P.F. Cooper, Photographer and Painter, Phila. Nice pose of young boy with a black mourning band on his arm. CDV. VG. $45

J. Kleiber, Cannstatt. Little girl on chair with toy lamb on table. Cabinet Card. VG. $15

A Group of Love Babies-Carmen Sylvia Home. Please help us to buy clothing and food and find a mother. Unused real photo postcard of an orphanage appeal. VG. $50

Lloyd, Troy, NY. Beautiful Cabinet Card of young girl with two large dolls. E. $85

Egan, Watertown, S.D. Young man with animal horns by his side. Cabinet Card. VG. $35

R.H. Dewey, Pittsfield, Mass. Brothers, no doubt. VG. $35

Silvester Roe, Flushing, L.I. Youngsters going sledding in the studio. VG. $75

Child with Horse Pull Toy Child with Horse Pull Toy
CH31. W. Hatton, (Late H. Dorner’s) Elite Studio, Goulburn, N.S.W. Writing on back looks like “Lech L. Bingham-Bryden, Dec. 97.” Cabinet Card. VG. $65

Kids with Doll Kids with Doll
CH37. Cabinet Card by Sullivan Bros., Hudson, NY of brother and sister with girl holding doll. VG. $25