No ID. Mass. Charitable Mechanic Association. Thirteenth Exhibition-1878. G. $20

No ID. In pencil on verso “Lowell, Ma. 1895.” An agricultural exhition. VG. $60

R. Newell, Philadelphia. The Great Central Fair, Philadelphia 1864. Union Avenue. VG. $125

No ID. Exposition view, probably 1876 Centennial Expo. Back has illustration of the Holmes Stereoscope and ad for Joseph L. Bates. Photo exhibit on the right. VG. $45

B.W. Kilburn. 8560. Little Esquimaux, World’s Columbian Exposition. VG. $35

B.W. Kilburn. 8565. The Great Mastodon, Anthropological Building, World’s Columbian Exposition. VG. $35

B.W. Kilburn. 8164. Columbia and her Maids of Honor, Agricultural Building, Columbian Exposition. VG. $15

B.W. Kilburn. 8561. Esquimau Homes, World’s Columbian Exposition. VG. $15

B.W. Kilburn, Littleton, NH. 8232. Burning of the Cold Storage Building, Fifteen brave Firemen lost their lives, July 10th, Columbian Exposition. VG. $25

H.P. Macintosh, Newburyport, Mass. Odd Fellows’ Fair, City Hall, Newburyport. VG. $35

H.P. Macintosh, Newburyport, Mass. Odd Fellows’ Fair, City Hall, Newburyport. VG. $35

B.W. Kilburn, Littleton, NH. 7880. Esquimaux and their Summer Home, World’s Fair. VG. $15

F.L. Mortimer, Minneapolis, Minn. View at Exposition Grounds, Minneapolis 1882. VG. $85

F.L. Mortimer, Minneapolis, Minn. View at Exposition Grounds, Minneapolis 1882. VG. $65

F.L. Mortimer, Minneapolis, Minn. View at Exposition Grounds, Minneapolis 1882. VG. $65

Copelin & Son, Chicago. Grand Inter-State Exposition, Chicago. VG. $35

A. Watson. American Stereoscopic Company, W. Langenheim. Great Central Fair, Philadelphia, June, 1864. No. 3. Horticultural Department. VG. $150

R. Newell, Phila. Great Central Fair, Phila., June 7 to 28th, 1864. Union Ave. VG. $125

Centennial Photographic Co., Phila. New Orleans 1884-1885. 244. Wyoming Section G.&S. Building. VG. $50

Centennial Photographic Co., Phila. New Orleans 1884-1885. 700. The Vagabond. VG. $50

B.W. Kilburn, Littleton, NH. 8493. The Electric Fake, Midway Plaisance, World’s Fair, Chicago. VG. $20

B.W. Kilburn, Littleton, NH. 14468. Oriental Village, Pan American Exposition. VG. $35

Griffith & Griffith, Philadelphia, Pa. 11547. Tribal dance of the Igorrotes, Philippine section, World’s Fair, St. Louis, Mo. G. $50

B.W. Kilburn, Littleton, NH. 8020. Indian Warrior, Smithsonian Institute, Columbian Exposition. VG. $30

The Universal Art Company, F.A. Messerschmidt, Gen’l Ag’t and Manager, Naperville, Ills. Paris Exposition, 1900. x2950. Crowds Arriving at Grand Entrance. E. $75

 World's Largest Soda Fountain  World's Largest Soda Fountain
 No ID. The Largest and Most Magnificent Soda Water Apparatus in the World. 33 Feet High, 12 Feet in Diameter, Value, $25,000. It has Twenty-eight Soda and Mineral Water Tubes, and Seventy-Six Syrups. Manufactured by James W. Tufts, Patentee of the Arctic Soda Apparatus, Boston, Mass., and used at the Grounds of Centennial Exposition, 1876. VG. $275

Gun Display, Salamanca Gun Display, Salamanca
NYS351. C.L. Cornell, Randolph, NY. County Centennial at Salamanca, August 4, 5, and 6, 1908. VG. $75

PR188. B.W. Kilburn. 7924. Six Hundred Musicians rendering Columbian March at opening of Exposition. President Cleveland’s address, May Day. VG. $30

PR189. B.W. Kilburn. 7922. The Blind Chaplain opening the Columbian Exposition with prayer. President Cleveland’s address, May Day. VG. $30

Opium Smokers
Expo84. B.W. Kilburn. 8769. The Opium Smokers, Midway Plaisance, World’s Columbian Exposition. VG. $75

Performing Horse
Expo85. B.W. Kilburn. 10639. Obedience, Atlanta Exposition. VG. $45

Brooklyn Sanitary Fair expo89b
Expo89. W.E. James, copyright 1864. Sanitary Fair, Brooklyn, NY, held at the Academy of Music. New England Kitchen. Old New England Costumes. Rare, E. $300

Indian Curiosities
Expo90. Centennial Photographic Co.  International Exhibition 1876. Indian Curiosities, from Puget Sound. VG. $50

Expo92. International Exhibition 1876. Centennial Series. 2190. Elevated Railway, Centennial Grounds. An early monorail. VG. $150

HC White Co. 8602. Francois Airship about to ascend for a flight, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis. VG. $75

Keystone. 33867. Airplanes-Arthur Smith, the First Aviator to Loop the Loop, Ready to Take Off. This is at the Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco.  G. $50

Art Smith and his Aeroplane
A81. Keystone. 17814-Art Smith and His Aeroplane on the Aviation Field, Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif. G. $50

A86. [D.M. Stevens, Portland, Oregon]. The captive balloon at the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition, Portland, Oregon, VG. $75

NYC-1964-1965 World’s Fair. Lot of 14 stereoviews by Ethan P. Jackman. G. $495

Expo285. Centennial Photographic Co., Phila. 1014-Skeleton of Negatherium Cavreri. Agri. Hall. VG. $50