C.K. Bill, NYC. Advertising CDV for Wood Brothers, Carriage Manufacturer, 596 Broadway, NY. No. 206 written on verso. The photographer has draped a large white sheet to serve as a backdrop. E. $95

George Schmidt Album. Very special album titled “George Schmidt’s Psaligraphic Album,” Published by Charles Becker, 47 East Houston St., New York, 1863. “George Schmidt, the celebrated and ONLY Psaligrapher, has exhibited his peculiar art before H.M. the Queen Victoria, also the Emperor of France, the Governor General of the Island of Cuba, and other most prominent persons and artists, and has brought to perfection the highly difficult science of creating the most natural and espressior(?) Pictures and Scenes, even of incredible smallness, by a simple pair of scissors and a piece of black paper. Induced by a great many of his friends and admirers of his art, he offers in this Album the photographs of some of the best pictures, he has cut out with a common pair of scissors. For Originals, cut with scissors, apply to the Publisher, 47 East Houston Street, N.Y.” There are 12 cdvs in the album. The album is missing its cover. $750