H. J. Kertson, Crookston, Minn. Roller-skater in performing or competing outfit. Cabinet Card. VG. $75

2 boys with tennis rackets. Unused, divided back real photo postcard. E. $10

Playing Checkers with Oneself Playing Checkers with Oneself
SP125. J. Cooper, Wigan, Lancashire. CDV of the same man playing checkers with himself. Early example of photo manipulation. G. $60

Bare Knuckle Boxers
SP147. Simmons, Waterloo, Iowa. Studio depiction of a bare knuckle fight scene with referee counting down. VG. $165

SP161. Heald & Giles, 1884. Little Freddie and Frankie Straight, of Bristol, R.I. Two-year-old Twins. Re-enacting the Sullivan/Ryan fight.  Trimmed at bottom. G. $150