BI8. No ID. 16. Water Tower and Museum. On back is written “Chester 1864.” VG. $20

BI9. No ID. Church and Convent of Holycross, Kenmare. VG. $10

No ID. George Square, Glasgow. VG. $15

F.S. Mann, Hastings. High Tide at White Rock, from the Pier, Hastings. VG. $65

F. York. London and Neighborhood. 204. Poets Corner, Westminster Abbey. VG. $15

No ID. Landing Stages, Derwentwater. Derwent Isle. Gatbell, 1482 ft., Maiden Moor, 1887 ft., & Hundscarth, 2385 ft. VG. $20

Thirlmere Lake
BI21. No ID. Thirlmere Lake. High End. Raven Crag in distance. VG. $15

No ID. 58. Chester- Cathedral, South Front. VG. $10

J. Smith. The Tower of London. Extensive script on verso. VG. $10

Francis Bedford. Warwickshire Illustrated. 173. Stratford on Avon-The Church, Interior of Chancel. G. $10

Francis Bedford. Warwickshire Illustrated. 141. Kenilworth Castle-General View from the Bridge. G-. $10

G.W. Wilson & Co., Aberdeen, Scotland. Titled in manuscript on verso “Highland Cottage at Luss.” Stamp on verso for J. Lizars Optician, Glasgow and Belfast. VG. $35

No ID. Dairyman’s Daughter’s Cottage, Arreton. 163. VG. $35

[Poulton]. View in Shanklin, Isle of Wight. Tinted. VG. $35

G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 668. View from above Tarbet. VG. $8

G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 71. Castleton of Braemar. VG. $10

Francis Bedford. North Wales Illustrated. 2032. Llangollen-From Pen-y-Coed. VG. $20

Francis Bedford. North Wales Illustrated. 2200. Bettws-y-Coed–River View, from Pont-y-Pair. VG. $20

J. Garnett, Windermere. 128. Windermere Lake, from Biscay How. Dated on back by Mary Ewing Cook August 24-29th, 1865. VG. $20

J. Garnett, Windermere. 71. Windermere from Elleray-South view. Dated on back by Mary Ewing Cook August 29th, 1865. VG. $20

No ID. God’s Providence House. VG. $35

London Stereoscopic Company. Athol Cottage. VG. $15

James Magill, Belfast. G. $35

Francis Bedford. Devonshire Illustrated. 1410. Lynmouth-Junction of the Streams at Watersmeet. VG. $25

Francis Bedford. Devonshire Illustrated. 1411. Lynmouth-The Upper Fall at Watersmeet. VG. $25

Francis Bedford. Devonshire Illustrated. 1401. Lynmouth-Glen Lyn, the Stone Bridge. VG. $25

Francis Bedford. Devonshire Illustrated. 1405. Lynmouth-Woodside Cottage on the East Lyn. G. $25

No ID. Stereoscopic Gems London and Neighbourhood. 174. Dulwich College. The Hall. VG. $10

J. Elliott. The Horse Guards. VG. $35

F.M., London. The “Modern” Series of Stereoscopic Slides. Punt Fishing at Benson Weir, Oxford. VG. $35

[F. Bedford] 126. Llanbiris, Group of Four Welsh Costumes. Another stereo is on the back of the card. VG. $85

[F. Bedford] 256. Welsh Group, the Cottage Door. VG. $125

Needles, Isle of Wight  Needles, Isle of Wight
BI93. No ID. Needles, Isle of Wight. VG. $10

Guys Cliffe
BI104. H.T. Cooke and Son’s Warwickshire Views. The Avenue, Guy’s Cliffe. VG. $25

George Square, Glasgow
BI105. No ID. George Square, Glasgow. VG. $20

New Pier, Bhyl, North Wales
BI106. No ID. North Wales. The New Pier, Bhyl. G. $10

Royal Exchange
BI107. No ID. Views of London. The Royal Exchange. VG. $10

Albert Hall bi117b
BI117. F. York. London and Neighborhood. No. 233. The Albert Hall. VG. $20

Traitor's Gate bi118b
BI118. F. York. London and Neighborhood. No. 510. Traitor’s Gate. VG. $20

Crystal Palace Crystal Palace
BI120. No ID. Crystal Palace. 46. General View of the Pompeian and Sheffield Courts. G. $45

BI130. Kirkstall Abbey.–Remains of Hospitium and the Church. No. 248. Tinted. VG. $15

BI140. Francis Bedford. Warwickshire Illustrated. 2220. Warwick Castle-From the Park. VG. $20

BI141. Francis Bedford. Warwickshire Illustrated. 177. Stratford on Avon-Shakespeare’s House, from the Garden. VG. $20

BI142. Francis Bedford. Warwickshire Illustrated. 2218. Warwick Castle, from the Bridge, No. 2. VG. $20

BI144. Francis Bedford. Devonshire Illustrated. 1988. Berry Pomeroy Castle-The South Front. VG. $20

BI150. No ID. King’s College Chapel. The Interior. E. $10

BI152. No photographer ID. Exeter Cathedral. The West Front. VG. $10

BI154. No photographer ID. Palace of Holyrood. Queen Mary’s Bedroom. VG. $10

BI155. London Stereoscopic Company. Foreign Office. G. $10

BI160. S.J. Wiseman, Southampton. Netley Abbey-East Window. G. $10

BI161. No photographer ID. West End of York Minster. VG. $10

BI162. London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co. No. 11-Houses of Parliament. The Lords’ Entrance. VG. $10

BI163. No photographer ID. Lock Achray and Ben Venue from above the Trossachs’ Hotel. VG. $12

BI164. Valentine Blanchard. No. 497.-The Queen’s Entrance, Victoria Tower. G. $8

BI171. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 896. Portnellan-Rob Roy’s House. G. $10

BI173. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 823. The Bonnie Doon, below the Bridge. VG. $10

BI174. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 730. Ben Nevis-From Banavie. G. $8

BI175. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 601. Allan Ramsay’s Statue, Edinburgh. G. $8

BI176. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 601. Allan Ramsay’s Statue, Edinburgh. G. $8

BI178. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 574. Abbotsford-The Library. VG. $10

BI180. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 573. Abbotsford-The Study. G. $8

BI181. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 449. Lincoln Cathedral-The Choir. VG. $10

BI182. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 405. Winchester Cathedral-The Choir and Altar. VG. $10

BI183. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 369. York Minster Nave, looking West. VG. $12

BI184. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 199. Interior of Henry VIIths Chapel, Westminster Abbey-Stalls of the Knights of the Bath. VG. $12

BI187. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 100. Interior of Melrose Abbey-The Nave. G. $10

BI188. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 16. The Clamshell Cave, Staffa. VG. $20

BI190. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 491. Stirling Castle, from King’s Park. VG. $20

BI198. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 111. Edinburgh Castle, from Princes Street. VG. $12

BI199. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 107. Edinburgh, from the Calton Hill. VG. $12

BI201. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 8. Inversnaid Falls, Loch Lomond. VG. $12

BI203. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 32A. Oban, Argyleshire. VG. $15

BI204. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 203. St. Paul’s Cathedral. VG. $12

BI205. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 38. Glasgow Cathedral-from South-East. VG. $12

BI206. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 834. Loch Lomond Swan Island, near Luss. VG. $15

BI208. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 584. Friars Crag, Derwentwater-Cawsey Pike in the distance. VG. $15

BI214. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 496. Drummond Castle, from the Garden. G. $10

BI215. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 457. St. George’s Chapel, Windsor-The Choir. VG. $10

BI217. Alexander Wilson, Leamington. No. 284. Tintern Abbey: South Aisles. VG. $15

BI218. Alexander Wilson, Leamington. No. 273. Tintern Abbey from the South West. G. $12

BI219. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 464. Fountain at Holyrood Palace. G. $8

BI221. Alexander Wilson, Leamington. No. 201. The City of Oxford, from the top of Magdalen Tower. G. $8

BI222. Alexander Wilson, Leamington. No. 101. Lichfield Cathedral: From the North-West. G. $8

BI224. V.A. Prout. Published by J. Elliott. Interior of Westminster Abbey. North Aisle of the Nave, looking West, from the South Transept. G. $15

BI225. V.A. Prout. Published by J. Elliott. Interior of Westminster Abbey. The Choir. Taken from the Altar, Looking West. VG. $20

BI226. V.A. Prout. Published by J. Elliott. Interior of Westminster Abbey. Henry VII’s Chapel, looking West. G. $15

BI233. John Knox House, Edinburgh, Scotland. VG. $20

BI238. Archibald Burns, Edinburgh. Corner of West Ave.? VG. $15

BI240. Interior of the Crystal Palace. VG. $20

BI241. London Stereoscopic Company. English Church. Hedge R?? Kent Co., England. Tinted. G. $15

BI242. Window at Carisbrook. Isle of Wight. Tinted. VG. $15

BI243. Nos. 32 & 33. Scotland. Dundonald Castle, Ayrshire. Tinted. VG. $15

BI244. Roger Fenton. London Stereoscopic Company. Melrose Abbey, Transept and Choir, from the South. Tinted. VG. $25

BI245. 240. Library at Westfield House, Isle of Wight. Tinted. VG. $20

BI246. Roger Fenton. Melrose Abbey (S.W. View). Tinted. VG. $25

BI249. Beeches in the New Forest. Tinted. VG. $10

BI259. Shanklin Village, Isle of Wight. April 1, 1867. G. $12

BI264. F. York. 206-Poets’ Corner, Milton, Butler, Ben Johnson, and Spencer. E. $15

BI265. Francis Bedford. Warwickshire Illustrated. 171. Stratford on Avon-The Church, North Porch and Avenue. VG. $20

BI269. Abbey of Holyrood-North Aisle. VG. $10

BI270. Berry-Pomeroy Castle. The Gateway. VG. $15

BI271. Kenilworth Castle, Caesar’s Tower. G. $12

BI273. James Valentine, Dundee. Scottish Scenery. 441. Glasgow. Cathedral. VG. $15

BI274. Highlengale Valley, Leigh Woods, Clifton, Bristol. VG. $12

BI275. Views of London. 11. Interior of Tower of London: The Parade. VG. $15

BI276. 42. Wellington Gate. VG. $15

BI277. Westminster Abbey, London. VG. $15

BI278. F.G.O. Stuart, South Norwood. Foreign Office. VG. $15

BI324. Archibald Burns, Edinburgh. Holyrood palace. VG. $10

BI331. London Stereoscopic Co. Crystal Palace. 81. View of the Greek Vestibule, across the Nave, from the Renaissance Court. Tinted. VG. $35

BI332. Francis Bedford. Devonshire Illustrated. 1936. Dartmouth Castle-and Church. VG. $20

BI333. Francis Bedford. Monmouthshire Illustrated. 2561. Raglan Castle-Banquet Hall and Bow Window. VG. $20

BI334. Francis Bedford. North Wales Illustrated. 585. Raglan Castle-Looking Towards Fountain Court. VG. $20

BI335. Francis Bedford. Warwickshire Illustrated. 2231. Kenilworth Castle-from the Bridge. VG. $20

BI336. Francis Bedford. Warwickshire Illustrated. 174. Stratford-on-Avon-Shakespeare’s Monument and Chancel Door. VG. $15

BI337. Francis Bedford. Warwickshire Illustrated. 2215. Warwick-Interior of the Beauchamp Chapel. VG. $15

BI338. Francis Bedford. North Wales Illustrated. 2085. Llandudno-The Pier, from the Cliff Walks. G. $10

BI339. Francis Bedford. North Wales Illlustrated. 2047. Valle Crucis Abbey-The Garden. G. $15

BI346. Disderi, London. Osborn. 725. The Small Drawing Room. G. $10