O. Pierre Havens, Savannah, Ga. Picking Cotton. VG. $75

O. Pierre Havens, Savannah, Ga. 101. Picking Figs-Plantation Scene. VG. $65

O. Pierre Havens, Savannah, Ga. Picking Cotton. G+. $75

J.A. Palmer, Aiken, SC. #40. Bull Street. Stereoscopic Views of Bonaventure & Savannah, Ga. VG. $65

No ID. I am going to be Married. G. $40

No ID. African-American young man seated on barrel, looking up, with a crowd of people.. G. $12

An Hour’s Search; or, Aunt Venus Hunting for Florida Fleas. VG. $75

B.W. Kilburn, Littleton, NH. 4467. Simplicity, Alabama, USA. G. $45

J. Thurlow, Manitou, Col. No. 90. “Camping Out,” at Manitou Springs. Black man left of tent. G. $275

AA76. America Illustrated. Tropical Scenery. 24. Huckleberries. VG. $85

Lake Weir Florida, Dina Washing Lake Weir Florida, Dina Washing
AA93. C.H. Colby, Ocala, Fla. View at Eastlake on Lake Weir, Fla. 12. Dina Washing at the Lake Shore. Fair. $75

Cotton Press, Savannah Georgia Cotton Press, Savannah Georgia
AA94. J.N. Wilson, Savannah, Ga. Cotton Press, Savannah, Ga. Crease at center although card is firm. Fair. $75

AA105. Griffith & Griffith. X246. A Free Lunch. VG. $75

African-American Cabin aa109b
AA109. Havens, Savannah, Ga.  I won’t write the title as it is offensive but the image shows a well-constructed cabin of the type that served as homes for many. VG. $65

gen162 gen162b
Gen162. No. 206. Hoop de Dooden Do. VG. $75

gen163 gen163b
Gen163. Rustic Music. VG. $75

AA113. J.N. Wilson, Savannah, Georgia. No. 83. Bale of Cotton after Pressing. G. $85

AA114. O. Pierre Havens, Savannah, Ga. Shipping Cotton. G. $85

AA117. Stephen C. Hill, Parsons, Kansas. 7th Grade Room 3 Miss Levering. Interesting text on verso. G. $200

AA118. Wilson & Havens, Savannah, Ga. 211. Silver Springs, Wharf, and Store, Fla. G. $100