $200

gen98 Forbidden Fruit
Gen98. No ID. Forbidden Fruit. Tinted. G. $15

Parlor Games
Gen100. No ID. Group engaged in parlor games. Boy is blindfolded. G. $15

Before the Masked Ball Tinted
Gen104. Sophus Williams, Berlin, 1879. Tinted view titled 66. Vor dem Maskengall (Before the Masked Ball). Slight trim on sides o/w VG. $20

Puss in boots Puss in boots
Gen105. No ID. Puss in boots series. No. 1857. Tinted. VG. $25

gen106 Puss in boots
Gen106. No ID. Puss in boots series. No. 1858. Tinted. G. $20

gen107 Puss in boots 
Gen107. No ID. Puss in boots series. No. 1860. Tinted. VG. $25

gen109 Puss in boots
Gen109. No ID. Puss in boots series. No. 1861. Tinted. VG. $25

Gen112. TOBY, blindstamp, lower left margin. (Jean Jacques Nancy & Francois Mathieu). Reflection in a circular mirror, tinted. VG. $50

Gen114. No ID. Woman reading a letter, two others look on from behind the curtain. There looks like there is a CDV on the table as well. Tinted. VG. $25

gen122 gen122b
Gen122. Alfred Silvester. “Look before you Leap!” Lodge 9581. Tinted. VG. $50

gen128 gen128b
Gen128. [Alfred Silvester.] Good Bye. Tinted. VG. $35

gen129 gen129b
Gen129. No ID. Stage Box. Tinted. VG. $40

gen131 gen131b
Gen131. No ID. The Old, Old Story. Tinted. VG. $30

gen133 gen133b
Gen133. No ID. Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child. Tinted. VG. $35

gen135 gen135b
Gen135. Alfred Silvester. The Morning Call. Tinted. VG. $35

gen136 gen136b
Gen136. No ID. The Miser. Tinted. VG. $35

gen137 gen137b
Gen137. No ID. Rustic Music. Tinted. VG. $35

gen139 gen139b
Gen139.  No ID. The Opera. Tinted. VG. $45

gen140 gen140b
Gen140. No ID. The Opera. Tinted. VG. $45

Shadow Dance gen144b
Gen144. Tinted 1860’s stereoview titled The Shadow Dance. Scene from Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” as produced by C. Kean, Esq., at the Princesses Theatre. Slight trim at right side of card. VG. $25

gen145 gen145b
Gen145. The First-Born. VG. $25

gen146 gen146b
Gen146. Curiosity Punished. VG. $25

gen148 gen148b
Gen148. What do You Think of That? VG. $25

gen149 gen149b
Gen149. J. Elliott. Ball. VG. $35

gen150 gen150b
Gen150. A. Silvester. The Morning Drive. G. $20

gen151 gen151b
Gen151. TOBY (Jean Jacques Nancy & Francois Mathieu). St. Valentine’s Day. Deception. VG. $25

gen152 gen152b
Gen152. A. Silvester. Stage Box. VG. $35

gen153 gen153b
Gen153. Label on verso from Heinrich Keller, Libraire, Frankfurt A/M. G. VG. $20

gen155 gen155b
Gen155. Punch’s Stereoscopic Sketches. No. 2. The Cobbler in Pain. Companion to the Cobbler in Love. VG. $25

gen157 gen157b
Gen157. Pencilled title in German on verso. I wonder if that large framed image on the wall is a daguerreotype. G. $30

gen158 gen158b
Gen158. Guess My Name! VG. $15

gen159 gen159b
Gen159. The Birth of an Heir. VG. $20

gen160 gen160b
Gen160. J. Elliott. A bit of Living Dresden. VG. $35

gen161 gen161b
Gen161. TOBY (Jean Jacques Nancy & Francois Mathieu). The Wedding Day! Departure for Church. G. $25

gen162 gen162b
Gen162. No. 206. Hoop de Dooden Do. VG. $75

gen163 gen163b
Gen163. Rustic Music. VG. $75

gen164 gen164b
Gen164. I am going to be Married. VG. $75

gen165 gen165b
Gen165. TOBY (Jean Jacques Nancy & Francois Mathieu). Midnight Alarm! G. $25

gen166 gen166b
Gen166. The Rejected. VG. $25

gen167 gen167b
Gen167. J. Elliott. The Blind Beggar. VG> $35

gen168 gen168b
Gen168. Blindstamp on left margin for German firm. Confession as it may be. Right side trimmed. G. $25

Gen170. VG. $15

Gen173. VG. $20

Gen176. VG. $20

gen180 gen180b
Gen180. A. Silvester. (Phiz). The Morning Call. VG. $25

gen181 gen181b
Gen181. A. Silvester. (Phiz). The Bride’s Toilet. VG. $25

gen182 gen182b
Gen182. Alfred Silvester. The Light (Knight) of the Bath. VG. $25

gen183 gen183b
Gen183. R. Boning. She Stoops to Conquer. Act III. Scene III. Marlow.–(Kneeling.)–Does this look like security? Does this look like confidence? VG. $15

gen185 gen185b
Gen185. Miss Windham. VG. $20

gen188 gen188b
Gen188. Titled in German on verso. G. $25

gen189 gen189b
Gen189. Do you know me now? VG. $20

gen191 gen191b
Gen191. Les Favorites du Ballet. G. $20

gen192 gen192b
Gen192. Modern Accomplishments. VG. $20

gen193 gen193b
Gen193. The Bride. VG. $20

gen194 gen194b
Gen194. G.B. Coming In. VG. $20

gen195 gen195b
Gen195. Caught in the Act! Servant, loq.–“Another letter for the Old Boy!” VG. $20

gen196 gen196b
Gen196. Untitled. VG. $15

gen199 gen199b
Gen199. Ireland’s Eyes. VG. $15

gen201 gen201b
Gen201. The Chambermaid. VG. $10

gen203 gen203b
Gen203. Label on verso for Heinrich Keller, Frankfurt. VG. $15

gen204 gen204b
Gen204. Family Jars. VG. $15

gen205 gen205b
Gen205. The Bride. G. $12

gen206 gen206b
Gen206. The Thief Captured. (Voleur Pris.) VG. $15

gen207 gen207b
Gen207. Label on verso for Heinrich Keller, Frankfurt. VG. $15

gen208 gen208b
Gen208. The Male Nurse. VG. $15

gen209 gen209b
Gen209. Family Jars. VG. $15

gen210 gen210b
Gen210. Coming In. VG. $15

gen213 gen213b
Gen213. Forbidden Fruit. VG. $15

gen215 gen215b
Gen215. Label on verso for Heinrich Keller, Frankfurt. VG. $15

gen216 gen216b
Gen216. Title in German on verso. G. $12

gen217 gen217b
Gen217. Car, Yer Honor? G. $10

gen221 gen221b
Gen221. Label on verso for Heinrich Keller, Frankfurt. VG. $15

gen223 gen223b
Gen223. Family Jars. (Retour du Cabaret). VG. $15

gen224 gen224b
Gen224. The Soiree. VG. $10

La Vie Militaire de Jean-Jean
Gen228. La Vie Militaire de Jean-Jean. No. 1. Depart de Jean-Jean pour l’armee. G. $50

Gen229. La Vie Militaire de Jean-Jean. No. 2. Jean-Jean ayant merite l’estime de ses chefs, obtient un poste d’honneur. G. $50

Gen231. La Vie Militaire de Jean-Jean. No. 4. Voulant seduire le beau sexe par ses graces, Jean-Jean apprend la dance. G. $50

Gen233. La Vie Militaire de Jean-Jean. No. 6. Le sergent regale, mais Jean-Jean paie. G. $50

Gen234. La Vie Militaire de Jean-Jean. No. 9. Jean-Jean voit le feu pour la premiere fois. G. $50

Gen235. La Vie Militaire de Jean-Jean. No. 11. Jean-Jean prent gout au metier. Tinted. G. $60

Gen236, 237, 239. B.K., Paris. 3 views from Les Theatres de Paris. Titles are: 4. Les Huguenots. L’Apparition; 7. Le Duel; & 10. L’Honneur Triomphe. Tinted. VG. $30

Gen242. Tinted image of two women in rural studio scene, one with exposed breast. VG. $35

Alphabet des Costumes
Gen244. Alphabet des Costumes. M. Mexicains. VG. $150