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All Diableries are tinted and pin-pricked.
The categorization used is based on the book by Brian May, Denis Pellerin, and Paula Fleming Diableries-Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell.

Diab2. A45. Le Tribunal de Satan. Tear right side of right image. G. $75

Diab4. A39. Entree d’Orphee aux Enfers. VG. $85

Diab11. A60. Retour des Courses en Enfer. VG. $125

Diab23. B5. Le Diable a l’Opera. E. $100

Diab38. D26. Demon du Jeu. Small tear on back tissue of left image. G. $85

Diab39. A18. Bal Chez Satan. VG. $100

Diab41. A52. Un Square en Enfer. G. $100

Diab43. A50. Salle de Jeu Chez Satan. Tears on right image, front and back. Fair. $40

Diab44. A29.Un Eldorado aux Enfers. Small tear on left image, larger tears on right image. Fair. $35

Diab46. A65. Une Nuit en Enfer. Small tears on both images. G-. $50

Diab47. A30. Theatre de Satan. Small tears on both images. G-. $50