Set99. Keystone. Golf. 32/50, incomplete. This set contains 32 golf views of the 50 card set. Views of Horton Smith (4), Willie Macfarlane (6), Gene Sarazen (3), Johnny Farrell (4), Bobby Cruickshank (1), Leo Diegel (3), MacDonald Smith (2), Larry Nabholtz (7), Billy Burke (1), plus an unidentified golfer in the #50 view titled “The Wrong Way to Finish a Stroke.” All views are different and are numbered at top center. Included are #11-21, 25-28, 30-31, 33, 35-41, 43-48, & 50. Views are in E condition, box has some wear and fraying, so G. A rare group of views. $500

golfview.JPG (123566 bytes)   golfbox.jpg (48573 bytes)
Keystone. Golf. 50/50, complete, consecutively numbered. The rare, complete Golf set with box. Box has some wear and fraying, views are VG-E. $900

Underwood & Underwood. Jerusalem. 27 views, consecutively numbered 9-35, as issued. This was issued as a subset of the Palestine set. Views and box VG. $150

Underwood & Underwood. Washington DC. 38 views in all, numbered 1w-36w, missing 10, 16, 19, & 32 with an additional 6 views “lettered” Aw-Fw, consisting of 5 Virginia views and 1 Maryland view. Includes views of Teddy Roosevelt and Mrs. Roosevelt. Box is a bit frayed, views G-VG. $300

S218. Keystone. United States. 100/100, complete, sequentially numbered. Views are E, box is worn and flaked as shown. $350

New York State Education Department, Visual Instruction Division. Philippine Islands 1931-32. Box of 23 glass slides of the Philippines, circa 1931-32. All have labels with titles on the backs. E. $195

Keystone The Holy Mass. 100/100, complete, sequentially numbered. Housed in a Tour of the World Box. This is a rare set not often encountered as I imagine not very many were sold. 4 views are tinted. Box and views are VG-E. $600

Switzerland Boxed Set  Switzerland Boxed Set  Switzerland Boxed Set
Set301. Underwood & Underwood. Switzerland. 99/100, consecutively numbered, missing #14. Views are VG, box is G+. $385

Greece Boxed Set Greece Boxed Set Greece Boxed Set
Set321. Underwood & Underwood. Greece. 96/100, consecutively numbered. Missing #s 42, 71, 89 & 96. VG. $400

Panama Stereo Travel Boxed Set Panama Stereo Travel Boxed Set Panama Stereo Travel Boxed Set
Set335. Stereo Travel. Photographs by Lynn Skeels. Panama. 100/100 complete, sequentially numbered. VG-E. $1000

Mexico Boxed Set set343a set343b
Set343. Stereo Travel. Photographs by Lynn Skeels. Mexico. 100/100 complete, sequentially numbered. Views and box are VG-E. $900

Ceylon Boxed Set Stereo Travel Ceylon Boxed Set Stereo Travel Ceylon Boxed Set Stereo Travel
Set350. Stereo Travel. Ceylon. 100/100 complete, sequentially numbered. Box and views VG-E. $900

set376 set375b NYC Boxed Set
Set375. Stereo Travel. New York City 1909. 100/100 complete, consecutively numbered. Views are E. The top part of the box is split at seams. It’s all there and can be repaired. Bottom of box is VG. $1500

Germany Boxed Set set377a set377b
Set377. Stereo Travel. Germany. 100/100, complete, consecutively numbered. Views and box are VG-E. $500

Netherlands Boxed Set set379a set379b
Set379. Stereo Travel. The Netherlands. 100/100, complete, consecutively numbered. Top of is intact but has splits at corners. Views are VG-E. $750

France Boxed Set set380a set380b
Set380. Stereo Travel. France. 100/100, complete, consecutively numbered. First view has small scrapes at bottom right and left of card. Rest are VG, Box is VG. $500

Great Britain Boxed Set set381a set381b
Set381. Stereo Travel. Great Britain. 100/100, complete, consecutively numbered. Views are VG-E; there is a bit of fraying at the back of the top. $500

Italy Boxed Setset382 set382a
Set382. Stereo Travel. Italy. 100/100, complete, consecutively numbered. Views are VG-E; box has several split seams. $500

set383a Ireland Boxed Set
Set383. Underwood & Underwood. Ireland. 100/100, complete, consecutively numbered. #69 is hand-numbered. Views and box are VG. $500

Scenic America 300 Card Boxed Set
Set385. Keystone. Scenic America. 300/300, complete, consecutively numbered. Views and boxes are VG-E. $1200

Italy Boxed Set with Books and Maps Italy Boxed Set with Books and Maps
Set386. Underwood & Underwood. Italy. 100/100, complete, consecutively numbered. With 602 page + end papers book Italy Through the Stereoscope by D.J. Ellison, 1903, and map booklet with 10 maps as indicated on the cover of the map booklet. Most of the maps are fine but three have small tears, quite inconsequential. Book has fading at bottom. Views and box are VG. $400

Japan Boxed Set
Set391. HC White. Japan. 72/72, complete, consecutively numbered. Views and box are VG. $500

Panama-Pacific Expo  
Set396. Keystone. Panama-Pacific International Exposition. 96/100 consecutively numbered on backs, center top. There are two #51’s, different views. Missing #’s 27, 64, 74, 65, & 75. No box. VG. $650

Set398. Keystone. Florida. 50/50 complete, consecutively numbered although one view, #13 has the printed #54 at top center rather than the #13. Views are VG-E, box is G with rubs. $325

Set401. Bay State Publishing Co., London & Boston. Rare group of 31 golf stereoviews by this scarce maker. All the views but one show Jerome  D. Travers. One view shows Edward Ray. Jerome Dunstan “Jerry” Travers (May 19, 1887 – March 29, 1951) was one of the leading amateur golfers of the early 20th century. He won the U.S. Amateur in 1907, 1908, 1912 and 1913, the New Jersey Amateur three times, and the Metropolitan Amateur (New York) five times. He was regarded as one of the finest match play golfers of his time and had a famous rivalry with Walter Travis. He won the 1915 U.S. Open. Edward Rivers J. “Ted” Ray (6 April 1877 – 26 August 1943) was a British professional golfer. He won two major championships, The Open Championship in 1912 and the U.S. Open in 1920, and contended in many others during the early years of the 20th century. Ray was also a maker of fine golf clubs and was an excellent billiards player. Some views have dirt, some have red stamp at top center “Picture Room.” One view has a creased left image with image lifting off card o/w G-VG. $350

Set402. Underwood & Underwood. Mormons, the Latter-Day Saints, Salt Lake City. 38/38, complete, consecutively numbered. Very rare set of 38 views of the Mormons and a few of Salt Lake City. I’ve never seen this large a Mormon set as the only set I have seen had 29 cards complete. The box is worn and has “Stereographs” printed on the spine. There is the remnant of a label that was over this, “Latter….” Views are E. $1800

China Boxed Set
Set403. Stereo-Travel Co. China. 100/100, complete, sequentially numbered. Views and box are VG-E. $4750

Italy Boxed Set
Set404. Stereo-Travel Co. Italy II. 100/100, complete, sequentially numbered. Views and box are VG-E. $350

Scotland Boxed Set
Set406. Stereo-Travel Co. Scotland. 100/100, complete, sequentially numbered. Views and box are VG-E. $500

Ireland Boxed Set
Set407. Stereo-Travel Co. Ireland. 100/100, complete, sequentially numbered. Views and box are VG-E. $500

Palestine Boxed Set
Set408. Stereo-Travel Co. Palestine. 100/100, complete, sequentially numbered. Views and box are VG-E. $500

Spain Boxed Set
Set409. Stereo-Travel Co. Spain. 100/100, complete, consecutively numbered. Views and box are VG-E. $600

Japan Boxed Set
Set410. Stereo-Travel Co. Japan. 100/100, complete, sequentially numbered. Views and box are VG-E. $850

Set413. Stereo-Travel Co. Panama. 30/30, complete, sequentially numbered. Box has some wear and fraying, missing one side panel of the interior box. Views are VG. $175

Set414. Underwood & Underwood. Grand Canyon Arizona. 18/18, complete, consecutively numbered. With 64-page softcover booklet with map. There are a few splits along folds on the map. Views are VG, Box is G. $150

Set415. Keystone. Tinted Costume Views. 46 stereoviews, no box. VG. $400

Set416. Stereo-Travel Co. Greece. 100/100, complete, sequentially numbered. One view, #22, has some damage with paper adhered to the image. Otherwise, views and box are G-VG. $500

Set417. Stereo-Travel Co. Switzerland. 100/100, complete, sequentially numbered. View and box are VG. $325

Set418. Underwood & Underwood. Japan. 100/100, complete, sequentially numbered. Views and box are G-VG. $495

Complete Mammoth Cave, Kentucky Set Available!

S.V. Albee’s Pittsburgh Railroad War Set Available!