Alex Martin, although unlabeled. 900. Manitou, Colo. Pike’s Peak in Distance. VG. $65

D.B. Chase, Trinidad, Colo. View from “Pictures of Buros, Sheep, Cattle, Round Ups. Branding, Mountins, Dale and Valley.” Ranching Scene. The photographer’s dark tent can be seen at the right of the right image. It is partially visible in the left image also but there is some negative damage at that point. Spot at top of right image. VG. $125

colo50.JPG (34034 bytes)
W.H. Jackson, Denver. Title on this great street scene is obscured but from another copy of this image it is 592. Harrison Street from Chestnut St., Leadville. Lots of action, signs, etc.  G+. $250

colo59.JPG (46555 bytes)
T.C. Miller, Alma Park. Great hydraulic mining scene during the territorial 70’s. VG. $275

colo61.JPG (37489 bytes)
Luke & Wheeler’s Rocky Mountain Views. Off for the Mines. Manuscript title on verso. G+. $350

colo62.JPG (38780 bytes)
Chas. Weitfle, Central City. No. 137. Leadville, Chestnut Street. VG. $275

W.H. Jackson, Denver. 808. Robert E. Lee Mine, Leadville. Stain in sky right image. G. $250

Chas. Weitfle, Central City. No. 209. View in Platte Canon. Engine and train at center of view. VG. $225

Gurnsey’s Rockly Mountain Views. No. 131. Silver Mining In Colorado. The Greyhound Lode (Galena). Cheyenne Mountain. VG. $250

F.A. Nims. No. 21. Indian Supply Train. VG. $50

[Weitfle]. Manitou and Vicinity-No. 91 1/2. Indian Supply Train in Ute Pass. VG. $75

No ID. US Signal Station, Pike’s Peak. VG. $45

Charles Weitfle, Central City, Colorado. No. 237 1/2. Hydraulic Mining, near Idaho. This refers to Idaho Springs, near Central City. VG. $250

Chas. Weitfle, Central City. No. 27. Gold Retorts, Value $22,500. VG. $250

W.H. Jackson & Co., Denver. 4302. Chipeta Falls. VG. $225

Gurnsey’s Rocky Mountain Views. No. 109. R.C. Luesley’s Burro Pack Train. VG. $125

Gurnsey’s Rocky Mountain Views. No. 131. Silver Mining in Colorado. The Greyhound Lode, (Galena). Cheyenne Mountain. VG. $250

Chas. Weitfle. No. 2-The Parade. View shows both Weitfle’s and Colliers’ Photograph Galleries on right. G+. $400

Alex Martin, Denver. No. 229. Prospectors’ Camp. VG. $275

Gurnsey’s Rocky Mountain Views. No. 160. U.S. Signal Station and Observatory. VG. $35

W.H. Jackson & Co, Denver, Colorado. 3116. Silver Bullion. G. $400

W.H. Jackson & Co, Denver, Colorado. 117. Larimer St. G. $350

J. Collier, Denver. No. 129. Manitou Series-Camping Among the Foot Hills. VG. $275

W.H. Jackson. Hayden Geological Survey of the Territories. 104. Rocks near Platte Canyon. Jackson’s Wagon and Dark Tent in view. VG. $450

Collier’s Rocky Mountain Scenery. No. 167. Clear Creek Series. Russell Gulch. This view shows the mode of mining by hydraulic process. The water used for this gulch is conveyed by a ditch from Fall river, a distance of 15 miles. Collier’s dark tent and equipment is in the foreground. VG. $150

Collier, Denver. No. 162. Clear Creek Series. Transportation Team, Georgetown. VG. $125

W.G. Chamberlain, Denver. Rocky Mountain Scenery. No. 311. Hot Soda Springs. Big Hot Spring Bath House. VG. $85

Alex Martin, Denver. Chestnut Street, Leadville. VG. $250

Alex Martin, Denver. Sunday morning in Camp. Eagle River series. VG. $150

Alex Martin, Denver. Central City from C.C.R.R. Extension; James Peak in the extreme distance. VG. $200

W.G. Chamberlain, Denver. No. 321. Georgetown from Griffith Mt. VG. $75

W.H. Jackson, Denver. 861, Elk, (there are other words that I can not make out). VG. $50

Chas. Weitfle, Central City. No. 24. Black Hawk, VG. $375

Chas. Weitfle, Central City. No. 50. Mines on Breese Hill. VG. $175

W.H. Jackson & Co., Denver, Colo. 915. North from Mt. Ouray. VG. $35

No ID. 65. Elks Horns found locked, Estes Park. Japanese stamp on verso. VG. $75

No ID. #27. Cleaning Fish at Grand Lake. VG. $125

W.G. Chamberlain, Denver. No. 655. Estes Park, and Long’s Peak. Long’s Peak, from Evan’s Ranch. VG. $200

Collier’s Rocky Mountain Scenery, Central City. No. 92. Volcano Series. Camp on Rim of the Crater. VG. $250

Collier’s Rocky Mountain Scenery, Central City. No. 79. Palmer’s Ranche on the Elkhorn. VG. $275

W.H. Jackson, Denver. Chestnut St. from Harrison Avenue, Leadville. VG. $275

W.G. Chamberlain, Denver. Inter Ocean Hotel. VG. $175

W.G. Chamberlain, Denver. No. 373. Denver High School. VG. $150

Keystone View Company. 2407-Cripple Creek, Col. VG. $50

Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. 2879. Sixty-five Tons of  Silver Buillion, Leadville, Col. VG. $125

Collier, Central City, Colo. No. 130. Silver Bricks. Spot at bottom right image o/w VG. $275

Summit of Grey's Peak, Colorado
Colo206. Alex. Martin, Georgetown, Colorado. Rocky Mountain Views. 2156. Summit of Grey’s Peak, Colorado. VG. $65

Hayden Scientific Party Hayden Scientific Party
Colo211. Gurnsey’s Rocky Mountain Views. No. 19. Hayden Scientific Party, La Vita Pass, Colorado, 1877. Another copy of this view which has been sold had a back label that listed the people in the view, several of whom were numbered in the image itself: No. 1, Dr. F.V. Hayden, United States Geologist; No. 2. General Strachey, the great English R.R. Engineer; No. 3. Dr. Asa Gray, Professor of Botany, Harvard College; No. 4. Sir Joseph Hooker, Professor of Botany, in charge of Botanical Gardens of Kew, England; No. 5. Dr. C.B. Lamborn; No. 6. Capt. Stephenson, Hayden’s Chief of Staff; No. 7. Mrs. General Strachey; No. 8. Mrs. Asa Gray. I have included photocopies of the front and back of that card along with this view. G. $450

Chinese Mining, Black Hawk colo213b colo213z
Colo213. No ID. No. 74. Chinese Mining Operation, on Clear Creek below Black Hawk. In the background on the right you can see the photographer’s wagon and can just make out “Stereoscopic Views.” G. $350

Miners Estes Park
Colo220. J.R. Riddle, Topeka, Kansas. Estes Park. 53. Off for the Range. G. $65

Burro Pack Train
Colo223. Gurnsey from Rocky Mountain Views. Published at Colorado Springs. Scenes on the Line of the Denver & Rio Grande Railway. No. 109. Burro Pack Train. In a mountain pass, loaded with merchandise for San Juan. VG. $75

Mrs. Maxwell
PP254. Chamberlain, Denver. Col. Mrs. M.A. Maxwell’s Rocky Mountain Museum. From the back label: “This Museum is the result of the untiring labor and artistic skill of Mrs. M.A. Maxwell, the proprietress, who, besides killing many of the Birds, Mammals and Reptiles, has prepared and arranged them all.” This view shows Mrs. Maxwell amid her creations. VG. $75

Colo225. Alex. Martin, Denver, Colorado. Rocky Mountain Stereoscopic Views. 232. The Rochester Graduate. Just read the story of Hannah Driffill on the back of this card. G. $275

Colo227. Chas. Weitfle, Central City, Colo. No. 184-Georgetown E. of Rose St. VG. $85

Colo228. Gurnsey’s Rocky Mountain Views, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Scenes on the Line of the Fort Garland Extension of the D. & R. G. R’y. No. 56. Sangre de Cristo Station, Summit of the Range. Veta Mountain in the Distance. E. $225

Colo229. Gurnsey’s Rockly Mountain Views, Colorado Springs, Colorado. No. 152. Leadville, Colorado. Vintage manuscript on verso “Where every one appears to be going to for the purpose of picking up silver by the bushel.” E. $250

Colo233. Chas. Weitfle. No. 16. Black Hawk to Central City. VG. $60

Colo234. Chas. Weitfle. No. 365. Tabor Grand Opera House, Denver. VG. $85

Colo236. W.H. Jackson, Denver, Col. Sinching Che. VG. $95

Colo237. W.H. Jackson, Denver, Colo. 1045. Cave of the Winds. Music Hall. Vg. $75

Colo238. W.H. Jackson, Denver, Colo. 1042. Cave of the Winds. Pillar Hall. G. $50

Colo240. Chas. Weitfle, Central City, Colo. 56. Beaver Brook Station. G. $65

Colo242. No photographer ID. No. 152. Clear Creek Series-Town of Idaho, Looking West. G. $150

Colo245. Chas. Weitfle, Central City, Colo. 5. Main Street, looking north, Central. VG. $225

Colo246. No photographer ID. Emigration to the Mountain. Valley of the Arkansas. VG. $125

Colo247. W.H. Jackson, Denver, Colo. 594. Main Street, Leadville. Partial sign for a “Photograph Gallery” at left. VG. $275

Colo257. G.D. Wakely. Chestnut St., Leadville, Col. G. $250

Colo266. Otto Westerman, Breckenridge, Colorado. Rocky Mountain Canaries. G. $45

Colo269. Chas. Weitfle, Central City, Colo. No. 208. Silver Bullion at Buena Vista. G. $175

Colo271. Wheeler. 2230. Toll Bridge, Pike’s Peak Trail. G. $15

Colo274. B.W. Kilburn. 5570. Loading the great Burro Train, Aspen, Col. VG. $10

Colo275. B.W. Kilburn. 5596. Mither and I, Pueblo, Col. VG. $8

Colo276. Keystone. 11652-Laden with ore from “Seven-Thirty” Mine, Silver Plume, Colo. VG. $10