Atwater's Studio Business Card, St. Louis, Mo.  Atwater's Studio Business Card, St. Louis, Mo.
PHCC17. Atwater’s Studio, St. Louis, Mo. Business card showing samples of the studio’s work. Measures 3 1/4″ x 4 3/4.” “Make an appointment to meet your friends at our Studio. We would be glad to have you come up and look around, whether you want Photos or not. This is a high-grade Studio. Its work ranks with the best in the city.” VG. $150

Photographer's Advertising CDV  Photographer's Advertising CDV
PHCDV36. F.M. Yeager, Reading, Pa. Advertising CDV for Yeager’s Gallery. VG. $150

Horsman's Eclipse Photographic Outfit  Horsman's Eclipse Photographic Outfit
PHCDV38. E.I. Horsman, N.Y. Card is 3 3/8″ x 4 3/8″, larger than a CDV, smaller than a cabinet card. Advertising image “Photographed with Horsman’s “Eclipse” Outfit.” On back is the full ad advertising the complete kit for $2.50. VG. $250

Wilhelm's Photographic Art Studio Wilhelm's Photographic Art Studio
PHCC19. Photographer’s advertising card photo measuring 5 1/8″ x 4 1/8″ for “Wilhelm’s Photographic Art Studio, 624 Madison Ave., S.W. Cor. 59th Street, New York. Telephone Call, 38th Street, 1479. On May 11, 1886, a fire destroyed both skylights of my studio, necessitating entire rebuilding. The studio which was reopened on July 15th is provided with two large skylights, and is fully equipped with the newest improvements of all modern appliances for photography, including the greatest variety of artistic backgrounds, curtains and elegant furniture. It is to the interest of patrons desiring sittings to make their appointments for the day and hour and sufficiently in advance that every necessary preparation may be made. In taking the pictures of ladies, especially when in evening dress, it is essential that there be harmonious corresponding backgrounds, and that every necessary accessory is arranged for previous to the sittings for the convenience of patrons and the production of satisfactory work. Mr. Wilhelm will spare neither time nor expense to provide these backgrounds and necessary adjuncts, and will take each patron in as many different poses as, in his judgment, may be necessary, thus assuring to all, results which will be to their complete satisfaction. Appointments made for sittings between 9 A.M. and 3 P.M. Studio Closed on Sunday. 40,000 well-preserved negatives in stock. Photographs in all sizes, crayon portraits, pastels, water colors. Miniature Portraits on Porcelain and Ivory.” VG. $250

Triple Exposure
PHCC24. Thomason, Louisiana, Mo. On back is written “Abe Coverly in 3 poses. Frankford, Mo.” VG. $125

PHCDV50. Group of 4 images. One CDV of photographer in the act of timing an exposure, watch in one hand, lens cap in the other. Trimmed at bottom, corners clipped. Second CDV of the same man. No backmarks on the two CDVs. There are 2 Cabinet cards of the same man years later with two women, probably his wife and daughter. One of the cabinet cards is by Alderman, Greensboro, N.C. The second, trimmed cabinet card has “For Sister Missouri J.B. Carpenter” written on back. This is Jonathan Beatty Carpenter (1838-1926). His sister is Missouri Fair Carpenter, later Toms (1848-1928). They are from Rutherford Co., N.C. G. $600

PR228. Photographic Advertising card for “Abraham Bogardus, Practical Photographer, on Broadway upwards of 30 years, now at the Elegant Premises 11 East 42d Street, Bet. Fifth and Madison Aves. Gallery and skylight on first floor. No stairs to climb. Elegant work at reasonable prices. Artistic skill, care and judgment in the execution of pictures. All sittings by the instantaneous process. Children a Specialty, as Quick as a Wink. Enlargements to Life Size in Pastel, Crayon or Oil. Your patronage solicited. Closed on the Sabbath. A. Bogardus.” On the front is a composite image of 23 presidents through Benjamin Harrison who served as president from 1889-1893, so this card is from that period. “Keep this as a Guide to get Fine Photographs.” Card measures 5.75″ x 3.” G. $250

PHCDV53. Sarony, NY. Samuel F.B. Morse. Slight trim at bottom. VG. $200

PHCDV55. E.M. Van Aken, Lowville, N.Y. Photographer with camera at right and images. G. $400

PHCDV66. Whitehurst, Baltimore, Md. Trick photography, the same man looking at himself. VG. $85

PHCDV67. K.W. Beniczky, NY. Trick photography, the same man looking at himself. VG. $85

PHCDV68. Bare & Yinger, Harrisburg, Pa. Trick photography, the same man seated on the right, standing on the left. VG. $85

PHCC27. Borman & Johnson, Newburgh, NY. Interior of photo studio with displays. G. $100

PPCDV166. Moore Bros, Springfield, Mass. Trick photography, both men being the same man. VG. $75

PPCDV167. J.W. Hurn, Philadelphia. Trick photography, both men being the same man. 2-cent cancelled tax stamp on verso. G. $75

PHCC28. McFarlin & Speck, Elmira, NY. Colonel Speck, photographer, with huge camera and plate holder. Corners clipped. VG. $750