PR228. Photographic Advertising card for “Abraham Bogardus, Practical Photographer, on Broadway upwards of 30 years, now at the Elegant Premises 11 East 42d Street, Bet. Fifth and Madison Aves. Gallery and skylight on first floor. No stairs to climb. Elegant work at reasonable prices. Artistic skill, care and judgment in the execution of pictures. All sittings by the instantaneous process. Children a Specialty, as Quick as a Wink. Enlargements to Life Size in Pastel, Crayon or Oil. Your patronage solicited. Closed on the Sabbath. A. Bogardus.” On the front is a composite image of 23 presidents through Benjamin Harrison who served as president from 1889-1893, so this card is from that period. “Keep this as a Guide to get Fine Photographs.” Card measures 5.75″ x 3.” G. $250

PR236. Photographic negative by Brady’s National Portrait Gallery, published by E. Anthony. Ex-president Millard Fillmore. CDV. E. $250

PR241. Litchfield, Boston. President Garfield. Cabinet Card. VG. $150

U.S. Grant and Family  U.S. Grant and Family
PPCAB39. No ID. Gen. U.S. Grant and Family at Mt. McGregor, N.Y. This image was a promotional item distributed by M. Frank & Co. Bee Hive Dry Goods House, Fort Wayne, Ind. VG. $150

PR267. Mora, NY. President Rutherford B. Hayes and wife Lucy W. Hayes. VG. CDV. $125

PR279. E&HT Anthony. Composite CDV showing 9 images of Abraham Lincoln. Trimmed at bottom o/w VG. $275

PR281. J.W. Dodge, NY. Abraham Lincoln, “From the Original Portrait, Painted by J.W. Dodge, 1865.” And George Washington, “Original Combination Portrait, Painted by J.W. Dodge. The features from the original cast taken by Houdon, from the living face of Washington in 1785.” E. $150

PR283. C.F. May, NY. In Commemoration on a Memorable Time. Andrew Johnson, Abraham Lincoln, D.G. Farragut, U.S. Grant, Ph. H. Sheridan, & W.T. Sherman. VG. $75

PR284. Samuel Alschuler (8/26/1826-11/15/1882), Urbana, Ill. Rare photograph made from the 1857 ambrotype made by Alschuler. Written in pencil bottom right recto is “Photo by Samuel Alschuler, Urbana, Ill 1857.” This image is listed as “O-4” in Lincoln in Photographs, An album of Every Known Pose, by Charles Hamilton and Lloyd Ostendorf. Here is the text accompanying the image: “The coat belonged to the photographer, Samuel G. Alschuler, and Lincoln’s arms extended through the sleeves ‘about a quarter of a yard.’ Lincoln had agreed to pose for Alschuler, but when he showed up in his old linen duster, the cameraman lent him a velvet-collared jacket. A witness wrote later that Lincoln ‘was overcome with merriment’ when the short coat ‘proved to be a bad misfit.’ In developing the portrait, Alschuler left his fingerprints near the bottom, visible as a series of weird arcs in this enlargement. The original glass ambrotype was bought direct from Alschuler by W.H. Somers, a circuit-court clerk who knew and admired Lincoln. A photographic copy of the ambrotype was subsequently owned by Lincoln’s fellow lawyer and biographer, Henry C. Whitney, who first met Lincoln in 1854, while traveling from Danville to Springfield. Whitney tells the story of the photographer’s coat in Life on the Circuit with Lincoln. Nearly three years later, Lincoln posed again for Alschuler, this time at the request of Whitney. The second sitting (O-40) is the last of the 1860 photographs and Lincoln’s first with a beard.” This is the fourth known photograph ever taken of Lincoln. I have been able to locate two other copies of this image in institutional settings. One is at the LOC ; the other is at the American Jewish Archives in Cincinnati. Regarding auction records there is a reverse cabinet card that sold at Swann’s in 2018. I have not been able to locate any auction records on this presentation of the image. This image comes from a descendent of the Alschuler family and is accompanied by the email exchange between the family member and myself. The frame measures 11″ x 7.5″ and the oval image of Lincoln measures 5.5″ x 3.75.” It is in fine condition. $4500