Silvester Roe, Flushing, L.I. Youngsters going sledding in the studio. CDV. VG. $75

CH48. J. Harrison, Accrington. CDV of child with large toy sail boat. VG. $15

CH77. CDV of child with great quizzical look. VG. $10

CH82. Pair of young boys in discussion. Bottle with funnel and other containers on the ground. VG. $10

CH83. Fischer & Bro., Baltimore. From the collection of Gil Barrett. VG. $10

CH84. Remillard’s Gallery of Art, Newburgh, NY. From the Mike McAfee collection. VG. $10

CH87. Jacob Byerly, Frederick, Md. From the Gil Barrett collection. VG. $10

CH91 & 92. Taken April 22nd, 1871. VG. $35

CH94. F.B. Latchmore, Hitchin. Scottish outfit. VG. $10

CH95. Landy, Cincinnati, O. Yours truly, James Speaight. VG. $20

CH96. Carlotte Juyll with toy horse-drawn wagon. G. $25