R. Archibald Heaven, Bristol. “Mr. Punch,” in manuscript on verso. Man at right stands with a Mr. Punch puppet, ladies are focused on the playing cards. Cabinet Card. VG. $75

Chas. Eisenmann, NY. Major Cicero Newell (Aug. 12, 1840-Dec. 1913), formerly of the 10th Michigan Cavalry. From the Civil War Database: Residence Ypsilanti MI; 21 years old. Enlisted on 4/20/1861 at Ypsilanti, MI as a Sergeant. On 5/1/1861 he mustered into “H” Co. MI 1st Infantry.  He was Mustered Out on 8/7/1861 at Detroit, MI.  On 10/14/1861 he was commissioned into “D” Co. MI 3rd Cavalry. He was discharged on 10/12/1863.  On 10/13/1863 he was commissioned into Field & Staff MI 10th Cavalry.  He was discharged on 1/6/1865.  He was listed as: * Wounded 2/20/1863 (place not stated). Promotions: * 1st Lieut 9/7/1861 * Capt 4/1/1862 (As of Co. K) * Major 8/19/1863. Intra Regimental Company Transfers: * 3/15/1862 from company D to company K. Other Information: Buried: Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland, OR. (Superintendent State Reform School for Boys at Seattle, WA). He was an Indian agent in Dakota Territory at one time and authored at least one book on Indians. Great decorative outfit, pistol at his waist. Corners clipped, a crease at top right. Cabinet Card. G. $450

A. Newman, Philadelphia. Eli Bowen, Wife and Child. CDV. VG. $125

J. Gurney & Son, NY. Marie Bonfanti (Feb. 16, 1845Jan. 25, 1921) was a 19th century ballet dancer, born in Milan, who went to America in 1866 as the prima ballerian assoluta (a billing she always insisted upon in her contracts) and appeared in her New York City premiere in The Black Crook at Niblo’s Garden on September 10, 1866. She toured the US and appeared in several musical revues, including The White Fawn, the follow-up to The Black Crook. She was prima ballerina of the Milan Italian Grand Opera Company which toured the US; and was prima ballerina of the New York Metropolitan Opera House (1885-6). CDV. VG. $125

Critcherson & Storer, Newport, R.I. The man at left seems to be offering something to the seated man. 3-cent tax stamp on verso. CDV. VG. $50

Texas Giants Texas Giants
Odd162. Eisenmann, NY. On back is written “Barnum’s Show, Hannibal 1885 The Giants.” These are the Texas Giants, The Shields Brothers, Shady, Guss, Frank & Jack. Bottom left corner has a crease. Cabinet Card. G. $85

Flora Walsh
Per66. Baker, Columbus, O. Cabinet Card of Flora Walsh. Flora Walsh was the stage name of Mrs. Charles H. Hoyt. She was born in San Francisco and died at age 22. E. $250

Odd210. W.W. Mitchell’s National Photographic Gallery, St. Joseph, Mo. CDV of Waino & Plutanor, aged about 50 years; weight 45 pounds each. Shown with their manager. Corners clipped. VG. $125

Odd211. H.R. Doane’s Photographic Laboratory, Delavan, Wis. CDV of Galunia Agra. Tinted. G. $75

Odd214. J.H. Fitzgibbon, St. Louis. 2-Headed Girl, Millie Crissie. Couple soft creases but card is firm. Trimmed at bottom. CDV. G- $300

Odd215. Photographic negative from Brady’s National Portrait Gallery, published by E&HT Anthony. Albino family. Brady’s 1862 copyright line bottom recto. CDV. G. $150

Odd217. No photographer ID. Cheng & Eng and Family. CDV. G. $275

Per83. C.D. Fredricks & Co., NY. Unidentified pair of young performers. CDV. VG. $50

Odd232. Mansfield, photographer. The Albino, or White Negro Girl. Helen Ann Windman Walker, Henry Sedam Walker, Twin brother and sister, offspring of colored parents. 8 years of age on the 2d of May, 1864. As exhibited at Burnell & Prescott’s Museum, cor. 4th & Pine Streets, St. Louis, Mo. CDV. VG. $1200

Odd233. Framed photograph of a trained horse on a fulcrum or see-saw. Image measures 6.25″ x 4.25″ and frame is 10.5″ x 8.5.” G. $50

Odd235. D.J. Wilkes, Baltimore, Md. Mr. & Mrs. A. Myers. CDV. VG. $250

Odd236. Chas. Eisenmann, NY. Madam Devere. CDV. G. $250

Per91. Atcheson & Tadman, Cape Town, South Africa. Unidentified youthful high-wire performer with feet in a basket. CDV. VG. $75

Per93. Unidentified set-up for a high-wire performance, men and dog posed. CDV. VG. $75

Per95. S.C. Mosher, Waterloo, Iowa. High-wire performer in action. G. $100

Per96. Fradelle & Marshall, London. Facsimile signature bottom rector of Matthew Webb, killed at Niagara. VG. $100

Per97. Egbert Guy Fowx’s New Porcelain Card Photograph, Baltimore, Md. Advertising CDV for George R. Edeson, Comedian & Pantomimist. This is no doubt a case where the photographer is much more famous than the subject of the CDV. Fowx was born in Kentucky in 1821. and died 17 October 1889. He is buried in Jersey City at Harsimus Cemetery. At the start of the Civil War, Fowx was one of Mathew Brady’s photo-documentarians. By 1863, he was working for Alexander Gardner. In February 1863, Fowx taught Captain Andrew J. Russell the ins and outs of the wet-plate collodion process, purportedly for the fee of $300. Sometime in late 1864, Fowx set up a portraiture studio at City Point and also worked for Mathew Brady on commission. He was one of the first photographers, along with Andrew Russell and Thomas Roche, to document the ruins of Richmond at the end of the war. After the war, he operated his own photography studio in Baltimore, Maryland, where this carte was made. VG. $150

Per101. Haden, Birmingham. Charles Blondin, aerialist. Born Jean Francois Gravelet. CDV. VG. $125

Odd244. Eisenmann, NY. Written on verso: “The Hairy Family.” Father and son from Burmah in P.T. Barnum’s Circus. There is a horizontal crease one-third from bottom that has been covered by archival book repair tape. It is not particularly noticeable on the image and the card is firm. G-. $400