No ID. Tropical Series. America Illustrated. No. 14. Moravian School, Friedland, St. Croix. VG. $325

No ID. Tropical Series. America Illustrated. No. 25. Market Girl, St. Thomas. VG. $150

No ID. Tropical Series. America Illustrated. No. 11. Basseterve, St. Christopher. VG. $125

No ID. Tropical Series. America Illustrated. No. 20. Harbor of St. Thomas. VG. $125

Panoramic View of St. Thomas Panoramic View of St. Thomas
CAR7. No ID. Tropical Series. No. 21. Panoramic View of St. Thomas. VG. $85

Bermuda by Heyl Bermuda by Heyl
CAR8. J.B. Heyl, Hamilton, Bermuda. Mountain Cabbage Palms. VG. $100

Bermuda by Heyl
CAR12. J.B. Heyl, Hamilton, Bermuda. No. 218. St. George from Barrack Hill. VG. $150

Front Street Hamilton Bermuda
CAR13. No ID. Wharf at Hamilton, Front Street. G. $200

CAR17. Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. 1917. The Fisherman’s Home, Bermuda. VG. $50

CAR18. Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. 1916. Cottage Home, Bermuda. VG. $75

CAR19. Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. 1915. Home of the Bermudians.–Bermuda. G. $60

CAR27. Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. 1839. Steamer “Camina” Hamilton Harbor, Bermuda. G. $50

CAR29. J. B. Heyl, Hamilton, Bermuda. No. 174-Onions down. G. $75

CAR33. J.B. Heyl, Hamilton, Bermuda. No. 2. Front Street. G. $85

CAR49. Arthur Green. Salt Kettle Ferry. VG. $75

Car51. Huge crowds in this view, unknow location. VG. $50

Car52. Unknown location. VG. $35

Car53. Balch’s Art Views. Bermuda Illustrated. 28.-Light House. G. $30

Car54. Panorama. Bermuda Islands. VG. $10

Car56. Kilburn Brothers. 1888. Light-House, Gibb’s Hill, Bermuda. VG. $35

Car57. Kilburn Brothers. 1846. View from Hamilton Hotel, Hamilton-Bermuda. G. $10

Car58. J.B. Heyl, Hamilton, Bermuda. No. 11.-Cemetery, Ireland Island, B. G-. $10

Car59. J.B. Heyl, Hamilton, Bermuda. Untitled. G. $15

Car60. Balch’s Art Views. Bermuda Illustrated. 8.-Banana and Papan Trees. VG. $20

Car61. Foot of Barnaby Street, Hamilton, Bermuda. VG. $25

Car63. V. Poas, Crater en Calma. Costa Rico. G. $15

Car64. A Dry Goods Store, St. Thomas, W.I. The store of M. Meyer y Cia. VG. $75

Car65. Holt & Gray, New York. Six Months Tour in the Tropics. No. 93. Scenes in the Wood and Coal Market, Christiansted, St. Croix, W.I. E. $250