Gen8. No ID. The Young Ship Builders. Tinted. VG. $35

J. Elliott. Untitled but another view of the Bride. Tinted. VG. $45

J. Elliott, although unlabeled. Another view of the Bride with Bridesmaids. Tinted. VG. $45

No ID. Game of Forfeits. Tinted. VG. $25

No ID. Shoemaker at work. Tinted. G. $20

No ID. Behind the Scenes. Tinted. VG. $15

No ID. The old ones too are sometimes foolish. Tinted. G. $10

No ID. Little Bo Peep. Tinted. G. $10

No ID. Les Favorites du Ballet. Tinted. VG. $20

No ID. Returning from the field. Tinted. G. $20

New York Stereoscopic Co. Private Post. G. $35

Photographie C.G. a Paris. Groupes de Genre. Busy cafe garden scene with bandstand. G. $25

Groupes et Sujets. Tinted Zouaves. VG. $50

No ID. Interesting stage scene, mostly women. VG. $35

No ID. Great tinted view titled 27-Say, Little Boy, can you Play “Dreaming of Thee?” The signs on the building behind read “Gallery,” “James L. Warner,” “London Stereoscope Photography.” VG. $50

No ID. Many students dressed as Zouaves, soldiers in the back. Tinted. VG. $45

No ID. Tinted joyous scene, folks are drinking. G. $25

No ID. Interesting view of group of natives, colorfully dressed, tinted, etc. G. $65

The London Stereoscopic Company. Untitled but also “The Ghost in the Stereoscope. (Kindly suggested by Sir David Brewster.)” G. $50

The London Stereoscopic Company. The Ghost in the Stereoscope. (Kindly suggested by Sir David Brewster.) Bottom corner of right view missing. G-. $50

[The London Stereoscopic Company.] The Ghost in the Stereoscope. (Kindly suggested by Sir David Brewster, K.H.). VG. $50

Arlequinades No. 1. G. $50

Arlequinades No. 4. VG. $50

Arlequinades No. 5. G. $50

Arlequinades No. 6. G. $45

No ID. The Thief Captured (Voleur Pris). Tinted. VG. $15

Awful Discovery-Giant Insects Awful Discovery-Giant Insects
Gen86. No ID. Awful Discovery! Tribulations d’un Demenagement, Horrible decouverte! Tinted. G. $50

The Ghost in the Stereoscope  The Ghost in the Stereoscope
Gen89. The London Stereoscopic Company. The Ghost in the Stereoscope, (kindly suggested by Sir David Brewster). Tinted. VG. $65

gen98 Forbidden Fruit
Gen98. No ID. Forbidden Fruit. Tinted. G. $15

Puss in boots Puss in boots
Gen105. No ID. Puss in boots series. No. 1857. Tinted. VG. $25

gen106 Puss in boots
Gen106. No ID. Puss in boots series. No. 1858. Tinted. G. $20

gen107 Puss in boots 
Gen107. No ID. Puss in boots series. No. 1860. Tinted. VG. $25

gen109 Puss in boots
Gen109. No ID. Puss in boots series. No. 1861. Tinted. VG. $25

Gen114. No ID. Woman reading a letter, two others look on from behind the curtain. There looks like there is a CDV on the table as well. Tinted. VG. $25

gen122 gen122b
Gen122. Alfred Silvester. “Look before you Leap!” Lodge 9581. Tinted. VG. $50

gen128 gen128b
Gen128. [Alfred Silvester.] Good Bye. Tinted. VG. $35

gen129 gen129b
Gen129. No ID. Stage Box. Tinted. VG. $40

gen131 gen131b
Gen131. No ID. The Old, Old Story. Tinted. VG. $30

gen133 gen133b
Gen133. No ID. Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child. Tinted. VG. $35

gen135 gen135b
Gen135. Alfred Silvester. The Morning Call. Tinted. VG. $35

gen137 gen137b
Gen137. No ID. Rustic Music. Tinted. VG. $35

gen140 gen140b
Gen140. No ID. The Opera. Tinted. VG. $45

gen145 gen145b
Gen145. The First-Born. VG. $25

gen146 gen146b
Gen146. Curiosity Punished. VG. $25

gen148 gen148b
Gen148. What do You Think of That? VG. $25

gen149 gen149b
Gen149. J. Elliott. Ball. VG. $35

gen150 gen150b
Gen150. A. Silvester. The Morning Drive. G. $20

gen151 gen151b
Gen151. TOBY (Jean Jacques Nancy & Francois Mathieu). St. Valentine’s Day. Deception. VG. $25

gen152 gen152b
Gen152. A. Silvester. Stage Box. VG. $35

gen153 gen153b
Gen153. Label on verso from Heinrich Keller, Libraire, Frankfurt A/M. G. VG. $20

gen155 gen155b
Gen155. Punch’s Stereoscopic Sketches. No. 2. The Cobbler in Pain. Companion to the Cobbler in Love. VG. $25

gen158 gen158b
Gen158. Guess My Name! VG. $15

gen159 gen159b
Gen159. The Birth of an Heir. VG. $20

gen160 gen160b
Gen160. J. Elliott. A bit of Living Dresden. VG. $35

gen161 gen161b
Gen161. TOBY (Jean Jacques Nancy & Francois Mathieu). The Wedding Day! Departure for Church. G. $25

gen163 gen163b
Gen163. Rustic Music. VG. $75

gen165 gen165b
Gen165. TOBY (Jean Jacques Nancy & Francois Mathieu). Midnight Alarm! G. $25

gen166 gen166b
Gen166. The Rejected. VG. $25

gen167 gen167b
Gen167. J. Elliott. The Blind Beggar. VG> $35

Gen176. VG. $20

gen180 gen180b
Gen180. A. Silvester. (Phiz). The Morning Call. VG. $25

gen181 gen181b
Gen181. A. Silvester. (Phiz). The Bride’s Toilet. VG. $25

gen182 gen182b
Gen182. Alfred Silvester. The Light (Knight) of the Bath. VG. $25

gen183 gen183b
Gen183. R. Boning. She Stoops to Conquer. Act III. Scene III. Marlow.–(Kneeling.)–Does this look like security? Does this look like confidence? VG. $15

gen188 gen188b
Gen188. Titled in German on verso. G. $25

gen189 gen189b
Gen189. Do you know me now? VG. $20

gen195 gen195b
Gen195. Caught in the Act! Servant, loq.–“Another letter for the Old Boy!” VG. $20

gen196 gen196b
Gen196. Untitled. VG. $15

gen204 gen204b
Gen204. Family Jars. VG. $15

gen205 gen205b
Gen205. The Bride. G. $12

gen206 gen206b
Gen206. The Thief Captured. (Voleur Pris.) VG. $15

gen208 gen208b
Gen208. The Male Nurse. VG. $15

gen209 gen209b
Gen209. Family Jars. VG. $15

gen215 gen215b
Gen215. Label on verso for Heinrich Keller, Frankfurt. VG. $15

gen216 gen216b
Gen216. Title in German on verso. G. $12

gen223 gen223b
Gen223. Family Jars. (Retour du Cabaret). VG. $15

gen224 gen224b
Gen224. The Soiree. VG. $10

La Vie Militaire de Jean-Jean
Gen228. La Vie Militaire de Jean-Jean. No. 1. Depart de Jean-Jean pour l’armee. G. $50

Gen229. La Vie Militaire de Jean-Jean. No. 2. Jean-Jean ayant merite l’estime de ses chefs, obtient un poste d’honneur. G. $50

Gen231. La Vie Militaire de Jean-Jean. No. 4. Voulant seduire le beau sexe par ses graces, Jean-Jean apprend la dance. G. $50

Gen233. La Vie Militaire de Jean-Jean. No. 6. Le sergent regale, mais Jean-Jean paie. G. $50

Gen234. La Vie Militaire de Jean-Jean. No. 9. Jean-Jean voit le feu pour la premiere fois. G. $50

Gen235. La Vie Militaire de Jean-Jean. No. 11. Jean-Jean prent gout au metier. Tinted. G. $60

Gen236, 237, 239. B.K., Paris. 3 views from Les Theatres de Paris. Titles are: 4. Les Huguenots. L’Apparition; 7. Le Duel; & 10. L’Honneur Triomphe. Tinted. VG. $30

Gen253. [T.R. Williams]. Scenes in Our Village. A Rest by the Way. Tinted. VG. $95

Gen254. [T.R. Williams]. Scenes in Our Village. The Doctor’s one Cow Dairy. Tinted. VG. $85

Gen255. [T.R. Williams]. Scenes in Our Village. John Syms at his pig sty. Tinted. VG. $95

Gen256. [T.R. Williams]. Scenes in Our Village. The First Warm Day in Spring. Tinted. Old crease at center, card is firm. G. $50

Gen257. [T.R. Williams]. Scenes in Our Village. Rick Making. VG. $150

Gen259. No ID. Camp de Chalons (1857). 167. Ecole de musique. G. $50

Gen260. No ID. Camp de Chalons (1857). Bris d’armes. VG. $85

Gen261. No ID. Sujets Pompadour. No. 10. Le Dejeuner sur L’Herbe. VG. $35

Gen262. No ID. Sujets Pompadour. No. 1. La Surprise. Tinted. G. $25

Gen263. No ID. Sujets Pompadour. No. 9. La Promenade a Cheval. Tinted. G. $25

Gen264. No ID. La Vie Militaire de Jean-Jean. No. 3. Ce n’est pas a l’exercise que Jean-Jean brille. Tinted. Paper adhesion toward top of left view. G-. $25

Gen271. London Stereoscopic Co. Footsteps of Angels. Tinted. G. $25

Gen274. Stagecoach loaded with people and buggy racing. G. $10

Gen275. Domestic scene. Early view. G. $10

Gen276. Tinted domestic scene. VG. $10

Gen278. Tinted view courtship. VG. $10