J.C.H. Grabill, Deadwood and Sturgis, Dakota Territory. No. 1203. The Interior. “Clean Up” day at the Deadwood Terra Gold Stamp Mill, one of the Homestake Mills, Terraville, Dakota. Card measures 6.75″ x 9.75.” Grabill copyright line 1888. G+. $950

No ID. This 10″ x 12″ image came out of Kentucky and shows 3 Kentucky Tobacco dealers doing business. There are pinholes all around the border. VG. $125

Snake Oil Salesman and His Wagon  Snake Oil Salesman and His Wagon
Oboud14. G.H. Roberts, Machias, Me. Boudoir Card Photo (5 1/4″ x 8 1/2″) showing the trade wagon of E. Morgan & Sons, Prov. R.I. and advertising Dr. Miller’s Expectorant and Dr. Haynes’ Arabian Balsam. G. $200

Champion Hose Company VT
Oimage7. L.G. Burnham & Co., Burlington, Vt. Image measures 6.75″ x 12.25″ on an 11″ x 13.75″ card. “Champion Hose Company of the United States. Barnes Hose Company No. 7, Burlington, Vermont, Winner of 1st National Prize, $500.00 in Gold, Championship Belt, and Prize Cart, Chicago, Dexter Park National Tournament, Sept. 4th, 1878. By 18 Men, drawing Cart (weight, without Hose on, 500 pounds), and 350 feet of Regulation Hose on it; running 300 yards to Hydrant, attaching to Hydrant, reeling off 300 feet, breaking couplings, (Caswell’s) three full turns, putting on pipe, tight connection,–1st trial, 63 1/2,–2d trial, 61 1/2,–Average time 62 1/2 seconds. Best on record,–400 yards ground covered. Winner of 1st Prize $100.00, July 4th, 1878, Middlebury, Vt., Running 40 rods to Hydrant, (drawing 300 pound cart) attaching to Hydrant, laying 300 feet Regulation Hose, Putting on pipe in 42 3/4 seconds. Best on Record,–320 yards ground covered.” Copyright line of John J. Shea, 1878. All the men are identified. VG. $1500

Montana Bill Posting Co.
Oimage8. No ID. Montana Bill Posting Co. office with some of their bills posted on the wall. Note how evenly spaced the 3 men and one dog are so as to not obscure the posts. Image measures 5″ x 7″ and card measures 6.5″ x 8.5.” VG. $200

Indian Medicine Man in Philadelphia Indian Medicine Man in Philadelphia
Oboud16. Boudoir Card Photo (5″ x 8″) by C.M. Fowler & Co., Albany, NY. titled Indian Medicine Man at Philadelphia, Pa. VG. $400

Oboud17. The Farmers Direct Milk Co. Image measures 5.5″ x 8.75.” Matted, 11″ x 14.” VG. $400

Oboud18. Although the label on verso identifies this as “Barnum’s Circus Parade. So. Bway opp. State Drink Hall Saratoga, NY,” circus historian Fred Dahlinger sends the following: “Oboud18 may have been identified by someone as being Barnum’s, but it’s actually the Adam Forepaugh circus parade.  The Barnum show didn’t place advertising banners on elephants—Forepaugh did.  The Barnum show elephants were usually paired—Forepaugh’s went single file.  Most importantly, the bandwagon following the bulls has carved lion heads on the front.  That matches the Forepaugh lion band chariot.  The Barnum show band chariots featured horses and male figures.  Yes, the Forepaugh lion passed into James A. Bailey’s possession in 1890, and was transferred to Barnum & Bailey, but not until 15-20 years after this image was made.  Forepaugh played Saratoga on July 23, 1883; and Saratoga Springs on August 16, 1888 and twice again, after Adam’s death, on September 1, 1890 and August 20, 1892.  One of the 1880s dates is likely.” VG. $275