BI8. No ID. 16. Water Tower and Museum. On back is written “Chester 1864.” VG. $20

BI9. No ID. Church and Convent of Holycross, Kenmare. VG. $15

No ID. George Square, Glasgow. VG. $15

F.S. Mann, Hastings. High Tide at White Rock, from the Pier, Hastings. VG. $65

F. York. London and Neighborhood. 204. Poets Corner, Westminster Abbey. VG. $15

No ID. Landing Stages, Derwentwater. Derwent Isle. Gatbell, 1482 ft., Maiden Moor, 1887 ft., & Hundscarth, 2385 ft. VG. $20

Thirlmere Lake
BI21. No ID. Thirlmere Lake. High End. Raven Crag in distance. VG. $15

No ID. 58. Chester- Cathedral, South Front. VG. $15

No ID. Netley Abbey-East Window. Top left corner of card is soft. VG. $15

J. Smith. The Tower of London. Extensive script on verso. VG. $20

Francis Bedford. Warwickshire Illustrated. 173. Stratford on Avon-The Church, Interior of Chancel. G. $15

Francis Bedford. Warwickshire Illustrated. 141. Kenilworth Castle-General View from the Bridge. G-. $12

G.W. Wilson & Co., Aberdeen, Scotland. Titled in manuscript on verso “Highland Cottage at Luss.” Stamp on verso for J. Lizars Optician, Glasgow and Belfast. VG. $35

No ID. Dairyman’s Daughter’s Cottage, Arreton. 163. VG. $35

[Poulton]. View in Shanklin, Isle of Wight. Tinted. VG. $35

G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 668. View from above Tarbet. VG. $8

G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 71. Castleton of Braemar. VG. $10

No ID. Canterbury. 344. The Chief Gate of St. Augustin’s Monastery. Once the Chief House of the Order of Augustin Monks in England, and the proud rival of Christ Church Monastery. After being many years adopted for commercial purposes, it is now a Missionary College; in its grounds lies buried Bertha, the Queen and Consort of King Ethelbert. VG. $6

Francis Bedford. North Wales Illustrated. 2032. Llangollen-From Pen-y-Coed. VG. $20

Francis Bedford. North Wales Illustrated. 2200. Bettws-y-Coed–River View, from Pont-y-Pair. VG. $20

J. Garnett, Windermere. 128. Windermere Lake, from Biscay How. Dated on back by Mary Ewing Cook August 24-29th, 1865. VG. $20

J. Garnett, Windermere. 71. Windermere from Elleray-South view. Dated on back by Mary Ewing Cook August 29th, 1865. VG. $20

No ID. God’s Providence House. VG. $35

London Stereoscopic Company. Athol Cottage. VG. $15

Written on back “Anthony New York.” The Old Church, Bonchurch, I. of W. VG. $20

James Magill, Belfast. G. $35

Francis Bedford. Devonshire Illustrated. 1410. Lynmouth-Junction of the Streams at Watersmeet. VG. $25

Francis Bedford. Devonshire Illustrated. 1411. Lynmouth-The Upper Fall at Watersmeet. VG. $25

Francis Bedford. Devonshire Illustrated. 1401. Lynmouth-Glen Lyn, the Stone Bridge. VG. $25

Francis Bedford. Devonshire Illustrated. 1405. Lynmouth-Woodside Cottage on the East Lyn. G. $25

No ID. Stereoscopic Gems London and Neighbourhood. 174. Dulwich College. The Hall. VG. $20

No ID. Stereoscopic Gems of English Scenery. St. Mary’s Redcliff, Bristol. G. $10

No ID. Stereoscopic Gems of English Scenery. The Choir, Canterbury Cathedral. VG. $10

No ID. Stereoscopic Gems of English Scenery. The Choir, Lichfield Cathedral. VG. $10

J. Elliott. The Horse Guards. VG. $35

F.M., London. The “Modern” Series of Stereoscopic Slides. Punt Fishing at Benson Weir, Oxford. VG. $35

[F. Bedford] 126. Llanbiris, Group of Four Welsh Costumes. Another stereo is on the back of the card. VG. $85

[F. Bedford] 256. Welsh Group, the Cottage Door. VG. $125

Needles, Isle of Wight  Needles, Isle of Wight
BI93. No ID. Needles, Isle of Wight. VG. $10

Guys Cliffe
BI104. H.T. Cooke and Son’s Warwickshire Views. The Avenue, Guy’s Cliffe. VG. $25

George Square, Glasgow
BI105. No ID. George Square, Glasgow. VG. $20

New Pier, Bhyl, North Wales
BI106. No ID. North Wales. The New Pier, Bhyl. G. $20

Royal Exchange
BI107. No ID. Views of London. The Royal Exchange. VG. $25

Loch-in-Dorb, Morayshire Loch-in-Dorb, Morayshire
BI111. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 342. Loch-in-Dorb, Morayshire. VG. $15

Regent's Quadrant
BI114. No ID. London. Regent’s Quadrant. VG. $35

New Pier, Rhyl
BI116. No ID. North Wales. The New Pier, Rhyl. G. $25

Albert Hall bi117b
BI117. F. York. London and Neighborhood. No. 233. The Albert Hall. VG. $20

Traitor's Gate bi118b
BI118. F. York. London and Neighborhood. No. 510. Traitor’s Gate. VG. $20

Crystal Palace Crystal Palace
BI120. No ID. Crystal Palace. 46. General View of the Pompeian and Sheffield Courts. G. $45

BI130. Kirkstall Abbey.–Remains of Hospitium and the Church. No. 248. Tinted. VG. $15

BI134. W.M. Grundy. Cattle in Lutton Coldfield Park. Tinted. G. $45

BI135. W.M. Grundy. Pub. by J. Elliott. The Llugwy at Tan-y-Coed, near Capel Curig, North Wales. Tinted. G. $35

BI138. W.M. Grundy. Pub. by J. Elliott. Mill at Bettws-y-Coed, North Wales. Tinted. VG. $40

BI140. Francis Bedford. Warwickshire Illustrated. 2220. Warwick Castle-From the Park. VG. $20

BI141. Francis Bedford. Warwickshire Illustrated. 177. Stratford on Avon-Shakespeare’s House, from the Garden. VG. $20

BI142. Francis Bedford. Warwickshire Illustrated. 2218. Warwick Castle, from the Bridge, No. 2. VG. $20

BI144. Francis Bedford. Devonshire Illustrated. 1988. Berry Pomeroy Castle-The South Front. VG. $20

BI150. No ID. King’s College Chapel. The Interior. E. $15

BI152. No photographer ID. Exeter Cathedral. The West Front. VG. $10

BI154. No photographer ID. Palace of Holyrood. Queen Mary’s Bedroom. VG. $10

BI155. London Stereoscopic Company. Foreign Office. G. $10

BI160. S.J. Wiseman, Southampton. Netley Abbey-East Window. G. $10

BI161. No photographer ID. Untitled cathedral. VG. $10

BI162. London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co. No. 11-Houses of Parliament. The Lords’ Entrance. VG. $10

BI163. No photographer ID. Lock Achray and Ben Venue from above the Trossachs’ Hotel. VG. $12

BI164. Valentine Blanchard. No. 497.-The Queen’s Entrance, Victoria Tower. G. $8

BI168. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 240. Study on Ryde Pier-Evening. VG. $12

BI171. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 896. Portnellan-Rob Roy’s House. G. $10

BI173. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 823. The Bonnie Doon, below the Bridge. VG. $10

BI174. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 730. Ben Nevis-From Banavie. G. $8

BI175. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 601. Allan Ramsay’s Statue, Edinburgh. G. $8

BI176. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 601. Allan Ramsay’s Statue, Edinburgh. G. $8

BI178. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 574. Abbotsford-The Library. VG. $10

BI180. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 573. Abbotsford-The Study. G. $8

BI181. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 449. Lincoln Cathedral-The Choir. VG. $10

BI182. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 405. Winchester Cathedral-The Choir and Altar. VG. $10

BI183. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 369. York Minster Nave, looking West. VG. $12

BI184. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 199. Interior of Henry VIIths Chapel, Westminster Abbey-Stalls of the Knights of the Bath. VG. $12

BI187. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 100. Interior of Melrose Abbey-The Nave. G. $10

BI188. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 16. The Clamshell Cave, Staffa. VG. $20

BI190. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 491. Stirling Castle, from King’s Park. VG. $20

BI191. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 469. Loch Polney, Dunkeld. VG. $15

BI192. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 282. Loch of Park, Aberdeenshire. VG. $25

Bi197. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 240. Study on Ryde Pier-Evening. VG. $20

BI198. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 111. Edinburgh Castle, from Princes Street. VG. $12

BI199. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 107. Edinburgh, from the Calton Hill. VG. $12

BI201. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 8. Inversnaid Falls, Loch Lomond. VG. $12

BI202. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 239. Ebb Tide, Ryde. VG. $25

BI203. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 32A. Oban, Argyleshire. VG. $15

BI204. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 203. St. Paul’s Cathedral. VG. $12

BI205. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 38. Glasgow Cathedral-from South-East. VG. $12

BI206. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 834. Loch Lomond Swan Island, near Luss. VG. $15

BI207. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 791A. Dumbarton Rock and Castle. VG. $15

BI208. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 584. Friars Crag, Derwentwater-Cawsey Pike in the distance. VG. $15

BI214. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 496. Drummond Castle, from the Garden. G. $10

BI215. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 457. St. George’s Chapel, Windsor-The Choir. VG. $10

BI217. Alexander Wilson, Leamington. No. 284. Tintern Abbey: South Aisles. VG. $15

BI218. Alexander Wilson, Leamington. No. 273. Tintern Abbey from the South West. G. $12

BI219. G.W. Wilson, Aberdeen. No. 464. Fountain at Holyrood Palace. G. $8

BI221. Alexander Wilson, Leamington. No. 201. The City of Oxford, from the top of Magdalen Tower. G. $8

BI222. Alexander Wilson, Leamington. No. 101. Lichfield Cathedral: From the North-West. G. $8