Jo Ann and I traveled 900 miles (each way) to the National Stereoscopic Convention held this year in Traverse City, Michigan. A great, long drive and an odd place for a photo show but fun all the same. We got to stop at Len Walle’s house on the way and Len and Jean were kind enough to put us up for the night. They also had visits from Steve Heselton, Pat Kulaga, and Jim Crain.

I’ve recently acquired a Konica Instant Press camera that was available on the market in 1983-1984. They are hard to come by today and are quite collectible. It shoots instant images with its Polaroid back and film is available from Fuji. The convention gave me an opportunity to use the camera in the real world. Here are some images that I took with it:


Brian May and Denis Pellerin.

Brian May Looking Through a stack of Stereoviews at Jeff Kraus’ table.
Paul Rubinstein at left.

Brian May examines a group of stereoviews at the table of Ken Rosen (left). Collector John Weiler, at right, does the same.

Brian May Examining Views at Jeff Kraus’ Table.

Brian May Teaching Jo Ann Kraus how to Free View.

Jo Ann Kraus, Brian May, and Denis Pellerin.

Brian May, Denis Pellerin, and Paula Fleming Signing Book Plates for their Upcoming Diableries book.

Denis Pellerin and Brian May at Lance Speer’s table.

Mary Heller and Brian

Ken Rosen, Brian, John Weiler


Out to dinner: Jim Crain, John Weiler, Phil Nathanson, Ken Rosen, Bill Eloe, Steve Heselton, Jeff Kraus

I’ve always found it enjoyable to attend a photo show. There is simply nothing like spending nearly a week with interesting, unique, and often oddball people who have the same interests as you do. Endless conversations ensue and there is an extensive exchange of knowledge. The fact that this show was in a beautiful location only added to the enjoyment. We were able to visit a lighthouse at the tip of a peninsula and walk out from the shore about a half mile. The brief visit we made to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes was also great fun. We even found Pearl’s Louisiana Kitchen Restaurant in Elk Rapids and 8 of us had an enjoyable dinner there after the show. The trio of authors of the upcoming book, Diableries, Brian May, Denis Pellerin, and Paula Fleming, presented an enjoyable 3-D review of their work. The book is available at the London Stereoscopic Company’s website.

Jo Ann’s pictures of the show can be viewed at: