O. Pierre Havens, Savannah, Ga. Picking Cotton. VG. $75

O. Pierre Havens, Savannah, Ga. 101. Picking Figs-Plantation Scene. VG. $65

O. Pierre Havens, Savannah, Ga. Picking Cotton. G+. $75

J.A. Palmer, Aiken, SC. #40. Bull Street. Stereoscopic Views of Bonaventure & Savannah, Ga. VG. $65

No ID. I am going to be Married. G. $40

No ID. African-American young man seated on barrel, looking up, with a crowd of people.. G. $12

An Hour’s Search; or, Aunt Venus Hunting for Florida Fleas. VG. $75

B.W. Kilburn, Littleton, NH. 4467. Simplicity, Alabama, USA. G. $45

J. Thurlow, Manitou, Col. No. 90. “Camping Out,” at Manitou Springs. Black man left of tent. G. $275

No ID. Two ragged black children with sacks by the water pump. G. $50

AA76. America Illustrated. Tropical Scenery. 24. Huckleberries. VG. $85

No ID. Peanut Candy. G. $125

Lake Weir Florida, Dina Washing Lake Weir Florida, Dina Washing
AA93. C.H. Colby, Ocala, Fla. View at Eastlake on Lake Weir, Fla. 12. Dina Washing at the Lake Shore. Fair. $75

Cotton Press, Savannah Georgia Cotton Press, Savannah Georgia
AA94. J.N. Wilson, Savannah, Ga. Cotton Press, Savannah, Ga. Crease at center although card is firm. Fair. $75

AA105. Griffith & Griffith. X246. A Free Lunch. VG. $75

African-American Cabin aa109b
AA109. Havens, Savannah, Ga.  I won’t write the title as it is offensive but the image shows a well-constructed cabin of the type that served as homes for many. VG. $65

gen162 gen162b
Gen162. No. 206. Hoop de Dooden Do. VG. $75

gen163 gen163b
Gen163. Rustic Music. VG. $75

gen164 gen164b
Gen164. I am going to be Married. VG. $75

Cotton After Pressing
AA113. J.N. Wilson, Savannah, Georgia. No. 83. Bale of Cotton after Pressing. G. $85

Shipping Cotton
AA114. O. Pierre Havens, Savannah, Ga. Shipping Cotton. G. $85

AA115. Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH. 460. Cotton Gin in full blast, Florida. G. $25

AA116. B.W. Kilburn, Littleton, NH. 459. A Pyramid of Cotton Seed, Florida. G. $20