H. J. Kertson, Crookston, Minn. Roller-skater in performing or competing outfit. Cabinet Card. VG. $75

2 boys with tennis rackets. Unused, divided back real photo postcard. E. $10

No ID. John Middle Sky and Jim Polhamus. John Middle Sky was a native American Indian who first came into the news in 1905 when he challenged the then heavyweight boxing world champion James Jeffries. To pay for the training lessons he exhibited himself as a giant (7 feet tall) with Austin & Stone’s museum. The match with Jeffries (nor any other boxer) never happened and John Middle Sky disappeared out of the news until 1910, when he made headlines challenging the then World Champion heavyweight wrestling Frank Gotch. That match never happened either. I assume Jim Polhamus is his agent or manager. Image measures 5 1/2″ x 4″ on a 9″ x 6″ mount. VG-. $400

Playing Checkers with Oneself Playing Checkers with Oneself
SP125. J. Cooper, Wigan, Lancashire. CDV of the same man playing checkers with himself. Early example of photo manipulation. G. $60

Bare Knuckle Boxers
SP147. Simmons, Waterloo, Iowa. Studio depiction of a bare knuckle fight scene with referee counting down. VG. $165

SP161. Heald & Giles, 1884. Little Freddie and Frankie Straight, of Bristol, R.I. Two-year-old Twins. Re-enacting the Sullivan/Ryan fight.  Trimmed at bottom. G. $150