R. Archibald Heaven, Bristol. “Mr. Punch,” in manuscript on verso. Man at right stands with a Mr. Punch puppet, ladies are focused on the playing cards. Cabinet Card. VG. $150

Barenblatt, NYC. Great image (4″ x 5 3/4″ on 5 1/4″ x 7 3/8″ mount) of a clown juggler. He’s got saws, clubs, plates, daggers, balls, other items, a ukelele, etc. He’s wearing a beat up straw hat and a ragged outfit and has a cigar in his mouth. VG. $225

Morris, Pittsburgh. “L.L. Sturgeon, Harrisburg, Pa., 1884,” written on back undoubtedly by Ms. Sturgeon herself. This is a woman who writes with her feet but unlike most Cabinet Cards one sees of this talent, Ms. Sturgeon has arms and hands. There is a sign in the front that reads “Nothing without labor.” There is also a cabinet card of herself in the view. VG. $275

Bobby Leach and his Barrel after his perilous trip over Niagara Falls, July 25th, 1911. Real Photo Postcard, used, postmarked Aug. 26, 1912 at Niagara Falls, NY. VG. $35

Chas. Eisenmann, NY. CDV of Mr. I.W. Sprague with his family. Age 40 years; Height 5 feet 5 1/2 inches; Weight 46 pounds. VG. $85

Chas. Eisenmann, NY. Major Cicero Newell (Aug. 12, 1840-Dec. 1913), formerly of the 10th Michigan Cavalry. From the Civil War Database: Residence Ypsilanti MI; 21 years old. Enlisted on 4/20/1861 at Ypsilanti, MI as a Sergeant. On 5/1/1861 he mustered into “H” Co. MI 1st Infantry.  He was Mustered Out on 8/7/1861 at Detroit, MI.  On 10/14/1861 he was commissioned into “D” Co. MI 3rd Cavalry. He was discharged on 10/12/1863.  On 10/13/1863 he was commissioned into Field & Staff MI 10th Cavalry.  He was discharged on 1/6/1865.  He was listed as: * Wounded 2/20/1863 (place not stated). Promotions: * 1st Lieut 9/7/1861 * Capt 4/1/1862 (As of Co. K) * Major 8/19/1863. Intra Regimental Company Transfers: * 3/15/1862 from company D to company K. Other Information: Buried: Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland, OR. (Superintendent State Reform School for Boys at Seattle, WA). He was an Indian agent in Dakota Territory at one time and authored at least one book on Indians. Great decorative outfit, pistol at his waist. Corners clipped, a crease at top right. Cabinet Card. G. $450

Stratton, 15 City Hall Square, NY. Next Entrance N.Y. & B. Susp. Bridge (which as we all know we now call the “Brooklyn Bridge”). Unidentified image of a man dressed for Arctic exploration with long rifle posed in snow scene. I’ve never seen this before and assume it to be a performer from some Arctic display in town. Cabinet Card. VG. $150

Fisher Bros., Boston. CDV of a dancer. VG. $85

Fisher Bros., Boston. CDV of a dancer. VG. $85

No ID. Johnny Lamont, 1880. CDV of a young performer, medals pinned to his chest. VG. $75

Jack Earle Giant Ring in top hat case.  Popular promotional item that was sold by Earle. The ring reads “Jack Earle 8 ft. 6 1/2, Giant.” Earle sold two versions of his ring, one saying he was 8 ft. 6 in. tall and this one adding a half inch. The ring opening measures 1 3/8″ in diameter. VG. $125

No ID. Eli Bowen, Wife and Child. The Wonderful Man. With Feet but no Legs. CDV. VG. $125

A. Newman, Philadelphia. Eli Bowen, Wife and Child. CDV. VG. $125

J. Gurney & Son, NY. Marie Bonfanti (Feb. 16, 1845Jan. 25, 1921) was a 19th century ballet dancer, born in Milan, who went to America in 1866 as the prima ballerian assoluta (a billing she always insisted upon in her contracts) and appeared in her New York City premiere in The Black Crook at Niblo’s Garden on September 10, 1866. She toured the US and appeared in several musical revues, including The White Fawn, the follow-up to The Black Crook. She was prima ballerina of the Milan Italian Grand Opera Company which toured the US; and was prima ballerina of the New York Metropolitan Opera House (1885-6). CDV. VG. $125

J. Gurney & Son, NY. Marie Bonfanti (Feb. 16, 1845Jan. 25, 1921) was a 19th century ballet dancer, born in Milan, who went to America in 1866 as the prima ballerian assoluta (a billing she always insisted upon in her contracts) and appeared in her New York City premiere in The Black Crook at Niblo’s Garden on September 10, 1866. She toured the US and appeared in several musical revues, including The White Fawn, the follow-up to The Black Crook. She was prima ballerina of the Milan Italian Grand Opera Company which toured the US; and was prima ballerina of the New York Metropolitan Opera House (1885-6). CDV. VG. $125

No ID. John Middle Sky and Jim Polhamus. John Middle Sky was a native American Indian who first came into the news in 1905 when he challenged the then heavyweight boxing world champion James Jeffries. To pay for the training lessons he exhibited himself as a giant (7 feet tall) with Austin & Stone’s museum. The match with Jeffries (nor any other boxer) never happened and John Middle Sky disappeared out of the news until 1910, when he made headlines challenging the then World Champion heavyweight wrestling Frank Gotch. That match never happened either. I assume Jim Polhamus is his agent or manager. Image measures 5 1/2″ x 4″ on a 9″ x 6″ mount. VG-. $400

No ID. 2 CDVs of the same Performer in oddball hat and pose. VG. $35

Critcherson & Storer, Newport, R.I. The same man as in Per42 sits at left doing something with the seated man. 3-cent tax stamp on verso. CDV. VG. $50

No ID. Unidentified performer, great outfit. CDV. VG. $95

Odd135. Eisenmann, New York. Laloo. Cabinet Card. G. $200

Waino and Plutano Waino and Plutano
Odd138. Morris, Pittsburgh. Waino & Plutano and their manager. CDV. G. $125

Texas Giants Texas Giants
Odd162. Eisenmann, NY. On back is written “Barnum’s Show, Hannibal 1885 The Giants.” These are the Texas Giants, The Shields Brothers, Shady, Guss, Frank & Jack. Bottom left corner has a crease. Cabinet Card. G. $85

Isaac Stake Isaac Stake
Odd163. No ID. CDV of Isaac Stake, age 27, Platte County, Nebraska. G. $150  

Circassian by Eisenmann per53b
Per53. Chas. Eisenmann, NY. Circassian CDV. VG. $75

Per55. Francis de Jongh, Lausanne, Switzerland. Cabinet card showing members of the acrobatic troupe “The Newsomes,” circa 1890. VG. $150

Banjo Player in Black Face
Per56. W.R. Bowles, Hopkinsville, Ky. Banjo Player in Black Face. Cabinet Card. E. $350

Man in Black Face
Per57. W.R. Bowles, Hopkinsville, Ky. Man in black face dressed as woman. Cabinet Card. VG. $250

Man in Black Face
Per58. W.R. Bowles, Hopkinsville, Ky. Man in black face. Cabinet Card. VG. $250

Snake Lady
Odd181. Chas. Eisenmann, Bowery, N.Y. Snake Lady cabinet card. VG. $200

Per62. Cabinet Card by F.E. Lane titled “Souvenir Texas Steer, Momence, April 7, Opera Hall, 1896.” Texas Steer was a “rip roaring comedy of political life” written by Charles A. Hoyt in 1890. Momence is in Illinois. VG. $50

Eugene Berry
Odd186. Cabinet card by Wendt, NY of Eugene Berry. Eugene Berry (born 1872), was also known as the Ohio Big Foot Boy. Berry had either elephantiasis or Milroy’s disease, giving him a giant and deformed leg. He toured the country, exhibiting himself at Doris’s Eighth Avenue Museum in New York. VG. $500

Elsie Gerome
Per65. Falk, NY. Cabinet Card of Elsie Gerome in cowgirl attire with lasso. E. $250

Flora Walsh
Per66. Baker, Columbus, O. Cabinet Card of Flora Walsh. Flora Walsh was the stage name of Mrs. Charles H. Hoyt. She was born in San Francisco and died at age 22. E. $250

Odd189. Chas. Eisenmann, New-York. CDV of Miss Ettie Reynolds, albino. Trimmed at bottom. G. $75

Per69. C.G. Hill, So. Framingham, Mass. 1877. Costumed man with “clubs” on costume. CDV. VG. $45

Odd193. Ranger’s Photograph Parlors, Syracuse, NY. Mr. Chas. Decker, 20 years old; height 31 inches; weight, 45 lbs. CDV. G. $25

Per71. No ID. CDV of performers Willie & Freddie O’Brien. O’BRIEN BROTHERS. Sons of champion leaper Fred O’Brien. Gymnasts. Stickney’s Imperial Parisian Circus, 1880; Charles Lee’s, 1887; Shields’, winter 1887-88; Barnum & Bailey, 1893. Willie O’Brien was killed from a fall from a double trapeze in Temple, TX, November 21, 1887.””O’BRIEN, FRED, JR. Acrobat. The son of leaper Fred O’Brien. Three Melville’s & Co., 1889; general superintendent, Price & James, 1897; principal clown, Cooper & Co., 1897.””O’BRIEN, WILLIAM. Acrobat and leaper. Son of Fred O’Brien. Howes’ London, 1877; Cooper & Bailey, 1880; Howard Bros.’, 1888; Charles Andress’, 1888; Robinson-Franklin, 1897.”THEIR FATHER. “O’BRIEN, FRED. (1848-April 28, 1881) Champion leaper. Native of Buffalo, NY. Lake’s, 1869; Dan Rice’ s, 1870; Rice’s Paris Pavilion Circus, 1871-72; P. T. Barnum’s, 1872-73; John Wilson’s, San Francisco, January 1874; Cooper, Bailey & Co., 1876; Great London, 1875-77; with wife and sons, Freddie and Willie, Orrin Bros.’, Havana, 1878. Wife was a slack wire artist and his 2 children performed on the trapeze. With P. T. Barnum’s, Madison Square Garden, 1881, was injured in a leaping double-somersault over a number of elephants. Died aboard the steamship England en route to Liverpool as a result of those injuries, age 33. Remains were buried at sea.” A slack wire artist is similar to a tight rope walker, with wires instead of rope.(source for all biographical information above: Olympians of the Sawdust Circle: A Biographical Dictionary of the Nineteenth Century American Circus , by William Lawrence Slout). VG. $50

Odd207. Swords Bro’s., York, Pa. Karroo Mianko. Various stories abound about this giant such as that he was born on the banks of the Congo River or that he was a Sioux Indian. Age 19, Ht, 8 ft., 3.25″, wt 337.5 lbs. Cabinet Card. G. $150

Per73. Gotwalls, Washington, DC. Group of 3 cabinet cards of an unknown performer. Cards have come chips and flaking. G-. $150

Odd208. Chas. Eisenmann, NY. Albino woman. CDV. G. $65

Odd209. Chas. Eisenmann, NY, Mr. I.W. Sprague. Age 40 years. Height 5 feet 5 1/2 inches. Weight 46 pounds. CDV, trimmed top and bottom. G-. $50

Odd210. W.W. Mitchell’s National Photographic Gallery, St. Joseph, Mo. CDV of Waino & Plutanor, aged about 50 years; weight 45 pounds each. Shown with their manager. Corners clipped. VG. $125

Odd211. H.R. Doane’s Photographic Laboratory, Delavan, Wis. CDV of Galunia Agra. Tinted. G. $125

Odd212. Packard, Kalamazoo, Mich. CDV. On back is written “? Barney? Age 27. Albino gentleman with musical instrument. G. $95

Odd213. Gingher, Tyrone City, Pa. Bearded Lady. CDV. G. $150

Odd214. J.H. Fitzgibbon, St. Louis. 2-Headed Girl, Millie Crissie. Couple soft creases but card if firm. Trimmed at bottom. CDV. G- $300

Odd215. Photographic negative from Brady’s National Portrait Gallery, published by E&HT Anthony. Albino family. Brady’s 1862 copyright line bottom recto. CDV. G. $150

Odd216. Charles D. Fredricks & Co., NY. Fredricks 1861 copyright line bottom recto. P.T. Barnum and Commodore Nutt. CDV. VG. $350

Odd217. No photographer ID. Cheng & Eng and Family. G. $275

Odd218. No photographer ID. Albino woman. CDV. G. $75

Odd219. E&HT Anthony. Admiral Dot. Thirteen years old; Twenty-five inches high. Weighs only Fifteen pounds. VG. $45

Odd220. No photographer ID. CDV of Madame Sherwood, Giant Lady. Height, 5 feet, 8 inches; 7 feet around the waist, and 24 inches around the arm. Aged 31 years. Weight, 675 pounds. VG. $65

Per74. No photographer ID. William Hanlon (1842-1923) with trapeze and barbell. Glue streaks on verso. CDV. VG. $200

Per75. No photographer ID. Unidentified performer. CDV. G. $65

Per76. -H. Reed, Detroit, Michigan. Unidentified trapeze performer. CDV. VG. $65

Per77. Weckman, Cincinnati, Ohio. Little Sallie Marks (1865-1891). Equestrienne. CDV. G. $45

Per78. Vaughan, Bowery, NY. Unidentified performer. Written on verso is “From P.T. Barnum album.” CDV. VG. $50

Per79. Wood, Bowery, NY. Unidentified performer posed by photographer’s chair. CDV. VG. $50

Per80. C. Henkel, NY. Unidentified trio of young performers. CDV. VG. $50

Per81. No photographer’s ID. Unidentified trio of young performers. CDV. G. $50

Per82. No photographer’s ID. Unidentified performer. On back is written “From Royalton VT area.” CDV. G. $40

Per83. C.D. Fredricks & Co., NY. Unidentified pair of young performers. CDV. VG. $50

Per84. Wood, Bowery, NY. Unidentified pair of performers. CDV. VG. $50

Per85. No photographer’s ID. Willie & Freddie O’Brien. CDV. G. $50

Per86. No photographer’s ID. Alexandria and Clinetop Sisters.  CDV. G. $45

Per87. J. Milner & Son, Ilkley. Unidentified performer. CDV. G. $95