2 boys with tennis rackets. Unused, divided back real photo postcard. E. $10

Bare Knuckle Boxers
SP147. Simmons, Waterloo, Iowa. Studio depiction of a bare knuckle fight scene with referee counting down. VG. $165

SP170. John Hart, London, CDV of a woman with Indian clubs. VG. $75

SPBD1. Geo. H. Emery, Rutland, Vt. 6″ x 8″ hard card mounted image of young men posed with poles and bar for pole vaulting. Also there is a high wheel bicycle at center and the man in center has his hand on the handle. On back is written “To Harry Buel with R. Galloway-Bell…. Compliments,” and “Negative by R. Galloway-Bell….” Chips at corners and along edges. G. $250