Chinese Ladies with Slave Girls by Rossier Chinese Ladies with Slave Girls by Rossier
China16. Pierre Rossier. Views in China. 102. Canton. Chinese Ladies of Distinction with Slave Girls Honoring our Photographer with a Sitting for their Portraits. The husband of these Ladies, a Mandarin of the First-class, or Blue Button, consented that our photographer should take the portraits of the Ladies but with the stipulation that the artist should not look at them-in fact, that he should not see them: this was also insisted upon by the Ladies. This having been agreed to, a long curtain was hung up so as to separate the artist from the sitters, a small hole was slit in the curtain and the head of the lens was thrust through; the interpreter (a lady) having placed the Ladies in the proper position and cautioned them to keep still, our artist (who was observing with great gusto all the preparations through the camera) was enabled, after one or two attempts to obtain a tolerably good picture. There is a scratch on the right image from the bottom of the white outfit worn by the woman on the right down toward the bottom of the image. Otherwise while the mount is worn, the images have good contract. There is a London Stereographic Company blindstamp in left margin. G-. $800