J. Thurlow, Manitou, Col. No. 90. “Camping Out,” at Manitou Springs. Black man left of tent. G. $275

Gen163. Rustic Music. VG. $75

LOU148. S.T. Blessing, New Orleans. Bayou Rouge. G. $85

LOU176. [S.T. Blessing, New Orleans]. No. 408. Tiled-Roof House, St. Peters Str. G. $200

AA132. Havens, Savannah, Ga. Who Kill Dat Chicken? VG. $150

AA136. J.A. Palmer, Aiken, S.C. No. 267. Aunt Betsey’s Cabin. VG. $350

AA137. J.A. Palmer, Aiken, S.C. No. 130. Uncle Tony & his Bride. VG. $275

AA138. Peanut vendor. VG. $125

AA140. F.A. Nowell, Charleston, S.C. Drayton Hall Series. African-American young man in doorway. VG. $65

AA141. Picking Cotton. G. $45

AA142. Melander, Chicago. Stump Speaker, (I rise to ‘dressall ‘telligent Cullud Zitzen). VG. $45

AA143. Wilson & Havens, Savannah, Ga. 29. Chimney Sweeps. G. $95

AA144. Negro Boys, South Carolina. VG. $125

AA146. Wilson & Havens, Savannah, Ga. 126. Fifteenth Amendment. VG. $25

AA148. The Lightning Express, or the Team of a Florida Cracker. VG. $20

AA150. Wilson & Havens, Savannah, Ga. 224. Picking Cotton. G. $35

AA151. D.J. Ryan, Savannah, Ga. Antiquated Bull, and Driver. G. $35

AA152. J.N. Wilson, Savannah, Ga. 146. Plantation Scene: Happy Little [Derogatory word]. G. $35

AA153. Log Cabin, Fla. VG. $45

AA156. Alfred S. Campbell. 611. The Morning’s Catch. African-American fishermen with their catch. Tobacco ad on verso. G. $20

AA157. Union View Co., Rochester, NY. 1482. Howard University, Washington, DC. G. $125