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The Florida Club. St. Augustine Views. River Front St. Augustine. VG. $45

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The Florida Club. St. Augustine Hotel. VG. $35

No ID. Light House, St. Augustine. The light house looks enormous in this view. VG. $85

W.H. Cushing, Palatka, Fla. “Yankees” on Ocklawaha Steamboat. G. $35

A.F. Styles, Burlington, Vt. Scenes in Florida. 606. Charlotte St., St. Augustine. VG. $30

No ID. Cracker Cart in the St. Johns’ River. VG. $25

No ID. 107. Florida Cracker. VG. $35

Agnew's Landing, Silver Springs Run, Florida Agnew's Landing, Silver Springs Run, Florida
FL58. Wilson & Havens, Savannah, Ga. 217. Silver Springs Run, Fla. Agnew’s Landing. VG. $75

fl60 fl60b
FL60. E&HT Anthony. Views in St. Augustine, Florida. No. 9650. Panorama from Florida House, Looking North-East. VG. $85

FL75. Wilson & Havens, Savannah, Ga. 153. Bay Street, Jacksonville, Fla. G. $75

FL77. Residence of Harriet Beecher Stowe, Florida. G. $25

FL79. Geo. Barker, Niagara Falls, NY. Florida-Alligators Sunning Themselves-Indian River. G. $25

FL90. Wilson & Havens, Savannah, Ga. 165. Residence of Harriet Beecher Stowe, at Mandarin, on St. John’s River, Fla. VG. $35

FL95. The Florida Club. St. Augustine Views. Plaza and Monument, and showing the Old Spanish Governor’s House, now used as Post Office and Court House. G. $10

FL99. Entrance to Dr. Anderson’s Orange Grove. G. $10

FL100. Plaza and Monument. G-. $5

FL101. An Interior View of the Old Spanish Fort, at St. Augustine, Florida. G-. $5

FL103. The Doorway of the Fort, showing the old Spanish Coat of Arms over the Door, and the wheel by which they hoisted up the Drawbridge. G. $10

FL104. Sea Wall. G-. $5

FL106. Geo. Pierron. St. Augustine Views. Century Plant in Bloom. G. $12

FL108. View from the Top of the Watch Tower. VG. $15

FL111. The Florida Club. Southern Gems. Green Cove Springs, St. John’s River. G. $10

FL113. The Florida Club. St. Augustine Views. Old Fort San Marco, now Fort Marion. VG. $15

FL117. C. Seaver, Jr. The Southern Series. No. 5. Florida Express. VG. $15

FL120. Wilson & Havens, Savannah, Ga. 299. Ocklawaha River, Fla. Post Office at Sharp’s Ferry. VG. $75

FL121. U.S. View & Portrait Co., Chicago. Near Silver Springs, Fla. VG. $35

FL122. Wood & Bickel, Jacksonville, Fla. Banana Tree. African-American seated on the ground. VG. $50

FL124. Packing oranges at Bishop, Hoyt & Co., Citra, Fla. On verso is written “M.M. & W.H. Gardner, photographer.” African-American man looks at camera. G. $75

FL125. Florida Club, St. Augustine, Florida. Spanish Cathedral. Military Band out front. VG. $25

FL130. Cushing’s Popular Scenes. “Home” of Mr. E. Bailey at San Mateo. African-American woman stands by the house. VG. $25

FL132. Ober Brothers, Fernandina, Fla. New Series, Florida Views. Untitled view, blank back. Looks like a ship building shed, lumber around, a few people, boat in the water. G. $25

FL1333-137. Group of 5 views of St. Augustine. Titles are: Interior of Fort San Marco, showing entrance to Dungeon; City Gate, looking in; Cathedral; Cathedral and St. Augustine Hotel; & St. George Street showing Ruins of the Old Spanish Treasury Building. VG. $25