a16.JPG (23023 bytes)
Keystone View Co. 37249. Air Travel-Radio Equipment in an Airliner. E. $65

a19.JPG (24757 bytes)
U&U. 2932. Lord Roberts army advancing toward Johannesburg, 84th Battery and Balloon Corps, S.A. VG. $25

HC White Co. 8602. Francois Airship about to ascend for a flight, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis. VG. $75

a29.JPG (22736 bytes)
No ID. Pencilled on verso “WWI Observation Balloon.” VG. $25

a31.JPG (32227 bytes)
No ID. Signal “Das Ganze halt!” Small German Balloon on ground. VG. $40

a32.JPG (30908 bytes)
No ID. Fesselballon b. Gebersdorf. VG. $40

a35.JPG (28858 bytes)
Keystone. 30012. Observation Balloon  Rising, Weissenburg, Germany. VG. $20

a38.JPG (36803 bytes)
Keystone. 12138. Attaching the long silk tube leading from the gas main to neck of the balloon. VG. $50

a39.JPG (29336 bytes)
Realistic Travels. Spotting the Turks; motor-winch pays out the cable for an observation balloon about to ascend. E. $35

a40.JPG (41933 bytes)
Keystone. 12150. Attaching the basket weighted with sand-bags to the ring. VG. $50

a41.JPG (33796 bytes)
Keystone. 32062. Our Ambassador of the Air-Col. Lindbergh and Plane Spirit of St. Louis. VG. $25

a42.JPG (26400 bytes)
Underwood & Underwood. Japanese War Balloon in the rear of the besieging Army-Port Arthur. VG. $20

COLLECTION OF 50 BALLOONING PHOTOGRAPHS INCLUDING STEREOVIEWS. This collection came as a group of loose photos. They may or may not have once been in an album. They are all of ballooning in New Hampshire, some at the Concord State Fair on Sept. 12, 1907, and some from a Balloon Ascension in Contoocook River Park by Professor Binette on Sunday, July 24th, 1932. Some of the images may be from other ascensions as well. There are 50 photos in all, 8 of them are Stereoviews. Here are the approximate sizes of the images: 5 are 5″ x 7,” 17 are 4 3/4″ x 4,” 4 are 3 3/4″ x 3 1/2,” 1 is 4″ x 3,” 1 is 4″ x 2 1/2,” 13 are 3 1/4″ x 2 1/4,” 6 card-mounted stereoviews are 2 1/2″ x 4 3/4,” 1 unmounted stereo is 2″ x 4 1/4,” 1 smaller stereo is 1 3/8″ x 3,” and the smallest photo is 1 3/8″ x 1 1/2.” This last photo shows a man hanging by his teeth, likely from the balloon which is out of the frame above him. Some of the images have pencilled notations on versos that provide info as to location. Many of the images show a daredevil hanging beneath the balloon. All of the images are shown. Please note that there are several prints of some of the images. This is a rare grouping of American balloon ascensions in the early part of the twentieth century. G-VG. $250

No ID. No. 137. Vue Instantanee de la Fete de St. Cloud. Grille du Parc. G+. $125

Keystone. 33371. Friedrichshafen, Germany, is the Home of the Zeppelin. VG. $100

No ID. No. 8. Gonflement d’un ballon. VG. $75

No ID. No. 9. Ascension d’un ballon. VG. $75

Keystone. 37923. Assembling of Planes in an Airplane Factory at Wichita, Kansas. Rare, late Keystone image. Mint. $45

Keystone. 26408. Magellans of the Air-Six American Aviators who first Encircled Earth by Airplane, Welcomed upon Return Home. E. $20

Keystone. 37251. Air Travel–A “Link” Trainer for Airline Pilots. VG. $50

Keystone. 33867. Airplanes-Arthur Smith, the First Aviator to Loop the Loop, Ready to Take Off. G. $50

No ID. Ballon Nadar. This is Nadar’s Balloon, Le Geant at Fete de St. Cloud, Paris. VG. $125

Ruth Law, Aviatrix
A76. Presko Binocular Company, Chicago, Ill. 6138. Ruth Law, Renowned Aviatrix, Grant Park, Chicago. VG. $395

Art Smith and his Aeroplane
A81. Keystone. 17814-Art Smith and His Aeroplane on the Aviation Field, Panama-Pacific Int. Exp., San Francisco, Calif. G. $50

A85. No. 142. Vue Instantanee de la Fete de Saint-Cloud. Ascension du ballon. G. $75

A86. [D.M. Stevens, Portland, Oregon]. The captive balloon at the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition, Portland, Oregon, VG. $75

A87. International View Co. The famous “California Arrow” Airship Starting with Aeronaut Knabenshue on Its First Successful Flight, World’s Fair, St. Louis. G. $100

A88. No ID. The Lincoln Portrait Balloon. On back is written “Hudson Square, Hudson, NY 1862.” I cannot verify the location of this image. I have added black and white and an enlarged scan in black and white in order to better show the image of Lincoln on the balloon. Rare. G. $375

A90. No The Lincoln Portrait Balloon. Written on back is “Hudson Square, Hudson, NY 1862.” I cannot verify the location of this image. The portrait of Lincoln on the balloon is not visible as that side of the balloon is rotated away from front. The balloon is caught up on a building. You can see the aviator in his basket hanging below. VG. $375