Can22. H.N. Robinson, Reading, Mass. Labrador Life and Scenery. No. 4. Port Hawksbury, C.B. A couple paper adhesions at lower right of right image. G. $175

H.N. Robinson, Reading, Mass. Labrador Life and Scenery. No. 43. John Williams (pilot). Paper adhesion at bottom center of left image and at lower right of right image. G-. $75

Notman, Montreal. Jean Baptiste Rice, Indian River Pilot. VG. $200

Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. No. 395. 78′ Highlanders. VG. $20

No ID. “106” in negative. Unidentified bridge. VG. $35

Climo’s Stereographs of New Brunswick. Suspension Bridge, St. John. VG. $35

Interior of Steamer Montreal  Interior of Steamer Montreal
Can88. C.M. des-Islets, Produits pour Photographes, Montreal. This appears to be the mark of a photographic supplier and not the photographer. On back in manuscript is written “Interior of Str. Montreal.” In front margin is written “Le Salon du Vapeur Quebec, Montreal.” VG. $20

Steamer Montreal  Steamer Montreal
Can91. No ID. Steamer Montreal. G. $35

Christ Church Montreal  Christ Church Montreal
Can101. J.G. Parks, Montreal. Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal. VG. $15

French Church, Montreal  French Church, Montreal
Can108. J.G. Parks, Montreal. French Church, Montreal. VG. $15

Montreal Bridge  Montreal Bridge
Can109. J.G. Parks, Montreal. Victoria Bridge, Montreal. VG. $20

Jesuit Church Interior, Montreal  Jesuit Church Interior, Montreal
Can111. J.G. Parks, Montreal. Jesuit Church Interior, Montreal. VG. $15

Montmorenci Falls  Montmorenci Falls
Can118. J.G. Parks, Montreal. Views of Quebec. Montmorenci Falls, Quebec. VG. $10

Interior of Notre de Pitie, Montreal  Interior of Notre de Pitie, Montreal
Can124. O. Desmarais, Montreal. L’Interieure de Notre-de Pitie a Montreal. G. $10

L'Eglise des Jesuites  L'Eglise des Jesuites
Can125. No ID. L’Eglise des Jesuites, Montreal. VG. $15

Abyssinian Steamer  Abyssinian Steamer
Can131. J.G. Parks, Montreal. Abyssinian Steamer. VG. $35

Grey Nunnery, Montreal  Grey Nunnery, Montreal
Can134. No ID. Grey Nunnery, Montreal. VG. $15

SH198. [LP Vallee]. Wooding Steamer, Saguenay. Also written on verso is “99. Getting wood on board the steamboat Hatter Bay.” VG. $150

Can155. No photographer ID. Victoria Bridge. View from Top of No. 8 Tube looking North, April, 1859. Very early image. VG. $75

Can157. W. Notman, Montreal. Victoria Bridge. View from No. 11 Dam, showing No. 10 Pier and Staging for Tubes. VG. $150

Can173. L.P. Vallee, Quebec. No. 7.-Citadel, from the Queen’s Wharf. VG. $15

Can175. L.P. Vallee, Quebec. No. 35.-Where Montgomery Fell, 1775. VG. $10

Can176. L.P. Vallee, Quebec. No. 8.-Upper Town Market Place, on a Market Day. VG. $20

Can178. L.P. Vallee, Quebec. Quebec Galeche. VG. $10

Can179. L.P. Vallee, Quebec. No. 24.-The Citadel. VG. $10

Can180. L.P. Vallee, Quebec. Flag Staff. VG. $10

Can181. L.P. Vallee, Quebec. 134. Durham Terrace, from the top of the Post Office. G. $8

Can186. L.P. Vallee, Quebec. Montmorency Falls. VG. $8

Can187. L.P. Vallee, Quebec. Montmorency Falls. VG. $8

Can188. L.P. Vallee, Quebec. 24. The Citadel. VG. $12

Can189. L.P. Vallee, Quebec. No. 3.-Old French House, in St. Lewis Street, opposite St. Louis Hotel, the Head-Quarters of Montcalm. VG. $12

Can198. Kilburn Brother, Littleton, NH. No. 387. Durham Terrace, Quebec. G. $8

Can199. J.G. Parks, Montreal. Victoria Bridge, Montreal. G. $8

Can201. J.G. Parks, Montreal. Citadel, Quebec. G. $8

Can202. J.G. Parks, Montreal. Wolfe’s Monument, Quebec. G. $8

Can203. J.G. Parks, Montreal. French Church, Montreal. VG. $8

Can205. 326. Parliament Buildings, Ottawa. G. $8

Can206. Church interior. VG. $5

Can207. Coaches in front of building. VG. $6

Can210. W. Notman. 74. Grand Promenade, Windsor, Montreal. G. $10

O376. W.K. Crisp, Photo Artist, Paradise, Nova Scotia. “457. “Aunt Betsy” Weaving. VG. $100